DESPITE being snubbed again by Floyd Mayweatherthis time in favour of stablemate Andre Berto – 28-year-old Amir Khan is upbeat about the future. The British star is targeting a fight with former gym-mate Manny Pacquiao in the New Year, while also having one eye on former conquerors Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson.

“Listen, the Manny Pacquiao fight has been talked about and could happen early next year – that could be next,” Khan told Boxing News. “After Mayweather he’s the biggest name so it could be massive. At the moment I’m keeping my options open.”

Those options also include rematches against Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia, who both scored upset wins over the Brit in 2011 and 2012 respectively, and like Khan are advised by the highly influential Al Haymon. If the Pacquiao showdown isn’t finalised for the beginning of 2016, Garcia or Peterson could await in November or December of this year.

“That’s something I’d like to do [fight Peterson and Garcia] and that could be the next opponent for me,” said Khan. “It’s something that I’ve been looking at and they’re both [Garcia and Peterson] with Al Haymon so that’s something that helps. I’d like those fights to happen. I’d do that in a heartbeat.”

Khan remains happy with trainer Virgil Hunter – who also coaches Berto – and believes he has improved his overall game.

“His work in the corner, when he always says the right things, has helped me,” said Khan about Hunter. “He always gives me the right instructions. You need a trainer who will be there for you at those times. He’s a technician, a great trainer, and he’s the right person for me.”

However, the welterweight wishes he could spend more time with the esteemed trainer.

“That’s the only bad thing about it,” said Khan. “I don’t spend any time with him between fights. Because of my visa in America I can only stay out there for a certain number of days and I have to balance it out. It can be tough, because I want to stay there more often but I’m not able to do that. He’s hours away on a plane, he’s so far away, but I try to spend as much time there as possible because he helps me.”

And Khan believes that Hunter can also help Berto to surprise a few people when he challenges Mayweather in Las Vegas on September 12.

“You know, Berto hits hard,” Khan revealed. “He’s a strong puncher, he’s quick and he’s slick. You have to beat Floyd to the punch and you have to catch him with some big shots. One punch can change a fight and if he catches Mayweather off guard, and Mayweather is taking this fight lightly, there could be problems.”

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