THE Goff – aka Cameron Goff – does not like to leave anyone out – that’s the kind of inclusive guy he is – and, similarly, our resident cult hero feels bad every time one of his famed workouts excludes too many body parts. With that in mind, he has provided a full body workout that can be used two-three times per week around four-six weeks before a fight, or even when a fighter does not have a contest scheduled, to maintain their strength and conditioning without putting too much weight on. This can be used alongside the appropriate nutritional advice.

For the strength exercises – except the bodyweight chin-ups and dips (spoiler alert) to which you should add weight if capable without compromising form – go for 70 per cent of bodyweight minimum and increase if it’s too easy. Two-three minutes rest between sets unless otherwise stated.

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1) Hex bar deadlifts – 4 sets 5 reps

Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, and sit down into a squat position whilst grabbing the hex bar. Keep your arms fully extended, with your back straight. Keep your head and chest nice and high and start to lift the hex bar. Remember to keep arms fully extended and dig your heels into the ground.

2) Dumbbell step-up – 4 sets 6 reps (per leg)

Set up a box around knee-height or slightly higher. Get yourself a pair of dumbbells which allow you to maintain good posture without leaning over. Keep your dumbbells to the side of your body with your arms fully extended. Once in this position start to lift one leg onto the box with your head and chest nice and high. With your foot on the box start to stand up and place both feet on the box.

3) Dumbbell floor presses – 3 reps 8 reps

Lie on your back with your legs bent and heels tucked into your bum. Start with the dumbbells pressed towards the ceiling. On the downwards phase keep your elbows tight to your body and allow them to touch the floor. Once your elbows touch the floor, press straight back to the ceiling.

4) Chin-ups – 4 sets 4 reps

Keep your hands in a supinated position (palms up) whilst grabbing the chin-up bar. Make sure your hands are no more than shoulder-width apart. Start to lift your body to the bar and make sure your chin gets right over the bar without swinging or kicking up. Keep your elbows nice and tight to your body and pull using your arms and back.

5) Weighted tricep dips – 3 sets 8 reps

Grip the dip bars tightly, and start with your arms full extended, feet off the ground, knees bent if necessary. Start to descend towards the floor with your elbows falling behind your chest. Sit down as far as you can, and use your arms to push back up towards the ceiling.

Conditioning circuit

Battle-rope slams
Medicine ball slams
Box jumps
*Work for 20 seconds then a 10-second rest on each exercise continuously until you have completed five minutes in total. Make sure to concentrate on your breathing and take big deep breaths in your ten-second rest periods.

Battle rope slams

Sit into a quarter-squat position, and don’t pull the ropes; you are trying to whip the ropes up and create power to slam them down into the floor.

Medicine ball slams

The medicine ball starts in between your legs. Sit into a squat position with your hands fully extended between your legs, grabbing the ball. Start to stand with the ball and extend it over your head. Fully extend onto your toes with your arms fully extended above your head and slam the ball ‘through’ the floor.

Box jumps

Set up a box around knee-height or a bit bigger. Sit into a quarter-squat position then start to drive up – from your heels to your toes – onto the box. Once completed, fully stand up on the box.

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