KELL BROOK, the IBF welterweight champion, gave his take on the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao clash on Saturday. “As a fan it’s amazing that the fight has been made,” said Brook. “I thought Floyd would win. Manny would have given him more problems a few years ago but I would have still chosen Floyd then too. He is very smart, he can control the pace of a fight and he was in Vegas, so it all swayed to him and being undefeated makes him feel unbeatable. Manny has lost and knows the feeling, they both would have gone through the mill in training but Floyd had the edge.”

“Everyone has wanted to see Floyd take on Manny and it will cement his legacy – but only if he stays away from me. You can argue that he will be up there with the legends of the sport, he is there alongside Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, and so on; you have to put him up there,” continued Brook, who was speaking at at Grosvenor Casino Sheffield.

“Right now I am the man to watch in the division. I can’t wait till I get back into the ring in my home town again. I know how fortunate I am and I treasure it now. It has changed me. I’m a lucky kid.”