GENNADY GOLOVKIN could meet Floyd Mayweather in 2016 for a purse worth up to $200m. That’s the verdict of “GGG’s” coach, Abel Sanchez. The WBA middleweight Super champion is regarded as one of the world’s best fighters but, due to his spiteful power and ruthlessness, has struggled to nail down the major fights that could define his legacy. However, Sanchez believes Mayweather, not known for taking major risks, may step up to the plate if he were to get past Manny Pacquiao impressively on May 2.
“If Floyd does well against Manny, maybe his intelligence will be enough to match Golovkin’s strength,” Sanchez muses. “Floyd is making $120-130m for the Pacquiao fight, but if Golovkin becomes that megastar we expect him to be next year and if that fight is worth $150-200m to Mayweather, he’s a heck of a smart businessman so he might take it and if he loses, it’s the last fight of his career.”
If this mouthwatering dream fight fails to come to fruition, or in the short term while waiting for it, Sanchez has a three-man shortlist he’d like to see his Kazakh charge tackle.
“The ones I want and that the public are calling out for – although Golovkin still wants to become the undisputed middleweight champion – are to move up and fight Julio Cesar Chavez – that’s my first choice – then Carl Froch is second because their styles would make a great fight, then Andre Ward because he’s supposed to be the No. 2 pound-for-pound in the world,” Sanchez reveals. “Chavez has a great chin, he’s a big guy who would take a lot of punishment, stand there and trade which would make a fan-friendly fight.”
Though Golovkin’s victim list lacks marquee names, his rapid rise to stardom has still satisfied his team.
“We’re extremely happy, the whole team are about where he’s at and what he’s done,” Sanchez explains. “How we’ve climbed the ladder as a gentleman, a sportsman, a well-liked guy. It’s taken two-and-a-half years to get to this point as one of the most popular fighters in the world.
“Keeping him busy is important and eventually those fights we and the public covet will happen. We can’t force people into the ring with him, we can just offer a lot of money. The last two guys he fought – Martin Murray – and Marco Antonio Rubio – got over $650,000 – champions don’t make that much! If we can stay busy, the money will be there to entice somebody to get into ring with him.”

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