FLOYD MAYWEATHER is just begging for attention these days.

I respect him as a businessman and of course a fighter; what he’s done in boxing is nothing short of amazing and if you don’t think this, you’re either jealous or a bit punch drunk!

To earn all that money in boxing is absolutely unbelievable, but lately he’s making me cringe with his video of him walking into the cage and then his recent photoshopped image of him elbowing the bloody face of Conor McGregor.

Floyd is an egomaniac and when he’s not fighting, he’s not in the spotlight. We all noticed when James Degale beat Badou Jack and Floyd was the first in the ring and couldn’t wait to get on the mic. We’ve seen him in a lot of press conferences or interviews when they’re not about him. He turns them to be about him as soon as he can and I think this is embarrassing and it loses my respect.

He loves the spotlight and, to be honest, when you’re not a fighter anymore fight fans lose interest. You’re not on that pedestal anymore which is mentally tough and I think Floyd hates that. Conor is one of, if not the biggest “active” fighter in combat sports. I say “active” because he’s not retired, he’s still training and saying he’s 100% fighting again.

Like I said at the start of this blog, Floyd is a great businessman and a fight with Conor in the Octagon would be HUGE and even bigger than their boxing fight.

However, if Floyd does this, he is a silly man and will get seriously hurt. I was around MMA fighters a lot when I was Brendan Schaub’s head trainer for his last three fights and MMA men are different animals. Just the thought of being kicked so hard makes me feel sick. Us boxers are not cut out for it.

I would love to see the fight happen just for entertainment value, but I would be shocked if it does.

Floyd Mayweather

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