Who was the best British boxer that you’ve ever promoted?
Carlton Knox, Facebook
On his record, it’s got to be Joe Calzaghe. On his ability, it’s Naz [Hamed]. But in the end he neglected his ability. But he was the most talented, the most exciting and he just didn’t live the life unfortunately; outside influences screwed his career up. That said, he thoroughly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He beat everybody there was to beat – people vacated titles to fight him. Because of the way things were then we were paying people to vacate. Had he have lived the life he would have achieved even more. Joe [Calzaghe] did extremely well as we all know, but he could have done much better. Some of the fights he had to pull out of, the way he prepared – not properly wrapping his hands – affected him but in my time, he’s the best British boxer.

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