FLOYD MAYWEATHER played down suggestions that he could emerge from retirement to box again.

“As of right now, absolutely not. I’m very, very, very comfortable,” he told ESPN’s First Take programme.

While he entertained the thought of boxing Conor McGregor, even an offer of over $100 million wouldn’t necessarily lure him back to a boxing ring. “I can get that anyway,” he said. “I feel my health is more important. My health is very, very important. I made in the sport of boxing, just in the entertainment business, I made somewhere upwards of 800 million and I was able to make smart investments. This time is very, very valuable, very important to my children.”

Completing a long career in the sport without sustaining damage matters. “It was always important to me. The less you get hit, the longer you last in the sport. Everyone can see, you had so many legendary champions that took so much punishment and now they can barely walk, they can barely talk and I didn’t ever want to be put in that situation. I just wanted to be smart, take my time and surround myself with a smart team,” he said.

“I can’t really say what I’m capable of doing two or three years from now. But as of right now I’m very happy. My life is going great. I have a promotional company and it’s about giving back and that’s what I’m doing. Giving back to young fighters.”

Mayweather doesn’t feel he has anything left to prove. “I’ve made 300 million in 30 minutes,” he said.

“I’m looking to find the next Floyd Mayweather because I’ve accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish.”