AN exclusive interview with Chris Eubank Jnr is in this week’s issue of Boxing News magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

Do you think your outspoken nature hinders popularity?

British people want you to be humble, conventional, and not do anything that is out of the norm. None of it is an act. None of it is fake or pretend. This is how I am. This is all me. You can’t be fake in this sport.

How can you distinguish yourself from your legendary father/advisor?
I have a [Interim] world title now and no one can ever take that away from me. I earned that. It wasn’t my name. It was me. Me and him will always be compared and there’s no way of getting away from that. Some people might see that as pressure. He achieved so much in his career. I use it to my advantage; I know that people are expecting me to do well and it makes me train harder because I know I have to continue this legacy. I don’t see it as a pressure, it makes me a better fighter.

Describe the relationship between you and your father.

The relationship has changed. I’m a man now. He is obviously very proud of me and he’s seen the hard work and the dedication that
I put into the sport he loves, and still loves. There is nothing better than having a father who truly believes in you, who is there to help you achieve what you want to achieve. He always says to me, ‘You can’t be as good as me, you have to be better,’ and that’s what we are working towards.

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