BOXING boots are one of the most important parts of any boxers kit, so it’s essential that you take care of them to ensure longevity. Boxing boots are essential for a strong grip, staying quick and agile on your feet and keeping your feet secure during bouts.

If you are unsure of the best ways to take care of your boxing boots, take a look at these five easy and practical tips to keep your boots looking their best for longer.

Regular cleaning

The best way to keep your boots looking good all year round is by giving them a regular  clean. Cleaning them not only ensures they look fresh every time you wear them, it also keeps the material at its best, making them last longer.

If you don’t have time to deep clean your boots every time you use them, just ensure you give them a wipe down with some warm water to get rid of any marks and sweat that could be building up on the boots.

The best way to clean your boots depends on the type of material your boot is made from. Below are the main material types and the best ways to clean them:

Cleaning leather boxing boots

Leather is a very common type of material used on boxing boots. This is because it’s a strong, resilient material that is extremely long lasting. In order to prevent any stains and grease on the boots, they need to be cleaned regularly.

For a deep clean, add a mixture of mild soap and warm water into a spray bottle (we recommend one part mild soap to eight parts water) and spray onto a cloth. Wipe the boots over, taking care to go with the grain of the leather. Once you have removed any stains or marks, leave the boots to air dry away from direct sunlight.

Cleaning canvas, nylon mesh and suede boxing boots

Flexible and durable, nylon mesh and canvas boxing boots easily allow your feet to breathe, which helps your feet maintain a regular temperature.

Whilst suede trimmed boxing boots are stylish and durable, they can be prone to getting stained and marked easily. Regularly cleaning will help to remove any marks and keep them looking fresh and new.

All are very quick and easy to keep clean and looking fresh, simply scrub them using a lint free, soft, clean cloth dipped in warm water and mild soap. Once you’re satisfied that you have removed all dirt and marks, leave your boots to air dry away from direct sunlight.

With suede trimmed boots, once they are fully dry, just rub lightly with a suede brush.

  • Additional maintenance

As well as regular cleaning, there are a few extra ways that you can keep your boots looking their best all year round.

For leather boots, apply a conditioner to keep the leather moist and stop it drying and cracking. Once a leather boot starts to crack, this is the beginning of the end for them and it’s time to start looking for a new pair.

For suede boots, a waterproof spray can help prevent stains and water marks appearing on your boots. Simply brush your boots before use, spray the solution onto them and then brush again after.

Canvas boots are far lower maintenance than other material boots, so just need to be left to air dry after each use.

  • Keep your boots out of your kit bag

Sweaty boots tend to harbour bacteria and bad smells, which can be intensified even more if they are left for long periods of time in dark, confined spaces like kit bags or cold and damp conditions (such as the back of the car).

After each use, ensure you take them out of your bag and leave them to air dry out of direct sunlight. This will reduce the chances of bad smells starting and give them a chance to dry out naturally before their next use.

  • Freshen them up regularly

One of the best ways to keep your boxing boots smelling fresh and hygienic is by using a deodoriser. By absorbing excess moisture and sweat, not only do deodorisers keep your boots and boxing gloves smelling clean, they also help to increase the lifespan of your boxing gear, by avoiding any breakdown caused by the moisture.

Three of the most popular deodorisers on the market are the Meister Glove and Boot Deodoriser, the Storm Spray and the No Stink Sports Deodoriser. All of these products are ideal for keeping your boots fresh and hygienic.

  • Don’t wear them outside

Boxing boots are built specifically for use in the ring and to help boxers stay quick and nimble on their feet whilst fighting. This means they do not fair well when being worn on rough, outside surfaces.

Wearing your boots outside can damage them and decrease their lifespan and will void their guarantee. Ensure you only wear your boots indoors and in the ring to keep them going longer.


Whilst the way you take care of your boots may differ depending on your boot type and material, the best ways to keep them looking fresh and lasting a long time is by ensuring you clean and maintain them regularly.

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