November 20

Studio City, Ca, USA: Light Welter: Haskell Rhodes (23-0) W PTS 10 Miguel A Huerta (28-13-1). Welter: Wale Omotoso (25-1,1ND) W KO 2 Abraham Alvarez (17-7-1). Middle: Wilky Campfort (19-1) W PTS 8 Richard Gutierrez (28-15-1,1ND). Cruiser: Shawn Estrada (16-0) W KO 4 Alfredo Contreras (13-18-2). Welter: Fabian A Maidana (4-0) W TKO 1 Charon Spain (0-5-1).

Rhodes vs. Huerta

Rhodes moves to 23 wins with unanimous decision over Huerta. Rhodes was just too quick and slick for the plodding Huerta. Making good use of the ring Rhodes stayed on the outside getting his punches home and moving before Huerta was able to respond. Since it was the first time he had gone ten rounds Rhodes let his work rate drop and paced himself allowing Huerta into the fight over a couple of rounds Rhodes but even then Rhodes was edging those rounds and he eased his way to the unanimous decision. Scores 100-90, 99-91 and 96-94 which seemed to be generous towards Huerta. The 27-year-old “Hackman” a former MMA exponent, is trained by Floyd Mayweather Snr. Mexican Huerta, 36, was inactive from December 2008 until September 2013 and had lost to Mauricio Herrera and Antonio Orozco but rebounded in August with a good win over Luis Solis.

Omotoso vs. Alvarez

Omotoso puts Alvarez down three times on the way to a quick finish. The Nigerian had Alvarez down in the first but the Mexican made it to the bell. It was all over in the second as Omotoso used a left hook to score the first knockdown and liked it so much he used the same punch again to put Alvarez over and out. The tall 29-year-old Omotoso now has 21 wins by KO/TKO. After winning his first 23 fights he is now 2-1 with one ND in his last 4. He missed his best chance to get to the top level when he had Jessie Vargas on the floor in their March 2013 fight but then let the fight slip away with Vargas getting up and taking the decision. He was then inactive for 17 months but returned with a win in August. Don’t rule him out as a future world title contender. “The Swift” Alvarez only made a swift exit here and he goes to 6 losses in a row, all by KO/TKO and all against tough opposition.

Campfort vs. Gutierrez

Haitian “Silky” Campfort outboxes a fading Gutierrez. It was matador vs. bull as the speedy Campfort showed excellent defensive skills to blunt the attacks of Colombian Gutierrez. Campfort was landing the cleaner punches throughout with the busier Gutierrez just not being able to get through with enough shots of his own to convince the judges. Gutierrez was trying to walk down Campfort for all eight rounds but the Haitian stuck to his game plan and boxed his way to a wide unanimous decision. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73. The 30-year-old Campfort, a good class amateur, now has 18 wins in a row. After 13 months out he has returned with 4 wins as he gets back into the groove. Gutierrez, 36, used to be a good fighter but is now 2-11 in his last 13 fights.

Estrada vs. Contreras

Estrada returns to the ring with a win. In his first fight since August 2012 Estrada took a while to get back into the swing of things. He easily took the first two rounds scoring consistently without really troubling Contreras too much. The Mexican tried hard in the third and had some success but very little. Estrada ended it early in the fourth with a thunderous left hook which dropped Contreras heavily and the referee stopped the fight. The 29-year-old “Manos de Oro” makes it 14 wins by KO/TKO. He is of Mexican descent and was a member of the US squad at the 2007 World Championships and 2008 Olympics. As an amateur he scored wins over Edwin Rodriguez, Ryota Murata, Sergio Rabchenko, Fernando Guerrero, Ezequiel Maderna and Daniel Jacobs, but lost to James DeGale at the Olympics. He was a super middle before he took that break so has some weight to shed. Now seven losses by KO/TKO for Contreras who is 1-11-1 in his last 13 fights.

Maidana vs. Spain

Maidana takes just 65 seconds to dispose of Spain in an awful mismatch. The young Argentinian floored Spain early and then finished the fight with a hard right. Poor Spain needed medical attention after the fight. Maidana, 22, the younger brother of Marcos, makes it three first round wins in a row but all against very low level opposition. A former Argentinian amateur champion he was a bronze medal winner at the World Youth Olympics, won a silver medal at the World Youth Championships and competed at the Pan American Games. Certainly one to watch. Spain has lost his last 3 fights by KO/TKO and this is the second time in a row that he has been blasted out inside the first round.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Middle: Tureano Johnson (16-1) W TKO 1 Valerio Marte (6-17).

Johnson gets easy win in mismatch. The talented Bahamian took only 87 seconds to halt Dominican Marte. Johnson, 30, has not really capitalised in any way on his excellent showing in losing controversially to Curtis Stevens in April. He is a talented fight with a talent going to waste. It is a disgrace that this bout was sanctioned as Marte has now lost his last 13 fights by KO/TKO with seven of those losses coming in the first round

Panama City, Panama: Super Feather: Jezreel Corrales (16-1,1ND) W TKO 1 Walter Estrada (46-17-1,1ND). Light: Eric Walters (8-0-1) W PTS 8 Barnie Arguelles (10-3).

Corrales vs. Estrada

Corrales gets quick win. Not a noted puncher Corrales floored the Colombian veteran Estrada twice with the bout being halted after just 66 seconds. The 23-year-old “El Invisible” was moving up from feather and wins the vacant WBC South American title. The WBC No 13 at feather has 4 wins by KO/TKO. The 38-year-old Estrada lost to Scott Harrison for the WBO feather title in 2004 and was stopped in 5 rounds by Kevin Mitchell in 2008 but was on a decent run of seven wins, one loss and a ND in his last 9 fights.

Walters vs. Arguelles

Panamanian champion Walters 23 remains unbeaten with a close unanimous decision over fellow-countryman Arguelles in a non-title fight. Scores 77-75 from all three judges.

November 21

Ontario, CA, USA: Welter: Artemio Reyes (23-2) W KO 7 Chris Degollado (11-4). Light: Jose Roman (19-1-1) W KO 3 Jose Luis Ramirez Jr (7-2-1).

Reyes vs. Degollado

Reyes gets win after hard fight with competitive Degollado. Over the early rounds these two fought and inside fight with Reyes throwing away his advantages in height and reach and trading with Degollado. Both were landing heavy shots with Reyes just having the edge. Degollado had a good fifth round but Reyes was finding punching room and was wearing Degollado down. He had the young Mexican hurt late in the sixth and handed out steady punishment in the seventh with Degollado’s corner throwing in the towel to get the referee top stop the fight. “King” Reyes goes to 19 wins by KO/TKO with just one loss in his last 23fights. That loss was a stoppage against Alan Sanchez in 2012 and Reyes has run up 8 wins since then. Degollado, 25, won his first 10 fights but now has 4 losses in his last 5.

Roman vs. Ramirez

Roman continues to progress with win over Mexican Ramirez. The tall Californian was doing all of the leading with Ramirez struggling to get into the fight. In the second Roman used the classic response to a southpaw flooring Ramirez with a right late in the round. Roman was aiming to finish it in the third and he took Ramirez to a corner and landed a wicked right to the body that put Ramirez down on one knee and he was still there after the ten count. “El Gato” ,26, lost an upset split decision to Nigerian Robert Osiobe in December 2012 and did not fight again for 11 months. Since returning he has accounted for five wins including victories over useful Luis Solis and veteran Hector Velazquez. Ramirez, 27, is the son of the former WBC light champion Jose Luis. He now has two inside the distance losses in a row having been kayoed by Alan Sanchez in August.

Wilmington, DE, USA: Welter: Ray Robinson (19-2) W TKO 6 Daniel Sostre (13-10-1), Cruiser: Alex Guerrero (12-0-1) W TKO 8 Tony Ferrante (13-7,1ND). Welter: Cecil McCalla (20-0) W TKO 1 Francisco J Reza (13-11).

Robinson vs. Sostre

Robinson retains the WBO NABO title with win over Sostre. Robinson had too much of everything for Sostre but the key was a concerted body attack that started in the first round and never let up. Sostre was shaken in the second and floored in the third. He managed to steady the ship for a while in the fourth but was still being pounded to the body in the fifth and sixth and it was no surprise when he retired at the end of the round. The 28-year-old Philadelphian makes it 8 wins in a row. He suffered a stutter of form in 2009/2010 when losing in consecutive fights to Brad Solomon and Shawn Porter after which he was inactive for 14 months. Since returning he has beaten Terrence Cauthen, Ray Narh and Aslanbek Kozaev and is rated WBC 11/IBF 15(14). He lost to Brit Frankie Gavin as a Junior and competed at the World University Games. Puerto Rican Sostre had a run of 6 losses in a row but had rebounded well with wins over Chris Gilbert and Kenny Galarza.

Guerrero vs. Ferrante

Local fighter remains unbeaten and lifts the vacant NABA title with victory over Ferrante in a blood bath-Ferrante’s blood. The first round was fairly even with Ferrante perhaps just shading it. From the second Guerrero’s jab came into play more and he was able to score freely with rights. Ferrante’s face quickly began to mark and then cuts began to open. Guerrero was picking up the rounds and handing out a steady beating with Ferrante having no real answer to the accuracy of Guerrero. Ferrante was floored late in the sixth but got up and back into the fight. The facial damage just got worse in the sixth and seventh. By the eighth Ferrante was cut over both eyes and had various bumps and bruises and it was obvious the fight could not go on much longer. At the end of the eighth over the protests of Ferrante the doctor asked the referee to stop the fight. The 33-year-old Guerrero, who did not turn pro until he was 27, makes it 6 wins by KO/TKO. Philadelphia’s Ferrante, 30, was coming off a good win over Venroy July last month McCalla vs. Reza

McCalla remains unbeaten and untested as he floors Mexican Reza twice with rights and halts him in 47 seconds. The tall 29-year-old had won his last 4 fights on points but in a total of 7 wins by KO/TKO three have come early in the first round. “Pantera” Reza has lost 6 of his last 7 fights and coincidentally three of those have come in the first round.

New York, NY, USA: Super Feather: Bryant Cruz (13-0) W TKO 2 Engelberto Valenzuela (9-4).

With the main event falling out young “Pee Wee” Cruz found himself the top of the bill. He did not hang around to savour the honour. After dominating the first he jumped on Valenzuela at the start of the second and landed a series of head-jerking punches which quickly brought the referee’s intervention. Cruz, 24 , wins the vacant UBFed All Americas title. He was moving up to eight rounds for the first time, although that turned out to be academic. He had won 6 of his previous fight on points and was coming off a disappointing performance where he just squeezed past Jose Morales on a majority verdict in August. Mexican Valenzuela failed to make the weight so could not have won the UBFed title. He at least did better than he had in his previous two fights where he managed to last only 77 seconds and 54 seconds respectively .

Tulsa, OK, USA: Welter: Felix Diaz (16-0) W PTS 10 Adrian Granados (13-3-2). Feather: Claudio Marrero (17-1) W TKO 6 Ira Terry (26-13,1ND). Middle: Ievgen Khytrov (7-0) W KO 1 Louis Rose (11-2-1). Feather: Moises Flores (22-0,1ND) W TKO 7 Mario Macias (26-14)

Diaz vs. Granados

Theses two styles mixed well and Diaz staged a strong finish to take the majority decision. Diaz was scoring the harder and cleaner shots with Granados throwing more and pressing the fight hard to try to wear Diaz down. Diaz, an Olympic gold medal winner, had never gone past 8 rounds before so it was a good strategy for Granados. However just because Diaz had never gone past 8 didn’t mean he couldn’t. Although Granados looked stronger in the eighth and rocked Diaz it was different in the ninth with a right from Diaz putting Granados down just before the bell. Both fought hard over the last three minutes but whatever chance Granados might have had disappeared when another right from Diaz put him down and it was too late for Granados to try to get anything out of the round. Scores 98-91, 97-91 and 94-94. The 30-year-old Diaz wins the vacant WBC Fecarbox title. He is rated No 13 light welter by the WBC. After 5 years as a pro the 2008 Olympic gold medal winner, only the second Olympic gold medalist from the Dominican Republic, has made very little progress. One of the reservations his own countrymen had over his chances of success was his height. At 5’5” (175cm) he is small for the light welters however a bigger problem has been just 15 fights in 5 years. He might be more active now with the help of Iron Mike Productions. “Tigre” Granados had lost only one of his last 15 fights going in. That was a majority decision to unbeaten Frankie Gomez and in 2013 he fought a split draw with Kermit Cintro. A contract dispute had kept him out of the ring for eleven months before this fight.

Marrero vs. Terry

In the co-feature, junior featherweights Claudio Marrero took on veteran Ira Terry in a scheduled 10 rounder. Marrero came out looking to land the lead left with Terry employing side to side movement and quick flurries. As a late sub Terry did all right for four rounds showing some useful defence and some quick but light combinations although losing every round. Southpaw Marrero stepped up the pace in the fifth and by going to the body. In the sixth he almost put Terry down with Terry’s gloves touching the canvas which resulted in a count and with Marrero continuing to hand out punishment Terry was finished and the fight was stopped. Dominican Marrero, 25, has 13 wins by KO/TKO. He lost on points to Argentinian Jesus M A Cuello for the vacant WBA interim title in August last year but has been rebuilding in a small way with three wins against undistinguished opposition this year. As with Diaz he was a member of the Dominican squad as an amateur winning a gold medal at the Pan American Junior Championships and a silver at the Pan American Games where he lost to Mexico’s Carlos Cuadras in the final. Terry, 27 won his first 19 fights then he started playing with the big boys. He is 2-11-1ND in his last 14 fights.

Khytrov vs. Rose

Khytrov needs just 2:35 of the first round to blow away Rose. He came out fast throwing right hand leads and stalking the retreating Rose. Khytrov was aiming to get Rose to the ropes where he could let go with punches from both hands. Rose was making the mistake of trading with his back to the ropes with very little room to maneuver. When he got off the ropes he showed a nice jab and some quick counters but Khytrov was relentless and was able to bull Rose to the ropes again. Rose escaped temporarily and threw some quick punches of his own but was soon pressed into a corner and nailed with a right cross with a following left hook landing a split second later and in a delayed action from the right Rose slumped to the canvas and the fight was over. The New York-based 26-year-old “Ukrainian Lion” makes it two first round wins in a row. In August he destroyed Willie Fortune (17-1) in just 30 seconds. He won a gold medal at the World Championships beating eventual 2012 Olympic gold medalist Ryota Murata in the final. He was a World Junior Championships bronze medal winner and a European Championships gold medalist but lost in the 2012 Olympics to Brit Anthony Ogogo on count back after they tied at 18-18 in the fight. Rose was out of his class despite having won 6 and drawn one of his last 7 fights.

Flores vs. Macias

“Chucky” Flores remains unbeaten and wins the vacant WBC Fecarbox title with stoppage of fellow-Mexican Macias. The 28-year-old from Guadalajara was having his second fight under the Mike Tyson banner. His first 16 wins were against abysmal opposition but he now has useful wins over Oscar Arenas (20-2) and Rodolfo Hernandez (24-3-1). “Huracan” Macias is 2-6 in his last 8 fights but against very tough opposition. He lost to Koki Kameda for the secondary WBA bantam title in 2011 but beat prospect Braulio Santos in March and in his last fight in August had WBC No 1 Andres Gutierrez on the floor before losing on points.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Light Welter: Mauro M Godoy (19-0) W TKO 6 Jorge S Fredes (14-11).

The King still reigns. “King” Godoy retained his Argentinian title with a stoppage win over FAB No 8 Fredes. A left to the jaw put Fredes down in the first and although he survived the pattern of the fight was set. Godoy used his height and reach advantages and faster hands to punish Fredes over the next four rounds. The fifth was totally one-sided with Fredes just soaking up punishment and early in the sixth his corner mercifully threw in the towel. At 5’10” (178cm) Godoy is tall for a light welter and Fredes just could not get into the fight. Now 8 wins by KO/TKO for the 25-year-old unbeaten Godoy. “Mexicanito” Fredes had gone from 6 losses in a row to three wins in a row, but it is back to the losing column now.

Perth, Australia: Super Feather: Paul Fleming (19-0) W PTS 8 Angky Angkotta (27-11-1).

“2Gunz” Fleming shakes some ring rust. The former top amateur had taken 19 months out to concentrate on his young family and the rust showed early as he was not letting his hands go at all in the first round. The local southpaw slowly worked his way into the fight and was able to outbox the little Indonesian and take the unanimous decision. Scores 79-73 from all three judges. Fleming, 26, who had signed with Top Rank, was a World Juniors bronze medalist and represented Australia at both the 2007 World Championships and the 2008 Olympics and he will be a force again. Angkotta, the 33-year-old “Indonesian Time Bomb” has seen better days in the lighter divisions. He is the only fighter to have beaten current WBO light fly champion Donnie Nietes but lost a technical decision against Jorge Arce for both the vacant WBO super fly title in 2010and the vacant WBO bantam title in 2011. He is 1-6 in his last 7 fights.

Calgary, Canada: Welter: Steve Claggett (20-2-1) W TKO 3 Rogelio Castaneda (26-22-3,1ND).

Claggett pleases his hometown fans with stoppage of experienced Mexican loser Castaneda. After taking the first round with a string of hard jabs Claggett almost finished it in the second. A big right floored Castaneda and despite being badly shaken he got up and managed to stay out of too much trouble until the bell. It was only a temporary reprieve as Claggett went to the body in the third and put Castaneda down with a wicked left hook to the ribs. Castaneda was up at 7 and when the fight resumed Claggett drove Castaneda to the ropes and put him down with a right to the jaw and another hook to the body and the referee simply stopped the fight without bothering with a count. The 25-year-old NCC champion makes it 14 wins by KO/TKO and five wins in a row since losing to Frenchman Alex Lepelley in 2013.Castaneda, 38, has lost his last 7 fights.

Sorel-Tracy, Canada: Light: Mike Gadbois (13-0-2) W PTS 10 Mike Dufek (13-8-1). Light Middle: Steve Butler (8-0) W TKO 3 Vlad Riah (4-2). Light Welter: David Theroux (4-0) W TKO 3 Rincon (4-2).

Gadbois vs. Dufek

Prospect Gadbois remains unbeaten with wide unanimous decision over Dufek. Southpaw Gadbois outworked the Czech landing well to the body with Dufek going into survival mode over the late rounds to stay the distance. Scores 100-90 twice and 98-92. The 28-year-old “L’Unique” the NCC No 2 was in his first ten round bout but he may be short on punching power as he moves up. He won silver and bronze in Canadian amateur championships. Dufek, 31, wins at home and loses away including defeats in Britain against Nathan Dale and John Wayne Hibbert.

Butler vs. Riah

Young Butler continues his busy schedule with Riah retiring at the end of the third round. Butler floored Riah in the second and handed out a steady beating in the third with Riah calling it a day at the end of the round. It is now 7 wins by KO/TKO for Butler the last 6 on the bounce. Still only 19 the Canadian, a former national amateur champion looks a good prospect. I recall watching his father Marshall hand John H Stracey his first pro loss at the Albert Hall in 1972. First loss inside the distance for 23-year-old Czech Riah

Theroux vs. Rincon

Hometown fighter Theroux gets an early win. This was straight forward apart from a cut suffered by Theroux after a clash of heads in the second round. The young Canadian went to work with a vengeance in the third battering Rincon to the canvas with the referee stopping the fight. The 20-year-old former Canadian Junior Champion has three wins by KO/TKO. Mexican Rincon, 30, loses inside the distance for the second time.

Madrid, Spain: Light Middle: Luciano L Cuello (35-3) W PTS 8 Rafael Chiruta (8-35).

Argentinian Cuello returns to Spain for the first time in 5 years and is given eight good rounds of work by the experienced loser Chiruta. Scores 79-74, 78-74 and 77-75. Managed by Sergio Martinez, “El Principito” the WBC No 13 and FAB No 1 is the South American and WBC Latino champion. The 30-year-old Cuello’s losses have been a disputed decision to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and defeats against Saul Alvarez and Willie Nelson. Spanish-based Romanian Chiruta sprang a major surprise when he halted EBU No 1 Ruben Varon in 2013, but he is 2-5 since then.

Carouge, Switzerland: Super Feather: Patrick Kinigamazi (22-2) W PTS 8 King Daluz (9-2-2).

Kinigamazi wins unanimous decision but only after an early shock. Daluz put the Swiss-based Rwandan down heavily in the first round but Kinigamazi eventually made it to his feet, I say eventually as the Spaniards claimed it was a long slow count. He then managed to work his way through the next seven rounds to take the decision. Scores 78-73 twice and 77-74. The 31-year-old Kinigamazi lost to Guillame Frenois for the vacant UBF title in 2011 but has won 6 of his last 7 fights and this was his second fight in just under three weeks. Spaniard Daluz, 26, was coming off a loss to Ignacio Mendoza for the Spanish title in June.

Sara Buri, Thailand: Fly: Nawaphon (25-0) W TKO 5 Noli Morales (10-6).

Nawaphon gets another easy night. The WBC No 1 was able to handle the Filipino with ease on the way to a stoppage in the fifth round. The WBC No 1 makes the tenth defence of his WBC ABC title and has 18 wins by KO/TKO. A more telling statistic is the absence of a single rated fighter on his record. Filipino Morales who has fought as low as strawweight has lost 5 of his last 6 fights.

November 22

Liverpool, England: Cruiser: Tony Bellew (23-2-1) W PTS 12 Nathan Cleverly (28-1). Bantam: Jamie McDonnell (25-2-1) W TKO 10 Javier N Chacon (20-3). Super Middle: James DeGale (20-1) W TKO 3 Marco A Periban (20-3-1). Super Middle: George Groves (21-2) W TKO 7 Denis Douglin (17-4). Super Bantam: Scott Quigg (30-0-2) W PTS 12 Hidenori Otake (22-2-3). Super Middle: Callum Smith (15-0) W PTS 12 Nikola Sjekloca (28-3). Heavy: Anthony Joshua (10-0) W TKO 1 Michael Sprott (42-23). Super Middle: Vincent Feigenbutz (17-1) W TKO 7 Olegs Fedotovs (18-18). Light Welter: Bradley Saunders (11-0) W PTS 6 Ivans Levickis (13-15).

Cleverly vs. Bellew

Bellew gets revenge for a previous loss and puts himself in line for a shot at the WBO title. It was a fight where strength and stamina told in the end. Both fighters were trying to assert dominance from the outset and trying to build on their jabs. Bellew was fired up and the more aggressive and whilst Cleverly had the better of mid ring action Bellew was doing better when he took Cleverly to the ropes. The early rounds were close with Cleverly doing the cleaner work and Bellew busier and really fired up for the fight. Cleverly’s boxing had probably put him in front but after the midpoint of the fight Bellew seemed the stronger man and was standing the pace better. Cleverly was being forced to trade more with Bellew getting the better of the exchanges although both were landing telling shots. Bellew took over in the ninth and tenth rounds. In the ninth he kept Cleverly trapped on the ropes pounding away to head and body. The tenth was the same with Cleverly forced to spend more time defending than punching and with Bellew hammering away Cleverly did well to avoid going down. Bellew continued his attacks in the eleventh and twelfth with an exhausted Cleverly just trying to survive. The judges came up with a majority decision and “Bomber” Bellew won on scores of 116-112 and 115-113 with the third judge seeing Cleverly the winner by 115-113. Cleverly had won on a majority decision to retain his WBO light heavy title when they met in 2011. The 31-year-old “Bomber” moved up to cruiser after losing last November to Adonis Stevenson in a challenge for the WBC light heavy title and was rated WBC 4/WBO 4/IBF 11(9) so is well placed for either a direct shot at Marco Huck or for an eliminator if Huck vacates. Welshman Cleverly had also moved up to cruiser after a loss. His was to Sergey Kovalev in June last year and cost him his WBO light heavy title. He was rated WBO 5/WBA 9/IBF 10(8)/WBC 14. He will take a break and can still be a force in the division

McDonnell vs. Chacon

McDonnell retains WBA title as challenger Chacon retires with an injury in the tenth round. McDonnell had early problems with the aggressive Argentinian but was using his speed and educated jab well and at the end of four rounds was ahead 40-36 and 39-37 on two cards with the third judge having it even at 38-38. Chacon came on strong in the middle rounds with McDonnell having trouble subduing the challenger but the Brit was still doing the cleaner work and was still scoring with enough jabs and rights to keep his nose in front. At the end of eight rounds Chacon had narrowed the gap slightly but McDonnell was still in front on two cards 78-74, 77-75 with the third reading76-76. The ninth was a good round for McDonnell as Chacon, a late substitute, was tiring and McDonnell dominated and took the round on all three cards. The end came dramatically early in the tenth with Chacon suddenly in agony and indicating a shoulder injury and being unable to continue. Not a sterling performance from McDonnell but he had to adjust to the change of opponent and was asserting his class and looked to be on the way to a clear win as the fight ended. Now 12 wins by KO/TKO for the 28-year-old former undefeated IBF champion and 17 wins in a row. This was the second defence of his WBA secondary title. Chacon, 33, had lost a wide decision to Anselmo Moreno for the real WBA title in March but came back with a good win in October. He was not in the WBA top 15 and was No 3 with the FAB but performed well up to the stoppage. He is the brother of Julio Pablo Chacon the former WBO feather champion who lost his title to Scott Harrison in 2002.

DeGale vs. Periban

DeGale makes strong statement as he destroys Mexican Periban in three rounds. Southpaw De Gale was scoring with heavy punches in the two opening rounds and Periban never had a chance to get into the fight. Early in third DeGale landed a crunching left and a second one put Periban down heavily and the fight was immediately stopped. The Olympic gold medalist registered his best win so far. As the winner of an IBF final eliminator and rated IBF No 1 he naturally wants a fight with champion Carl Froch for the title. The 28-year-old former undefeated European and WBC Silver title holder has 14 wins by KO/TKO and has run up ten wins since losing a majority decision to George Groves in 2011. He has earned a title shot. Mexican Periban, 30, won his first 20 fights but then in 2013 lost to Sakio Bika for the vacant WBC title, drew with then unbeaten Beau Jack then this year lost a close decision to J’Leon Love so this was by far the most crushing defeat he has suffered.

Groves vs. Douglin

Groves overcame some early problems to halt Douglin. The Brit took a while to adjust to fighting a tricky southpaw and although winning the rounds was also being caught with counters and suffered a cut on the bridge of his nose in third round. From the fourth Groves had the answer to Douglin and was beginning to pressure the American. Douglin seemed to be tiring from the fifth and Groves was totally dominant scoring with hard punches from both hands and breaking Douglin down. In the seventh Groves scored with a thudding combination which put Douglin down. He got up but the follow-up attack farced the referee’s intervention. Not one of his best displays but in the end Groves got the job done coolly and efficiently. The 26-year-old “Saint George” WBC Silver and European champion makes it 16 wins by KO/TKO. He is rated WBC 1/WBA 6(5)IBF 10(9)-the WBO don’t even rate him-nothing to do with ability, just politics. “Momma’s Boy” Douglin lost consecutive fights to Jermell Charlo and Jose Angel Rodriguez so was not top notch opposition, but had scored a good win in June over Charles Whittaker.

Quigg vs. Otake

Quigg retains his secondary WBA title with one-sided defeat of Japanese challenger Otake. Quigg was so dominant that there was not one round which all three judges agreed should go to the courageous but outclassed Otake. Quigg found the challenger an easy target and found Otake’s attempted attacks easy to blunt. The champion was able to shake the Japanese fighter at various times in the fight and inflict some heavy damage with Otake suffering a bad cut over his right and another cut over his left eye and finished with his face badly swollen. There was no doubting Otake’s courage but you could question his ability. Scores 119-109 twice and 118-110. The 26-year-old from Bury was making the fifth defence of his title. The 33-year-old Japanese champion Otake had impressive statistics but his victories had all been over modest domestic fighters. Despite this the IBF had him rated No 3(2).The WBC had him rated No 26 and the WBA did their usual bit of manipulation suddenly parachuting him into the rating at No 9 with him not having been in the top 15 the month before. Quigg is just too good for anything except top quality opposition and hopefully we will get a Quigg vs. Carl Frampton bout early next year. What a fight that will be.

Smith vs. Sjekloca

Smith gets the biggest scalp so far in his short pro career. The hard-hitting member of the Smith clan used his height and reach to slot home hard jabs with Sjekloca unable to really get into the fight. Smith came close to ending it when he hurt Sjekloca with one of his special lefts to the body but the Montenegrin survived. It was not totally one-sided with Sjekloca able to pinch a couple of rounds but time and again he was having to eat thudding jabs, body punches and hard rights. Scores 120-108, 118-110 and 118-111. The wide unanimous decision showed how well Smith controlled this fight but just as pleasing must have been the way he paced himself in his first 12 round fight and against a formal world title challenger who had only lost by 3 and 4 points on two cards when challenging Arthur Abraham for the WBO title in May. The 24-year-old Smith retains his WBC International title and will only get better as he becomes a player in what remains one of the most talented divisions. The 36-year-old Sjekloca had lost to Sakio Bika in a final eliminator for the WBC title in 2013 and has never lost inside the distance

Joshua vs. Sprott

Joshua keeps up his busy schedule with predicable early win over Sprott. The Olympic gold medalist again showed his power as he stunned Sprott with a thunderous right and then blazed away at Sprott who was trapped on the ropes. The referee rightly moved in quickly to save Sprott. Now it’s 10 wins by KO/TKO for the big 25-year-old Brit who retained his WBC International title. So far only one opponent has managed to last as far as the third round so he needs tougher opposition. The next opponent is to be survival specialist Kevin Johnson who might even get into round four. It is ridiculous to see this outstanding prospect already WBC 13/WBA 15 and the EBU No 8 ranking is a better reflection of his opposition to date. The 39-year-old Sprott had only been fighting in three round Prizefighter/Super 8 bouts for the past 12 months and was knocked out in one round by Kali Meehan in the final of the New Zealand Super 8 in June.

Feigenbutz vs. Fedotovs

German banger makes hard work of beating travelling loser Fedotovs and has to go past the six round for the first time. The 19-year-old has been blasting his way through a selection of the usual suspects but was brought down to earth after taking so long to put away an opponent who had lost his last 5 fights and already had four loses by KO/TKO against him.. Feigenbutz finally got the win in the seventh round to make it 16 wins in a row with 15 of those wins by KO/TKO. The WBO have him rated No 8 but the EBU have actually looked at his opposition and he is not in the rated 19 they list. Latvian “Viking” Fedotovs has only won twice outside of his homeland

Saunders vs. Levickis.

Saunders has his kayo streak broken as he has to go the full six rounds for his win. The 28-year-old from Sheffield, a former top class amateur, won every round as the referee’s card of 60-54 shows. He had won his last 5 by KO/TKO. Saunders won a bronze medal at the World Championships and represented England at the 2008 Olympics and is one to follow. Latvian Levickis is 1-6 in fights in Britain so not a happy hunting ground for him.

Yokohama, Japan: Super Feather: Takashi Miura (28-2-2) W TKO 6 Edgar Puerta (23-5-1). Fly: Roman Gonzalez (41-0) W TKO 6 Rocky Fuentes (35-8-2). Bantam: Ryo Akaho (25-1-2) W TKO 4 Antonio Garcia (14-4).

Miura vs. Puerta

Miura retains the WBC title with stoppage of Mexican Puerta. The challenger came out aggressively taking the fight to Miura but had his confidence dented when the champion dumped him on the floor with a southpaw left. Puerta was shaken but got up and continued to take the fight to Mura in the second round with the Japanese fighter responding with a selection of quick accurate counters and hard shots to the body. The third saw Miura taking over as he found the target with hard lefts and in the fourth opened a cut over the left eyebrow of Puerta with a punch. At this point the open scoring had it 39-36 twice and 40-35 for Miura. The fifth saw Miura’s body work taking its toll and Puerta was slowing. Puerta means door in Spanish and Miura slammed the title door shut in Puerta’s face in the sixth. Yet another Miura southpaw left crashed into the Mexican’s chin and sensing he was badly hurt Miura launched a furious attack forcing the referee to stop the fight. Third defence for the 30-year-old Miura who has 21 wins by KO/TKO. He 16-1-1 in his last 18 fights with the loss coming in a challenge to Takashi Uchiyama for the WBA title in 2011. Puerta, 32, had a run of 15 wins in 16 bouts which took him to the WBC No 1 spot. He loses inside the distance for the second time.

Gonzalez vs. Fuentes

Gonzalez retains the WBC title and continues to look the best little man in the world by a long way. Fuentes decided the way to beat him was to just walk right through him and overwhelm the Nicaraguan. Gonzalez showed coolness in blocking the Filipino’s shots picking his punches and countering well enough to edge the first round. It was much the same in the second, third and fourth with “Road Warrior” Fuentes churning forward with his aggressive attacks but with Gonzalez upping his work rate and landing the heavier and more accurate punches. The open scoring showed Gonzalez cleaner work had him in front 39-37 on all three cards. By the fifth the body punching from Gonzalez were beginning to sap the energy of Fuentes whose gamble on a fast start was falling apart. The sixth was so typically Gonzalez. He was relentless walking forward landing short hooks and uppercuts and forcing Fuentes onto the back foot. Fuentes tried to punch with Gonzalez but he was just being overwhelmed and pounded from corner to corner. Finally a left to the body had Fuentes slumping face first to the canvas. He got up and looked ready to continue but also looked a slightly relieved man when the referee would not let him. Now 35 wins by KO/TKO for the 27-year-old former WBA straw and WBA light fly champion who is a lower division Gennady Golovkin-or perhaps Golovkin is a middleweight Gonzalez. Although coming off a points loss to Amnat Ruenroeng for the IBF title in January the 28-year-old Fuentes was a genuine challenger having won 15 fights in a row collecing the GAB title and winning and making 6 defences of that OPBF title.

Akaho vs. Garcia

Hometown fighter Akaho halts Mexican in four. Akaho was taking the fight to Garcia early and throwing hard, fast combinations. Garcia was trying to get his jab working but was under pressure. A right put Garcia down in the second but he got up and was there for the third round. Two lefts to the body put Garcia down in the third and he was obviously unable to keep Akaho out. A right to the head floored Garcia in the fourth and although he again gamely climbed off the floor he was shipping too much punishment and the fight was stopped. The 28-year-old former undefeated OPBF champion lost the big one when being clearly outpointed by Yota Sato in a challenge for the WBC super fly title in 2012 but has bounced back with 6 wins and is rated WBO5/WBC9/WBA 14. The 20-year-old Garcia was knocked out in four rounds by Omar Narvaez in May in a challenge for the WBO super fly title

Malvinas Argentinas: Feather: Matias C A Rueda (20-0) W KO 3 Gabriel G Ovejero (13-3).

The “Little Cobra” punches too hard for Ovejero and retains his WB C Latino title. The Argentinian champion put Ovejero down in the first and had him under pressure throughout the second. He floored Ovejero again early in the third and then landed a vicious body punch which had Ovejero down in agony and counted out. The hard-punching 26-year-old has 17 wins by KO/TKO and has won 12 of his last 13 fights inside the distance. Ovejero, the FAB No 4 had lost only one of his last 14 fights but was never in with a chance in this one.

Reims, France: Light Middle: Frank Haaroche Horta (36-14-5) W TKO 4 Zakaria Attou (18-5-1).

Veteran southpaw Horta gets his hands on the French light middle title at the second attempt with a stoppage of champion Attou. Horta was coming forward from the start trying to take Attou to the ropes and work him over but Attou was scoring with counters as Horta came in and it was an even first round. Horta increased the pressure in the second forcing Attou to stand and trade and there were some furious exchanges with both fighters having to absorb hard counters. Horta was just coming and coming using a strong right jab to set up sweeping lefts with Attou landing some straight rights but not being able to halt Horta’s forward march. Both fighters seemed to think that defence was something you put around a French garden and one had to crumble. It happened with Attou trapped on the ropes and suddenly hurt badly by a straight left. Horta poured in a long series of punches with the referee stepping between them then changing his mind and letting it continue. Horta just blasted away and after another tentative step as if to stop it the referee finally jumped in if anything a bit late. Former national welter champion “F2H” Horta had lost to Jimmy Colas in 2012 in his first shot at the title and went back down to welter. A run of 4 losses in 5 fights did not look good but one of those losses was a majority decision against Andy Lee in April so there was still some life left in the tall 34-year-old as Attou found out. Parisian Attou, 32, was making his first defence of the title he fought hard but just could not match the ferocity of Horta on the night.

Saarbrucken, Germany: Super Middle: Juergen Doberstein (17-1-1) W PTS 12 Kevin Thomas Cojean (15-6-1). Heavy: Yakup Saglam (33-3,1ND) W KO 3 Andras Csomor (10-4). Cruiser: Dennis Ronert (23-0) W TKO 2 Haris Calakovic (7-4).

Doberstein vs. Cojean

Doberstein wins the IBF Mediterranean title with points victory over Cojean. The Kazak-born Doberstein was just too quick and too slick for the Frenchman. Cojean pressed from the start coming in behind a high guard but the mobile Doberstein was slotting home jabs and firing off quick busts of combination punches and getting away before Cojean could retaliate. The Frenchman suffered a fractured jaw in the second round but just fought on. He had come in as a very short notice replacement and slowed over the late rounds as Doberstein boxed his way to the unanimous decision. Scores 120-107 twice and 119-108. The 25-year-old Doberstein has won his last 11 fights but this was only his second fight in 14 months so he needs to be more active. Frenchman Cojean, 25, is rated No 1 light heavy by the FFB, had won 5 of his last 6 fights with the loss being a close decision against Hakim Zoulikha for the national title.

Saglam vs. Csomor

German-based Turk Saglam makes it 30 wins by KO/TKO with victory over Hungarian Csomor in a poor match. Saglam’s losses have been to Manuel Charr, Odlanier Solis and Mike Wallisch but he is currently 4-0-1ND against modest opposition. Csomor had won 7 of his last 8 fights but against very low level opponents.

Ronert vs. Calakovic

The “Rhine Bomber” has an early night as he halts Serb Calakovic in two rounds to go to 16 wins by KO/TKO and make it two quick wins in two weeks. The 22-year-old German prospect should be ready for better opposition in 2015. Calakovic, 22, is 2-4 in his last 6 fights.

Civitavecchia, Italy: Welter: Gianluca Branco (49-3-1) W RTD 6 Rafal Jackiewicz (46-12-2).

Branco gets a lucky win and the vacant EBU title. Pole Jackiewicz has the Italian down twice before having to retire with a knee injury. After a quiet first round Branco tries to step-up the pace but Jackiewicz matches him. In the third a peach of a right hook floors Branco. He beats the count but is very shaky and Jackiewicz lands more heavy shots but Branco survives. The Italian makes a determined effort in the fourth to try to claw back some lost ground only to be nailed and put down by another right hook at the end of the round. Jackiewicz is in control but Branco shows guts to stay in contention and the fifth is an even round with Branco amazingly back in the fight. It is almost déjà vu all over again in the sixth as another right from Jackiewicz shakes Branco and nearly puts him down. The Italian bangs back and suddenly Jackiewicz goes down in agony having badly twisted his knee. He gets up and manages to last to the bell but is then forced to retire. The 44-year-old Branco lost to Arturo Gatti and Miguel Cotto in title shots but has persevered and has now won 13 of his last14 fights and is in his third reign as EBU champion. Jackiewicz , 37, a former EBU champion, beat Jan Zaveck in a EBU title defence but lost to him for the IBF title. He won his farewell fight in August and went back into Martial Arts where he damaged his knee. He was pulled out of retirement for this fight and came so close to winning.

Toluca, Mexico: Bantam: Julio Ceja (28-1) W KO 5 Lionel Mark Duran (13-11-2). Super Bantam: Hugo Ruiz (35-2) W TKO 1 Carlos Medellin (23-18-2,1ND). Adrian Hernandez (30-3-1) W TKO 2 Armando Torres (21-13).

Ceja vs. Duran

“ Little Chicken” has little trouble with Filipino Duran. After taking the first four rounds Ceja ended it in style as he landed a hard one-two in the fifth putting Duran down and out. Ceja’s only loss so far was a majority decision to Brit Jamie McDonnell for the vacant IBF bantam title in May 2013. He retains his WBC Silver title and makes it 26 wins by KO/TKO. He is rated WBC 4/IBF 5(4)/WBO 7 and could be a world champion by the end of 2015. Duran 23 went 12 rounds with former WBO light fly champion Ramon Garcia in January but was never likely to do that against a puncher like Ceja.

Ruiz vs. Medellin

Early night for Ruiz. The former interim WBA champion was in a hurry and floored fellow-Mexican Medellin three times to end it in the first round. Ruiz specializes in first round finishes, this was his 17th. The 28-year-old “Little Twin” had a run of 22 wins on the bounce broken when losing his interim title to Koki Kameda on a split decision in December 2012 but had since run up three wins against good quality opposition. He is WBC 2 and WBA 8.”Butcher” Medellin now has 8 loses by KO/TKO.

Hernandez vs. Torres

“El Confesor” returns in an eight round fight which was never going to go eight rounds. The former two-reign WBC light fly champion was hurting Torres with body punched in the first round and a left hook in the second had Torres turning away in agony and the fight was stopped. First fight for Hernandez since losing his WBC title to Naoya Inoue in April. The title is now vacant so as WBC No 4 he could get another title shot in 2015. Torres, the nephew of former WBC fly champion German Torres is a former NABF and WBC Silver champion but is 2-4 in his last 6 fights with all of the losses being to world rated fighters.

Auckland, New Zealand: Heavy: Kali Meehan (42-5) W PTS 10 Shane Cameron (29-5). Cruiser: Anthony McCracken (17-7-1) W TKO 7 David Aloua ((11-2).

Meehan vs. Cameron

Meehan keeps his career alive and ends the career of Cameron with unanimous decision. Meehan was just too big, heavy and powerful for Cameron. He was able to use his jab to pile up the points. Cameron made sure it was not a one-sided fight by boring inside and scoring with heavy punches of his own to edge a couple of rounds but was being broken down gradually with his face bruised and busted. Cameron’s bravery meant that Meehan could not relax in the fight and was forced to work hard in every round. Cameron eventually flagged from the punches and the effort of trying to outmuscle the bigger man. Meehan was much the fresher fighter going into the tenth and staged a big effort looking to take the decision out of the hands of the judges but Cameron took the punishment and made it to the bell. Scores 99-91,98-92 and 97-94. The 44-year-old New Zealander wins the vacant WBA Pan African title. He came close to winning the big one when he went down on a split decision to Lamon Brewster for the WBO title in 2004 and blew the chance of a second shot when losing on points to Ruslan Chagaev in a WBA final eliminator in 2010. He revived his career by winning the New Zealand Super 8 tournament kayoing Michael Sprott in the first round in the final. Now he is challenging Shannon Briggs but he will do his challenging in a much more mature way than Briggs is doing. Cameron, 37, also a New Zealander, has had a good career but always came up short in the important fights. He had retired after losses to Danny Green for the IBO cruiser title and to Brian Minto and this fight with Meehan was his first for 11 months. He said he would retire if he lost and has kept his promise.

McCracken vs. Aloua

Upset as McCracken halts world rated New Zealander Aloua. This started as the form book said it should with the slightly taller, younger and more skillful Aloua out boxing previous victim McCracken. The Australian was having to take punishment to get inside where he could turn the fight into a brawl. By the fourth round McCracken’s pressure seemed to be working as Aloua was flat footed and being caught with right cross after right cross and having no answer to them . The fifth and sixth saw Aloua slowing even more and McCracken on top. The end came in the seventh when a crunching right to the jaw from McCracken rendered Aloua out on his feet. With Aloua stumbling toward the ropes with his hands down McCracken landed two more shots to the chin and the referee stepped in and stopped the fight with Aloua hanging onto the ropes staring blankly out at the crowd. The 31-year-old “Australian Bull “ wins the WBA Pan African (!!) , OPBF and WBO Asia Pacific titles. He had lost a split decision to Aloua in 2012 and after a loss to Daniel Ammann the same year he was inactive from June 2012 until returning in February this year. He had scored two low level wins and was not even in the ANBF cruiserweight ratings (14 fighters rated) so a huge win that will see McCracken world rated. Aloua, 27, was WBA 13 after shocking world rated Brad Pitt with a fourth round kayo in April.

Bialystok, Poland: Middle: Patrick Mendy (16-8-1) W PTS 12 Robert Swierzbinski (14-4). Super Middle: Michal Starbala (11-0) W TKO 2 Martin Kukulis (9-43).

Mendy vs. Swierzbinski

Once again Mendy shows what a tough opponent he can be as he wins the vacant WBFoud title on the road. He pressurized the Pole from the start in an exciting clash. Mendy built a small lead and then had Swierzbinski badly shaken and in deep water in the fifth only for Swierzbinski to bang back taking the sixth to even things up. Mendy then reestablished his lead and going into the championship rounds it really came down to stamina and experience and Mendy had the edge in both of those elements and walked away with the unanimous decision. Scores 118-112 twice and 117-111. The 24-year-old British-based Gambian was 2-4-1 in his last 7 fights but his draw was with Dmitry Chudinov and one of the wins was over Virgilijus Stapulionis (22-2) so they were excellent performances. Swierzbinski was trying to put his career back together after being floored seven times and halted in seven rounds by Chris Eubank Jr. in May.

Starbala vs. Kukulis

Starbala floors Latvian twice and halts him in two rounds. Kukulis was looking to survive from the outset hiding behind a high guard with Starbala using body punches to try to bring the guard down. He failed to do that in the first round but it worked for him in the second. A right hook to the body put Kukulis down. He made it to his feet only to be put down by a right cross. Again he got up only to be met with a series of punches from both hands which put him down for the third time. The referee stopped the fight without counting. The 32-year-old Starbala turned pro late after a long amateur campaign that saw him win the Polish title three times, compete at the European Union and European Championships, beating Anthony Ogogo in the latter , represent Poland at the 2007 World Championships but lose against Brit Billy Joe Saunders at the 2008 European Olympic qualifiers. Now 14 losses by KO/TKO for Kukulis

Lluchmayor, Spain: Super Feather: David Martin Campillo (10-2-1) DREW 10 Cris Morales (11-1-1).

Morales declared the winner but later an error in the scoring is discovered and the fight is officially a draw. A knockdown scored by Morales in the third round was the deciding factor in the original scoring in this very close hard fought scrap. Both fighters were warned, Martin in the sixth and Morales in the tenth, with the original scores being 94-93 twice for Morales and 96-92 for Martin. However a mistake had been made with regard to the point deduction for Morales in the tenth round and the revised score had it 94-93 Morales,94-94 and 96-92 Martin. The WBC Mundo Hispano title remains vacant. Campillo, Spain’s No 5 super feather has lost only one of his last 12 fights and that was to unbeaten Brit Chris Jenkins. Morales had won his last 10 fights going in and was rated No 3 lightweight in the Spanish ratings.

Madrid, Spain: Light Welter: Nicolas Gonzalez (10-0) W TKO 1 Michael Oyono (4-7).

Local hero Gonzalez gets this one over quickly. Guinean Oyono was hurt with a right early but continued to press forward. Gonzalez threw a hard right which landed on Onyono’s chin and put him down. Oyono made it to his feet but was on rubber legs and after a couple more punches from Gonzalez the fight was stopped. The 26-year-old Gonzalez a runner-up in the Spanish Championships in 2013 has 7 wins by KO/TKO. The Madrid-based Oyono had won his last two fights.

Brovaria, Ukraine: Light Heavy: Umar Salamov (12-0) W PTS 10 Enes Zecirevic (12-1). Light Heavy: Olek Cherviak (15-4-1) W TKO 5 Paata Adushvili (11-7-2). Welter: Vyacheslav Senchenko (36-2) W PTS 8 Laszlo Toth (19-1-1). Super Middle: Max Bursak (30-3-1) W TKO 2 Ramazi Gogichashvili (14-4-2). Feather: Oleg Yefimovych (25-2) W KO 1 Dzmitri Agafonau (8-4).

Salamov vs. Zecirevic

Salamov wins the vacant WBO European title with wide unanimous verdict over B&H fighter. Salamov had height and reach over Zecirevic and with superior skills he was always going to be the winner. He kept Zecirevic on the outside for most of the fight and although Zecirevic did enough to steal a couple of rounds the body attack of Salamov slowed Zecirevic and the B&H fighter took a lot of punishment late in the fight showing guts in going the distance. Scores 98-92 twice and 98-91. The 20-year-old 6’3” (191cm) Kiev-based Russian had won his last 9 fights by KO/TKO and the EBU had him No 10 in their External ratings (for countries not in the European Union). Swiss-based Zecirevic had scored his wins over very low level opposition and although he tried hard here was never in the fight.

Cherviak vs. Adushvili

Cherviak continues to rebuild with stoppage of Adushvili. The 33-year-old Ukrainian broke into the world ratings with an upset victory over German hope Dustin Dirks (27-0-1) but losses to Nadjib Mohammedi and Robin Krasniqi knocked him back. At 5’7 ½” (179cm) he is small for a light heavy and combined with his age it gives him very little chance of going far. Georgian southpaw Adushvili , 19, had a big height advantage but much less ability. He had been stopped in two rounds by Salamov in April.

Senchenko vs. Toth

Senchenko returns with a win after being out for 10 months. The former WBA champion dominated the early action and Toth did well to survive. The Hungarian showed a good chin and began to get into the fight as the Ukrainian veteran tired but Senchenko rallied over the last two rounds and came close to an inside the distance win but Toth was still there at the bell. Scores 78-74 twice and 80-73. A good eight rounds of work for the 37-year-old Senchenko. He lost his WBA title in April 2012 to Paul Malignaggi on a ninth round stoppage but in November of that year came from behind to kayo Ricky Hatton and end the Brits career. He did not do so well on his return to Britain in October 2013 being halted in four rounds by Kell Brook.. Toth’s record looked impressive but the 26-year-old Hungarian had feasted on a diet of mediocre opposition.

Bursak vs. Gogichashvili

Former undefeated European champion Bursak has easy night against Gogichashvili. Bursak scored three knockdowns before the fight was halted late in the second round. The 30-year-old Ukrainian “Tiger” was also rebuilding. After being 30-1 in his first 31 fights he suffered back-to-back losses earlier this year to Jarrod Fletcher and Martin Murray. Gogichashvili, 20,really just an overweight light middle is 3-4 in his last 7 fights with the wins all coming against poor opposition back in Georgia.

Yefimovych vs. Agafonau

Yefimovych, another former EBU champion should have some rust to shed in his first fight in 15 months but it did not show as he blasted out Belarusian novice Agafonau inside a round. The 33-year-old Ukrainian “Doctor” has lost only one of his last 22 fights but that was a defeat by Frenchman Sofiane Takoucht and it cost Yefimovych his EBU title. He had rebounded with six wins before his spell of inactivity. Four losses in a row for Agafonau.

Belfast, N I: Light Middle: Dee Walsh (10-0) W TKO 2 Terry Maughan (8-5-1).

Walsh wins the vacant Irish title with stoppage of Maughan. The 24-year-old local fighter was giving away a little in height and reach but it made no real difference. Walsh ignored Maughan’s attempts to keep him out with his jab and piled in landing hard rights to body and head. In the second a right uppercut had Maughan in deep trouble and Walsh kept throwing hard head punches until the referee halted the fight. Now 4 wins by KO/TKO for the 24-year-old from Belfast. Fifth loss inside the distance for Maughan.

Dallas, TX, USA: Light Welter: Maurice Hooker (16-0-2) W TKO 2 Gary Bergeron (12-12).

Local hope “Might Mo” gets another quick win. The lanky puncher took the first round and had Bergeron under fire in the second when Bergeron’s corner threw in the towel. Now 12 wins by KO/TKO for the Dallas 25-year-old a former local Golden Gloves champion. Bergeron going the other way with 7 losses in a row.
Lusaka, Zambia: Welter: Charles Manyuchi (15-2-1) W TKO 2 Devis Caceres (17-5). Welter: Ezaya Chilufya (5-2-2) W KO 5 Mbiya Kanku.

Manyuchi vs. Caceres

Zimbabwean Manyuchi retains his WBC International title with quick win over Colombian. Manyuchi was able to score freely over the two rounds but it was a surprise when Caceres retired at the end of the round and the crowd were very unhappy with the visitor’s performance. Now 11 wins and a draw for Manyuchi who is based in Zambia. Caceres, a former Colombian welter challenger , came in with a decent enough record and had won 8 of his last 9 fights but he seemed to swallow it here.

Chilufya vs. Kanku

These two had fought a draw in May but this time Chilufya flattened his rival. Chilufya made a fast start and soon had Kanku looking battered and beaten. The local fighter floored the visitor in the fourth and ended the fight with an uppercut in the fifth with Kanku out cold and needing medical attention. Chilufya’s losses have been to Manyuchi and to Saky Shikukutu for the WBC ABU title last year. No real record available for DRC fighter Kanku who was stopped in ten rounds by Manyuchi last year

November 23

Macao, SAR, China: Welter: Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2) W PTS 12 Chris Algieri (20-1). Fly: Zou Shiming (6-0) W PTS 12 Kwanpichit (27-1-2). Feather: Vasyl Lomachenko (3-1)W PTS 12 Chonlatarn (52-2). Light Welter: Jessie Vargas (26-0) W PTS 12 Antonio DeMarco (31-4-1). Super Fly: Jerwin Ancajas (22-1-1) W KO 3 Fadhili Majiha (15-6-4). Super Fly: Rex Tso (15-0) W PTS 8 Espinos Sabu (11-3-1).

Pacquiao vs. Algieri

Pacquiao outclasses Algieri, floors him six times and retains his WBO title. This was Pacquiao’s fight from bell to bell. In the first Algieri was circling the ring with Pacquiao stalking but the Filipino was too quick for Algieri and even shook his challenger with a right. There was more of the same in the second when another right started a swelling around Algieri’s left eye and he was down for the first time although that was partially a slip on the water in the Pacquiao’s corner. There was no respite in the third when a right staggered Algieri. Pacquiao scored repeatedly in the fourth just being too fast for Algieri to block or counter and although Algieri was landing the occasional right it was one-way traffic with the challenger being warned in the fifth for a low punch. Pacquiao got his first knockdown in the sixth landing a hard left that had Algieri down. A second knockdown in the round was caused by a right to the jaw. Algieri showed good skills in surviving to the bell but whether he would have done so against the Pacquiao of 4-5 years ago is questionable. Algieri recovered well and boxed through the eighth keeping out of trouble. Pacquiao would not be denied and he scored two knockdowns in the ninth flooring Algieri with a left, probably the best punch of the fight, and later in the round with a series of hard shots. The sixth knockdown came in the tenth from a left-right combination and arguably although Algieri recovered well the fight could have been stopped at that point as there was no way Algieri could win and there was the certainty of more punishment coming his way. Algieri was not looking for a way out and fought hard over the last two rounds soaking up whatever Pacquiao threw at him and being there at the final bell. Scores 119-103 twice and 120-102. The 38-year-old Pacquiao was in his 19th title fight for the major sanctioning bodies in retaining the WBO title he won from Tim Bradley in April. Now the pressure will mount over a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jnr, with all of the pressure being on Mayweather and it will be so intense that Mayweather may have no choice but take the fight. If there is a concern it is about power. Eight of Pacquiao’s last nine fights have gone the distance-the other being the kayo loss to Juan Manuel Marquez- and although a couple of the knockdowns in this fighter were arguably slips Pacquiao was not able to close the show early. The punch statistic showed Pacquiao threw more and landed more with Pacquiao throwing 669 and landing 229 and Algieri throwing 469 and landing 108 and Pacquiao landed 34% of his power punches with Algieri landing 23% of his. The stats tell the story. Algieri struggled to make the weight taking three attempts but it was not a factor-class was the difference. The 30-year-old Algieri took home $1,675 million so need not fight again but he is only 30 and may not want to go out on a loss. Pacquiao got over $20 million.

Shiming vs. Kwanpichit

Chinese idol Shiming moves closer to a title fight with a wide unanimous decision over Kwanpichit. After pocketing the first round with Kwanpichit rumbling forward in the second Shiming showed that he is finally sitting down on his punches as he floored the Thai with a counter right. Kwanpichit made it to his feet only to run into another right which put him down for a second time. It looked as though Shiming might close the bout out then but the bell went before he could capitalise on the knockdowns. Both traded hard punches over the next three rounds with Kwanpichit going to the body and Shiming scoring with quick combinations. Kwanpichit took the body attack too far south in the sixth and lost a point for low blows and it got even worse when a right from Shiming put him down and although it bordered on a slip it still counted in the scoring. The Thai was roughing things up and was dangerous with his head. He got some encouragement in the seventh through a growing swelling by Shiming’s left eye which threatened to obscure his vision and the Chinese fighter was also cut over the same eye in a clash of heads. Kwanpichit kept pressing with Shiming boxing more but still edging the rounds. Over the last three rounds Kwanpichit continued to press knowing he needed a knockout and he was making the rounds close and exciting but Shiming was using his better skills to counter the aggression and getting through with hard shots of his own. Kwanpichit made a desperate effort in the twelfth but just could not find the punch he needed and it was Shiming who landed a right that unhinged the Thai who grabbed hold of Shiming on the way down so they both landed on the canvas. Shiming got up and the referee counted Kwanpichit and when the Thai got up it was too close to the bell for Shiming to finish the job. Scores 119-106 twice and 120-103. The 33-year-old multi-titled amateur wins the vacant WBO International title and this was also an eliminator which would put Shiming in line for a shot at Juan Francisco Estrada. Kwanpichit, also 33, had been carefully guided to his WBO No 3 position and gave it his best shot here but was never really in the fight.

Lomachenko vs. Chonlatarn

Lomachenko makes a successful first defence of his WBO title with wide unanimous decision over Chonlatarn, so not a good night for Thai challengers. The Ukrainian southpaw was the aggressor in the first scoring with some hard punches and hurting Chonlatarn with body shots. Both were working the body in the second and third rounds and late in the fourth a southpaw left put Chonlatarn down.. The challenger got up and survived but was shaken by a straight left early in the fifth and it looked as though Lomachenko might finish this one early. He continued to pressure through the sixth and seventh but the fight changed after that last round. Lomachenko had injured his left hand and from the eighth onwards Chonlatarn felt he suddenly had a chance but even though Chonlatarn was up against an injured opponent Lomachenko used his right jab and good movement to out boxed the Thai and he remained in charge of the fight to the last bell. Scores 120-107 from all three judges which emphasized his dominance and the total of 1006 punches thrown by Lomachenko also shows just how hard he worked in this one. Post fight no break was revealed so the injury to Lomachenko’s left hand was not too serious. The talk now is of a unification fight with Nicholas Walters. Both are promoted by Top Rank and there is a possibility of both appearing on a show early in 2015 leading to a showdown later in the year. That would be a real 50-50 match and one to savour. Chonlatarn, 29, was Lomachenko’s mandatory challenger. He had lost on points to Chris John in a challenge for the WBSA title in 2012 and had won his last 8 fights.

Vargas vs. DeMarco

This was meant to be a big test for Vargas who had struggled to impress in the past. In the end Vargas won a well deserved unanimous decision that lifted his stock somewhat. The fight took a while to get going with both cautious in the opening round. In the second a clash of heads saw Vargas cut on the left cheek. They traded hard punches in the third and fourth with Vargas getting the better of both rounds DeMarco was bleeding from the nose and mouth. At the end of the fourth Vargas was in front 39-37 on all cards.Vargas opened the fifth with a sustained attack with DeMarco hurt for the first time in the fight but in the seventh it was the Mexican southpaw doing the damage with both fighters showing the signs of battle. They continued to exchange heavy head shots in the eighth. At that pint Vargas had maintained his lead with all three cards reading 78-74 for the champion. With DeMarco getting the better of the exchanges in the ninth and tenth things seemed to be finally going his way. Vargas turned the tables in the eleventh and twelfth to end any chance of DeMarco closing the gap. Scores 116-112 on all three cards. A big win for 25-year-old Vargas over the former WBC lightweight champion as he retains his secondary WBA title for the second time but it remains to be seen whether it is big enough. If so it might be that Vargas will have a chance of a fight with Pacquiao if the Mayweather fight is not made or is made for late in 2015. Vargas had Roy Jones working his corner. DeMarco, 28, lost his WBC title to Adrien Broner in 2012 but had scored three useful wins since then and was rated WBA 12.

Ancajas vs. Majiha

Filipino “Pretty Boy” Ancajas flattens Majiha in three rounds. The Filipino started slowly giving himself time to see what Majiha brought to the table. He decided it was nothing to worry about and set to work in the second coming close to putting the Tanzanian down with a left. In the third a thunderous left cross put Majiha down and out cold. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO for Ancajas. His only loss is to fellow-Filipino Mark Anthony Geraldo back in 2012 and he has scored nine wins in a row by KO/TKO since that loss. He is rated IBF 4(3). Three losses in a row for 21-year-old Majiha but the other two were on points against world rated Marlon Tapales (25-2) in the Philippines and a close decision against former WBO champion Pungluang in Bangkok so a very tough program for such a young boxer.

Tso vs. Sabu

“Poster Boy” Tso wins but has a harder time than anticipated. The Hong Kong prospect found himself up against a lively opponent who had come to win. Sabu was impressive over the first two rounds building a lead but then Tso got his jab working and that together with the body punches turned the fight his way. Sabu never gave up but Tso was in control and took the deserved unanimous decision. Scores 78-74 twice and 79-73. The 27-year-old “Wonder Kid” is already rated WBO 4/WBC 9/IBF 10 (9)/WBA 11 so a title fight next year can’t be ruled out. The 25-year-old Sabu has lost three in a row but as with Majiha they other two were tough losses on the road against Rusalee Samor in Thailand and Warlito Parrenas in the Philippines.

Antwerp, Belgium: Super Feather: Ermano Fegatelli (30-5) W PTS 8 Kris Dochev (11-20). Light: Meriton Karaxha (5-1) W PTS 8 Jean Pierre Habimana (3-7-3). Light Middle: Ayoub Nefzi (23-3-1) W PTS 8 Stanislav Nenkov (11-10).

Fegatelli vs. Dochev

“The Doctor” returns with a win as Fegatelli outpoints durable Bulgarian. In his first fight for five months Fegatelli took a couple of rounds to shed the rust and out boxed a determined Dochev. The visitor lacked the skill to match Fegatelli but he gave the local eight rounds of work which was what was needed. Scores 80-72 twice and 78-74 with the first two scores looking a bit harsh on Dochev. The 30-year-old former European feather champion has lost only one of his last 17 fights and is official challenger to Romain Jacob for the EBU title. Five losses in his last 6 fights for Dochev but he did his job here.

Karaxha vs. Habimana

Belgian-based Albanian Karaxha just edges out Habimana taking the majority decision in an excellent eight rounder. The 22-year-old “Mister T.N.T.” Karaxha comfortably took the early rounds but injured his hand in the fourth which let Habimana back into the fight. In the end it was a close thing but Karaxha just held on to the early lead to win on scores of 79-72, 77-75 and 76-76. Four wins in a row now for Karaxha and his first 8 round fight. Rwandan-born Habimana had a 2-2-2 record in his previous six fights.

Ayoub vs. Nenkov

The Tunisian “Prince” wins on points but fails to impress. He won every round as the score of 80-72 from all three judges indicate . His only losses have been to very good opposition but following a lackluster display in winning his fight three weeks earlier he seems to have lost some snap. Nenkov, 20, wins at home but loses away but usually goes the distance.


ABC=Asian Boxing Council an affiliate of the WBC

ABF=Asian Boxing Federation. I assume this is an affiliate of the IBF

ABU=African Boxing Union an affiliate of the WBC

ACC=WBC Asian Council Continental title

ANBF=Australian National Boxing Federation who administer Australian titles

BBB of C=British Boxing Board of Control

BBB of C Southern/Central/Midlands/Scottish Area etc. British Area titles

BDB= Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer one of the German boxing bodies

B & H=Bosnia & Herzegovina

BSA=Boxing South Africa responsible for administering boxing in South Africa

CBC=Commonwealth Boxing Council a sanctioning body for titles competed for by citizens of Commonwealth countries

CISBB-WBC title covering the rump of the USSR and the Slovenian Boxing Board

DRC=Democratic Republic of the Congo

EBU=European Boxing Union

FAB=Argentinian Boxing Federation

FFB=French Boxing Federation

GAB=Philippines Games & Amusement Board responsible for administering boxing in the Philippines

GBC= Global Boxing Council a sanctioning body

IBA=International Boxing Association a sanctioning body

IBF=International Boxing Federation a sanctioning body

IBO=International Boxing Organisation a sanctioning body

JBC =Japanese Boxing Commission

NABA=North American Boxing Association, a WBA affiliate

NABF=North American Boxing Federation a WBC affiliate

NABO= North American Boxing Organisation, a WBO affiliate

NCC=National Championships of Canada

NGG=US National Golden Gloves

NZPBF=New Zealand Professional Boxing Federation a national sanctioning body

OPBF=Orient & Pacific Boxing Federation

PABA=Pacific & Asian Boxing Association, a WBA affiliate

PBF=Philippines Boxing Federation, a sanctioning body in the Philippines

UBF=Universal Boxing Federation a sanctioning body

UBO=Universal Boxing Organisation a sanctioning body

USBA= United States Boxing Association, an IBF affiliate

USBO=United States Boxing Organisation an WBO affiliate

WBA=World Boxing Association a sanctioning body

WBC=World Boxing Council a sanctioning body

WBFed=World Boxing Federation, a sanctioning body

WBFound=World Boxing Foundation, a sanctioning body

WBU=World Boxing Union, a sanctioning body

IBF WBA Rating=Both bodies leave vacancies in their ratings so when showing a IBF or WBA rating for a fighter where there is a vacant position ahead of them in the rankings which affects his rating I will put his numerical rating i.e. No 6 and in brackets and his rating based on the number of fighters ahead of him so IBF 6 (5) shows his numerical position is 6 but there are in fact only 5 fighters listed ahead of him due to one or more of the higher rating positions being vacant.

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