1. Will it be a good fight?

Many fans who have been clamouring for this fight for five years are now emptying half their glasses, stamping their feet, and having a tantrum about the wait.

“It’s too late now, I’m not interested, I don’t care.”

If you’re guilty of that, come on, snap out of it. Focusing on the future is always healthier than being bitter about the past, and it could be a long time before we get another event like this.

The fighters were undoubtedly closer to their peaks five years ago, but the 2015 versions remain astonishingly good, they’re the best two fighters in boxing and, by some distance, they’re the biggest stars. Both have slowed down, and more thrills and spills could follow as a result.

Mayweather can no longer spend 12 rounds on his toes, and at some point they should come together in the trenches where both will be vulnerable. If Pacquiao can establish his southpaw jab early, Mayweather will increase his own output to compensate.

Arturo Gatti-Micky Ward it certainly won’t be, but expect an encounter – and event – to cherish.