GEORGE GROVES and Chris Eubank Jr held their last press conference ahead of their showdown on Saturday (February 17) at the Manchester Arena.

Throughout the build up the two combatants have been jostling for a mental edge. To Groves, the WBA super-middleweight champion, Eubank has been foolish, naïve almost, to believe he could compete at this level without a more orthodox training set up. To Eubank, whose self-belief has at times seemed otherworldly, Groves is nervous, unfocused and not ready to answer the storm that waits for him at the arena.

At their press conference on Wednesday (February 14), Valentine’s Day, the two fighters continued to trade barbs.

George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr

Groves declared, “Although it’s a tremendous turnout of media, it’s not my biggest fight to date but I am in the form of my life.

“I’m fully prepared to retain my world title in style.”

He continued, “It comes down to levels. And I am levels above Junior.”

Eubank responded, “That’s surprising to hear. You weren’t levels above me in our sparring sessions… I don’t think George is prepared to give everything to win. I am. There is nothing George can do to stop me.”

“What’ s been motivating me is becoming the number one super-middleweight in the world,” Eubank Jr continued. “This is my time.”

But Groves insisted that one thing he is not lacking in is desire. “I’ve sacrificed a lot. I’ve been through some terrible times to get to where I am now,” he said. “I’m not going to take my eye off the ball.”

“Hold on to that belt tightly for the next couple of days,” Eubank hit back. “Enjoy the rest of your time with it. It’s coming home with me.”

Rounding on Shane McGuigan, Groves’ trainer, Eubank warned him to have is that “white towel ready”.

“His chin has an off button. Mine does not.”