TOP S&C coach Cameron Goff is a busy man – looking after fighters including English champ Charlie Edwards, saving the world one out-of-shape client at a time. The Goff recognises that if he struggles to find the time to exercise, then many of you will encounter the exact same problem; this is not to infer The Goff is anything like a mere mortal of course. That being said he is blessed with both empathy and generosity and, as such, has designed a fast workout that can be completed in a lunch hour or while your kids are at nursery. It is even more beneficial for a fighter. This strength and conditioning workout can be used any time within between weeks four and six of a 12-week training camp. It is short, it’s sharp and it ticks all the corrective S&C boxes a fighter will utilise and benefit from.

NB: Super-sets are when you complete all the reps of two separate exercises before resting. A tri-set is when you complete all the reps of three exercises before resting. For the exercises involving a load, aim for 60 per cent bodyweight minimum, except the squat jumps which should only be 10 per cent bodyweight.

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1) Front squats, 5 sets, 5 reps, 90 seconds-two minutes’ rest

Rack the barbell in a quarter-squat position so you can get under the barbell comfortably. Line your fingers on to the barbell just outside of shoulder-width. Once in this position get your elbows under and in front of the bar (so your forearms are bent back towards the bar) and keep them nice and high on the other side. Now quarter-squat the barbell of the rack and take a step back. Keep your feet just outside of shoulder-width with you toes slightly angled out along with your knees. Sit down into a squat position whilst maintaining a straight back and keeping your chest and elbows high, before pushing up from your heels to resume the starting position.

2) Hex bar deadlifts, 4 sets, 8 reps, 90 seconds-two minutes’ rest

Stand inside your hex bar, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms fully extended and grip the hex bar. Sit down into a quarter-squat position whilst keeping your head and chest high with your arms fully extended on the hex bar. Now start to fully extend and stand up, before slowly putting the bar back down (do not let go of it) ready for the next rep.

3) Super-set – 3 super-sets, 60 seconds’ rest

3a) Dumbbell floor presses, 10 reps
3b) TRX/rings back rows, 12 reps

Presses: Lie on the floor, with your knees bent and heels tucked into your bum. Get your dumbbells and start with them fully extended towards the ceiling, your palms facing forward. As you start to lower the dumbbells, twist your arms inwards (palms facing each other) and keep your elbows tight to your body. When your elbows hit the floor and the dumbbells are on the outside of your chest, start to press and twist the dumbbells back out and up towards the ceiling.

Rows: Grab the handles of your TRX or rings. Keep your feet under the handles and flat on the floor. Now start to lean back, to around a 45-degree angle, whilst holding onto the TRX/Rings. Keep your body in a nice straight line from heel to head, then pull your body back towards the handles until your chest is in line with them.

4) Tri-set – 3 tri-sets, 60 seconds’ rest

4a) Dumbbell or weighted vest squat jumps, 6 reps
4b) Medicine ball wall chest presses
4c) Medicine ball Russian twists, 12 reps (6 each side, alternating)

Jumps: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Now start to fall into a quarter-squat position and push your hips out behind you. Once in this position, drive your hips forward, and explode up off the floor towards the ceiling. Land and repeat.

Presses: Start one arm’s length away from a wall with your medicine ball in both hands at chest height and your elbows by the side of your body. Now start to drive the med ball towards the wall whilst releasing. Catch and repeat.

Twists: Sit on the floor, legs straight out in front of you, with a medicine ball. Lift the ball to chest-height. Now lean back slight to around 45 degrees and lift your legs six inches of the floor. Now start to rotate the medicine ball towards your left-hand side and touch the floor. Once the ball touches the floor, start to lift and rotate your body over to your right hand side and touch the floor.

5) Incline treadmill sprints or hill sprints. 8 sets, 10 seconds’ work, 60 seconds’ rest

This is all about speed and incline. Perform your fastest 10-second sprint then rest. Keep your chest high and really pump your arms.

6) Swiss ball low plank holds, 3 sets, 45-60 seconds’ work, same amount of rest

Grab a Swiss ball. Looking face-down, line your elbows up on the middle of the ball and start to roll your forearms onto it. Keep your back and legs stretched out behind you, toes pointed into the ground and legs shoulder-width apart (see main image). Now hold this position for 45-60 seconds.

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