HEAVYWEIGHT contender Johann Duhaupas of France gets another big-fight opportunity on Saturday (April 28) in New York, he will face the unbeaten Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller in an elimination bout. The 37-year-old with the 37-4(24) record, having been in with the likes of Deontay Wilder, Alexander Povetkin and Manuel Charr, feels he has more experience than the 20-0-1 Miller.

Duhaupas is also as hungry as ever to to win a world heavyweight title.

Here the man dubbed “Reptile” speaks exclusively with Boxing News:

Q: How much have you seen of Miller and what are his strengths?

Johann Duhaupas: “He is a good fighter. His strengths are his size and weight and the fact that he is fighting at home, in New York. He is of course undefeated and he can fight. But myself, I am planning a big surprise on Saturday night.”

Q: Do you feel you have more experience than he does; you having been in with the likes of Wilder and Povetkin?

J.D: “I do have more experience, in the sense of the word, yes. With me, I am not afraid of defeat, I know I have been in with the very best heavyweights out there. I also know that I can put any fighter I meet on the floor.”

Q: You took a fight with Alexander Povetkin in December of 2016, but on extremely short notice, and you were stopped in round six. Did that loss take a toll on you?

J.D: “First of all, I hope one day to fight Povetkin again and get a chance at my revenge – this time with a real preparation time in camp. After that loss, I didn’t ever think it was over for me, not at all. For this fight with Miller, I have had a real training camp, I’ve been training since the end of February, so I will definitely be ready for this fight.”

Q: Wilder recently stated how you have given him the toughest fight of his pro career so far. He stopped you in the eleventh-round in September of 2015 in a WBC title defence – do you still want a return with him?

J.D: “Of course, and why not if the opportunity arose for me? But this is not my main objective. I want to face [Manuel] Charr (in what would be a rematch; Duhaupas winning a close decision over Charr in 2015), Anthony Joshua or Povetkin next, after I beat Miller.”

Q: How good is Joshua in your opinion, is he the best heavyweight out there right now?

J.D: “Joshua is full of confidence right now, and he feels he is the best. In terms of absolute self-confidence, he is the best. But I would really like to face him because I know I can embarrass him enormously.”

Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder

Q: Who wins if Joshua fights Povetkin next?

J.H: “I would say Joshua wins the fight, but only if Povetkin is not doping!”

Q: Miller is a hefty guy at upwards of 270 pounds in some fights. Will this work against him and can you tire him out?

J.D: “Yes, I fully believe his strength, his weight and physical strength, will work against him and become his weakness in the later rounds. It is not my strategy to get into a war with Miller, but at the same time, I know I carry the power to KO anybody.”

Q: Is it fair to say this fight is your last big chance to make it to the top and become world champion?

J.D: “Yes I would agree. This is my last chance to be world champion – the first heavyweight champion to come from France. I am hugely motivated and as I say, ready to surprise a lot of people in the fight with Miller.”