THE thought of Floyd Mayweather losing has become inconceivable. Winning is everything to him and for years now his opponents have rarely come close to making defeat a reality. Andre Berto, who challenges him on September 12, should then be just one more win as Mayweather eases his way to impending retirement.

But Mayweather maintains, “He has nothing to lose. I think that once you’ve got a guy put in a situation with nothing to lose that makes him that much harder.”

“He has the chance to be one of the top guys in the sport when I’m through,” Floyd continued. “I say any given Saturday anything can happen. I’m prepared. I’m prepared mentally and physically, I’m in top shape. I’m ready and I’m sure he’s in top shape. He’s ready. I’m not going to overlook this guy.”

But it’s hard to shake the feeling that Mayweather has already achieved everything he can, making whatever happens against Berto a mere footnote in the story. “I’m just looking at it like this, I want to win, just like he wants to win. I’m pushing myself every day. As I got older, I’m working harder. This camp I sparred a lot more, I pushed myself a lot more for this fight, than the [Manny] Pacquiao fight,” Mayweather said. “Everybody that said that I was a coward, I couldn’t beat Pacquiao, they gave him so many accolades, ‘he’s an all-time great’, they all have to eat their words, if he’s an all-time great, then what does that make me? If he’s the fighter of the century, what does that make me?

“All I can do is believe in myself and believe in my skills. Anything can happen September 12, like I said. I’m going to be TBE [the best ever] till the day I die.”