ERROL SPENCE JR and TERENCE CRAWFORD have spoken publicly together for the first time about their upcoming fight.

On July 29 at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas the two current best welterweights in the world will put everything on the line to decide who is the better man.

The fight was made official on Thursday and both men appeared on ESPN’s First Take to be interviewed by the brash Stephen A. Smith.

Off the bat Spence and Crawford were asked why this fight had taken so long to make and how difficult the wait had been.

“Great things take time,” said Spence.

“Both being going through negotiations but we here now so all this stuff in the past, this the present. We here, we fighting each other, may the best man win. I feel like this is the best welterweight of probably the last 40 years. This is the fight of the decade. The best versus the best.”

“It’s been very difficult as you know,” Crawford answered.

“It’s been frustrating but I’m excited, I’m happy, the fans is happy, everybody’s happy. We here now and I’m gonna show the world why I’m the best fighter on the planet. Everybody need to tune in July 29 to watch me, Errol Spence, go out there and put on a tremendous show.”

Throughout the interview nothing was going to wipe the smile off Crawford’s face. The Omaha fighter was visibly a happy man that the defining fight of his career was not far away.

Spence was all business with not the hint of a smile close to appearing.

Each are regarded as two of the very best boxers in the world pound-for-pound, not just at 147lbs. The pressure, power, and aggression of Spence versus the accuracy and craftiness of Crawford. Sixty-seven fights between them and no losses.

“With me I feel like my style is basically, I’m not gonna say perfect but it’s very good.” Spence said.

“I’ve got the jab, I feel like I might be the stronger opponent, great body shots. He has great talent and has great skills, but I feel like my ability, my will and my all around [being a] better fighter I feel I’m gonna beat him.”

“He believe in his style, I believe in my style,” Crawford said.

“It’s gonna be a great fight, I can’t wait. I’m so excited I can’t wait.”

Crawford was then asked if he believed he needed a knockout to get the respect that he feels he deserves. Does the 35-year-old need to win in spectacular fashion?

“It’s always like that,” he replied.

“Every fight is like that for me. Every fight is meaningful, every fight is I need to win this fight and I’m 100% certain Errol feel the same so there’s a lot riding on this fight.

“This is the biggest fight in boxing in decades,” he continued. “Of course, I want to go out there and put on a tremendous show and win in spectacular fashion. I’m feeling good, I’m feeling strong. I’m ready to go next week if need be! At the same time everything has its time. The sun shines on everybody and the sun gonna shine on me July 29.”

Spence was asked the same question and if he needed to send a message about how great he is.

“Not necessarily need a knockout but it’s something if it happens, I definitely oblige to it. If I do get the knockout that’d be great, if I don’t hey that’s cool too. As long as I get the victory.

“I feel like watching my fights, all of my fights are exciting so it’s definitely gonna be an exciting fight, an action packed fight and I’m willing to put on a great show, great performance.”