FLOYD MAYWEATHER told reporters in Las Vegas he plans to have two more fights after Saturday’s rematch with Marcos Maidana and then retire for good. The superstar has completed half of a six-fight deal with Showtime, and intends to lock up the gloves once that lucrative agreement has played out.

“My next fight [after Maidana] is in May [next year] and my last fight is in September, so a year from now will be my last fight,” said the 37-year-old. “My focus is on Maidana. I can’t focus on the other two fights after that. I have to focus on Maidana. After that we can’t say who’s the next two are going to be but I’m pretty sure the next two will be exciting fights.”

Should he win his remaining three bouts, his record would stand at 49-0. It remains to be seen if Mayweather will be tempted to go for 50, which would top Rocky Marciano’s historic total, but he has announced his retirement before in the past only to return each time.

But with Mayweather Promotions growing in importance and potential, the astonishingly rich fighter – who will be 38 in 2015 – has plenty to keep him occupied should he deliver on his promises.

Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd’s loyal aide and Mayweather Promotions Chief Executive, believes next year is the perfect time for his buddy to walk away.

“He’s put in the work his whole career. Grinding, done everything the fans have asked of him. He’s had a remarkable career. It’s time to hang them up. He’s made all the money you can make. What else is there to do in the sport? There’s nothing else to prove,” Ellerbe said.

One nagging miss from Mayweather’s career is a showdown with Manny Pacquiao, who is preparing to take on Chris Algieri in November, and the Filipino’s promoter, Bob Arum, recently reported that tentative talks had begun to host the elusive superfight next year.

Mayweather denied any knowledge of such negotiations but did not rule out a bout with his nemesis, saying, “Who knows what the future holds?”

If Pacquiao again misses out, Amir Khan and Miguel Cotto – in another rematch – could be Mayweather’s final rivals.