THIS week’s Boxing News magazine is a special 56-page, expanded tribute to Muhammad Ali, filled with exclusive content from those who knew him best, including special pieces from his great rival and true friend, George Foreman.

Foreman tells Boxing News, “Nothing prepares you. I knew he was sick but nothing prepares you. Muhammad Ali was truly my brother, as much of a brother as I’ve ever had. He was my brother. I felt like a part of me went when Joe Frazier passed. Now, especially with Muhammad, I feel like another great part of me has gone. I call it The Greatest part of me that has gone. The Greatest Piece. It’s like part of me has slipped away. There’s no completeness without him. He was my friend.“

300 BN_09.06.16_p01 For more from Foreman, Ali’s trainer Angelo Dundee, his opponents and the journalists who followed Ali in his prime don’t miss the latest edition of Boxing News magazine, now available to download HERE and the print edition will be in shops this Thursday.