THE 2017 Annual from Boxing News is coming soon, available to pre-order HERE. We throw readers’ questions, things that they’ve never been asked before, at some of the biggest names in boxing, including Anthony Joshua, Sugar Ray Leonard, Carl Frampton and others. Plus there are features, year in review and much more. Don’t miss out. Here is an exclusive extract from Anthony Joshua’s interview in the Boxing News Annual:

What was your reaction to Eddie Hearn signing Luis Ortiz, and did he speak to you about it beforehand?

I really don’t really care about what anyone else is doing, apart from people that I love dearly and I care about dearly. If it works for Luis Ortiz, I’m happy for Luis Ortiz. If it works for Eddie, then I’m happy for Eddie. But him signing Luis Ortiz has no direct effect on any plans I have in my life, so I don’t really mind, I don’t really have any opinion on it.

No, he [Hearn] didn’t speak to me before, he spoke to me after. It’s his promotional company, and he makes the decisions at the end of the day. I’m just a fighter in his stable.

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