When and why you started boxing:
I started boxing as my grandad, dad and brother have all boxed so it runs in the family. When I was younger I just used to follow my dad to the gym all the time saying I wanted a go. I was about 10 when I started.

Favourite all-time fighter:
Pernell Whitaker because he is a southpaw like myself and his footwork and defence are class.

Best fight you’ve seen:
Leigh Wood vs Michael Conlan. It was full on action and the heart Wood had to come back and win by KO in the 12th round was unbelievable.

Personal career highlight:
My biggest achievement in boxing so far is winning my National title back in 2020.

Toughest opponent:
Ellie Scotney in sparring. She’s unreal and will achieve big things.

Best and worst attributes as a boxer:
I would say my strengths are my fitness and toughness and my weakness is not listening to my old man enough [Samm Mullins, trainer].

Training tip:
You only get one shot so always give it 100 per cent.

Favourite meal/restaurant:
TGI Fridays and I get the sesame chicken and chips.

Best friends in boxing:
My best friend has to be Obed Mbwakongo, who was also a cracking amateur fighter.

Other sportsperson you would like to be:
Ronaldo because of everything he has achieved through hard work and dedication.

Last film/TV show you saw:
The Impossible, with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, where a family went to Thailand and a big tsunami comes, it’s well worth a watch.

Who would play you in a film of your life:
Danny DeVito! That’s if he could fit in the same suit as me.

Have you ever been starstruck:
When I met Manny Pacquiao. What a legend he is, he’s acheived everything there is to achieve in boxing.

Last time you cried:
When I won the National title. It was the culmination of so much hard work and it meant a lot to me.

Best advice received:
Common sense is not that common!

Worst rumour about yourself:
People assumed I was a lot taller because online my height is listed as 5ft 8ins. In truth, I’m only 5ft 4ins!

Something not many people know about you:
I’m a Bromley FC season ticket holder.