NOW that the festive period is over many fighters will return to the gym with the aim of getting themselves back into shape for a long year of fighting ahead. This specifically means that fighters will pay particular attention to improving their diet and nutritional habits in conjunction with their training. However one aspect that many fighters may struggle with when changing and improving their diet is curbing that sweet tooth. This means that many may find it difficult to remove foods such as crisps, sweets and chocolate from their diet and replace them with healthy snacks.

I have therefore provided five different snack swaps below that will provide fighters with healthier alternatives to different junk foods. These alternatives should help to satisfy your sweet tooth and should make up part of your 20 per cent of foods that are slightly less healthy – as opposed to the 80 per cent of your diet that should be made up of quality, nutritious foods. Finally it is important to not over-consume with any of the below snacks and they should be eaten in accordance with your individualised nutritional goals.

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Marc Fell BSc (hons), MSc
Twitter: @MarcFell1

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