ERROL SPENCE JR and TERENCE CRAWFORD yesterday ramped up the promotion of their upcoming July 29 welterweight super-fight.

The two unbeaten Americans were in Los Angeles to kick off their two-date press tour with just over six weeks until they meet in the ring at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

All four sanctioning body belts will be on the line when they fight but before all of that there was some verbal sparring at the first press conference to get the juices flowing.

After their walk down the red carpet and fighter introductions the two pound-for-pound fighters discussed the significance of their fight.

“This is the biggest fight in boxing right now,” said Spence 28-0 (22).

“This is a legendary fight. It’s an old-school fight. This is like the fights my dad used to tell me about. It’s the best fighting the best.”

“This is definitely a legacy fight and a fight that should be talked about everywhere,” said Crawford 39-0 (30).

“This is an old school type of fight. All the greats have fought each other and that’s what we’re doing for this era.”

The fight itself has taken a long time to finally arrive. Spence is 33-years-old while Crawford is now 35. It has been nearly five years since they memorably bumped into one another backstage after the Maurice Hooker-Alex Saucedo fight in Oklahoma and talked about fighting one another.

“We had to get on the phone and talk about it, and now it’s finally happening,” said Spence referring to the negotiations.

“This is gonna prove not only who the best welterweight is, but who the best fighter in the world is. My mentality is to go all out and give everything. His mentality is the same.”

The Texan southpaw questioned his opponent’s record referring particularly to two men who they have both fought.

“Terence hasn’t fought anybody. Even Shawn Porter said he didn’t train like he should against you. Kell Brook was already broken. I broke Kell Brook’s other eye, that’s how he got broke.

“Terence is a great fighter and I’m gonna break another great fighter’s will. Mentally and physically, I’m gonna dominate and come out on top.”

Crawford told those in attendance that the boxing world will “witness greatness” on July 29.

“We measure greatness by eras. July 29, I’m going to show everyone why this era is the Terence Crawford era.

“A win shows that I’m the greatest fighter of the era. No man has captured undisputed in two weight classes. That solidifies me as the greatest fighter of this era.”

While most marquee fights tend to have one fighter regarded as the more dominant of the other Spence v Crawford is one where little separates them. A case can rightfully be made for each to win which is what happens when two elite fighters in the same division meet one another. At time of writing Crawford is the narrow favourite.

“I don’t pay attention to the odds,” said Spence.

“Everything I’ve been through the last few years; I understand being the underdog. A lot of underdogs end up winning, that’s why it’s a bet.

“This is gonna be a one-sided ass whooping. It’s gonna take a few rounds, because he’s a tough dude. But everyone gets broke and we’re gonna break him down.

“I can guarantee you this is gonna be an action-packed, old-school type of fight. If you’ve been craving those old fights, you have to tune into this one. This is a legendary fight. Belts aside, you talk about just these two fighters, this is the biggest fight in boxing. Especially because of the action we bring. We’re both going for the victory.”

Crawford wasn’t to be outdone in the pre-fight prediction stakes as things began to get heated between them.

“He calls himself the big fish. What happens when you take the fish out the water? You suffocate him.

“I’m gonna gut him and feed him to everyone that eats fish in here. If he’s a big fish, we’re gonna have enough for everyone, with potatoes on the side. We don’t smoke over here; we go hunting for fish fillet.

“People after this fight are gonna say that Bud Crawford is special. I can assure you that. He’ll give me my respect after the fight after I whoop that ass.

“I can guarantee that everyone is gonna witness something special. Errol doesn’t like to back up. I’m the type of fighter where you push me, and I push even harder. We both have big hearts and like to fight. It makes for a great action-packed fight. July 29 is gonna be a great night for boxing.”