New York, NY, USA: Feather: Rafael Vazquez (13-1) W TKO 4 Joseph Rios (13-12-2). Light Heavy: Travis Peterkin (14-0) W TKO 1 Julio Garcia (6-8). Super Bantam: Luis Rosa (18-0-1ND) W TKO 1 Noel Echevarria (11-5). Light Heavy: Lennox Allen (18-0-1) W KO 2 Kojo Issah (14-2-1). Super Welter: Ivan Golub (5-0) W TKO 1 Rashawn McCain (2-3).

Vazquez vs. Rios

Vazquez makes it five wins in a row by KO/TKO with stoppage of Rios. After an even first round in the second Vazquez landed a left to the chin which put Rios down heavily. He got up only to be put down by another left. Vazquez was looking to end it in the third but Rios was only focusing on survival and saw out the round. A right put Rios down again in the fourth. At the end of the round the doctor examined Rios in his corner and the fight was stopped. The 37-year-old Brooklyn-based Puerto Rican wins the vacant Fedelatin title having previously won the same title at super bantam. Vazquez who did not turn pro until he was 32 has 11 wins by KO/TKO. Texan Rios, 32, had moved up from super fly. This his fifth loss in a row.

Peterkin vs. Garcia

Too easy for prospect Peterkin as he beats late replacement Garcia in one round. The Brooklyn-based southpaw handed out a beating over the first three minutes but it was still a surprise when the doctor advised the fight should be stopped at the end of the first round. The 24-year-old former NGG quarter-finalist “Notorious” has wins over Mike Gbenga and Otis Griffin and this makes it 6 wins by KO/TKO. Puerto Rican Garcia, 39, has 5 losses in a row with the last four losses to unbeaten fighters.

Rosa vs. Echevarria

“Kayo King” Rosa gets rid of Echevarria in less than a round. The Connecticut-based Puerto Rican put Echevarria down with a barrage of body punches. Echevarria got up but took more punishment including one shot which looked low, but a legal right put him down again and the fight was stopped. The 23-year-old Rosa, a former NGG silver medalist makes it 8 wins by KO/TKO. The Rosa’s are a family firm with his father his coach and his mother the financial brains. He has good wins over Jorge Diaz (17-2) and came off the floor to beat Luis Orlando Del Valle (18-0-1). Taking 50/50 fights like that shows a confidence in his ability. North Carolina-based Puerto Rican Echevarria, 24, loses inside the distance for the third time. After 11 wins in a row he now has 5 losses in a row, the last three by KO/TKO but against very tough opposition.

Allen vs. Issah

“2 Sharpe” Allen makes one of his rare appearances and halts Ghanaian Issah. Early in the second a right to the body put Issah down and he stayed there for the full count. The 29-year-old Guyanan southpaw has 11 wins by KO/TKO but with only one fight in 2012, one in 2013, none in 2014and only 18 fights in nearly 11 years as a pro he needs to get serious about his career. Issah in over his head. This was his first fight since October 2011 and his first fight outside Ghana. His figures at home flatter him as his list of 14 victims includes 12 who had never won a fight, including five of whom had never previously had a fight.

Golub vs. McCain

Never kid a kidder and never punch with a puncher could be the lesson for McCain as Golub puts him down and out with just two seconds left in the first round. McCain chose to stand and trade and it provided some exciting exchanges until former top amateur Golub nailed McCain with a left hook to the head which ended the fight. The tall Ukrainian southpaw, now based in Brooklyn, makes it four first round finishes in a row. Arizona’s McCain has lost three in a row, but all to unbeaten fighters.

January 30

Mashantucket, CT, USA: Tony Luis (19-2) W PTS 10 Karl Dargan (17-1). Light Heavy: Sullivan Barrera (15-0) W TKO 4 Jeff Lacy (27-6,1ND). Middle: Thomas Falowo (13-3) W PTS 8 Russell Lamour (11-1). Cruiser: Keith Tapia (13-0) W TKO 1 Jesse Oltmanns (10-5).

Luis vs. Dargan

Luis mugs better boxer Dargan and gets his career back on track. Dargan was a heavy favourite but after a slow opening round Luis took control of the fight and never relinquished it. The Canadian was pressurising Dargan giving him no room to work forcing him onto the back foot and too often on the ropes. In the third a left hook to the chin from Luis saw Dargan’s right leg do an involuntary little dance and he slumped to the floor but it was not counted although it looked a genuine knockdown. Dargan had a better fourth scoring with quick but light combinations and a right from Luis which landed after the bell served to heat things up. Dargan was causing problems for himself by leaning over to his right to avoid head punches from Luis and putting himself direct in line for the Canadian’s left hook which Luis was throwing in bunches of 3 or 4 at a time. Dargan is not a puncher and he lacked the power to keep Luis off so was unable to use his undoubted skills and was slowly being broken down. By the end of the eighth Dargan was cut and showing swellings around both eyes. The doctor examined him but let the fight continue. In the last they both let punches go at the same time. Dargan’s right landed flush on Luis’s jaw but the left that Luis threw curved round the back of Dargan’s head and he tumbled to the floor. Strictly speaking the punch was illegal but it was counted as a knockdown. Scores 97-92 twice and 99-90 all for Luis. “The Lightning” Luis, 27, had encountered a couple of bumps in the road so needed this win. After winning his first 15 fights he was floored and halted by journeyman Jose Hernandez in 2013 and a year ago was floored again and outpointed by Ivan Redkach now he is back in business. Despite starring as an amateur “Dynamite” Dargan, 29, has taken 7 years to accumulate 18 fights and just when he breaks into the ratings he blows his stiffest test. As an amateur Dargan was twice US champion and won a gold medal at the Pan American Games but there has to be doubts over whether he can go much further as a pro. He did injure his right hand at some stage but did not make it an excuse for being beaten by the hungrier fighter on the night.

Barrera vs. Lacy

Barrera just too big, strong and hard hitting for a faded Lacy. This one was almost over in the first and probably should have been if Barrera had steadied himself. Less than 20 seconds into the fight the Cuban staggered Lacy with a right and drove him to the ropes and launched a sustained barrage of rights and left hooks with Lacy looking vulnerable. Barrera could not miss with his long left jabs and right crosses and had Lacy looking unsteady twice before a right cross crashed into Lacy’s chin and knocked him on his back. Lacy was up at the count of three but looked shaky. After the eight count Barrera took Lacy to a corner and again had Lacy in trouble as he landed heavy shots with both hands. At one point Lacy staggered forward grasping Barrera around the waist to stop himself from going down and somehow he survived the round although you felt Barrera had missed a great opportunity. The doctor visited Lacy’s corner at the end of the round but saw no reason to interfere. .In the second Lacy manage to get his own jab working and used some good upper body movement to avoid the jarring jabs and rights that had almost finished him in the first. Barrera finished the round strongly cornering Lacy and landing more heavy rights and left hooks to the body. Lacy again survived a doctor’s visit. Lacy was staggered again in the third complaining that the punch landed on the back of his head and he was helped by Barrera being wild with his right looking to repeat the success of the first round. Later Lacy was driven back by two straight rights and again looked shaky. For a third time the doctor examined Lacy and they had a long conversation in a neutral corner and Lacy convinced the doctor that he was okay. Some of Barrera’s lefts had been landing low and when he repeated the sin at the start of the fourth the referee deducted a point from the Cuban. Barrera could not miss Lacy and was pouring on the punishment with chopping rights. Finally one sent Lacy staggering back into the ropes and as Barrera unloaded with rights and lefts the referee jumped in and stopped the fight. The 32-year-old 6’2” (188cm) 32-year-old Cuban looked awesome in this one but Lacy was a stationary target and with the big edges that Barrera had in height and reach Lacy was always going to be walking onto punches to get inside. Way back in 2000 Barrera won a gold medal at the World Junior Championships beating Chad Dawson in the semi-finals and he also has a win over Beibut Shumenov but did not get out of Cuba until 2009 and was 27 by the time he turned pro. With his size and power he is a real threat. Lacy, 37, is a shadow of the fighter who was IBF champion. He was floored and halted in two rounds by Umberto Savigne, another Cuban, in July and really should think about retiring before he gets hurt.

Falowo vs. Lamour

Something of an upset as old amateur foe Falowo takes away Lamour’s unbeaten tag. Falowo was making the fight from the start barreling forward and forcing Lamour to trade. He was outworking Lamour over the early rounds and was pocketing the rounds. The unknown factor was pacing and stamina as neither fighter had extensive experience of going past the sixth round. Falowo did tire over the last two rounds allowing Lamour to close the gap but Falowo fought hard in the last to keeps his edge on the cards. Scores 77-75 twice and 78-74. The 26-year-old from Rhode Island wins the New England title (just a bit of geography here, New England is not a State but a geographical region encompassing the State’s in the far North East Atlantic seaboard of the USA, just thought I would throw that in for free) as he bounces back from being floored and halted by Romanian prospect Ronald Gavril in August. Maine’s Lamour, 32, a former US Olympic Trials competitor despite being known as the “Haitian Sensation” goes back to the drawing board but this one was close enough not to dispirit him too much.

Tapia vs. Oltmanns

Puerto Rican hope “Machine Gun” Tapia overwhelms oldie “Street Fighter” Oltmanns inside a round. The 24-year-old Tapia was Puerto Rican champion in 2010 and 2011won a gold medal at the World Cadets, competed at the 2007 World Championships and won a bronze medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games so has a solid grounding. He has 8 wins by KO/TKO six in the first round. Oltmanns no real test. The 39-year-old was having his first fight since July 2012 and lasted just 26 seconds with Deontay Wilder.


Mar del Plata, Argentina: Light Heavy: Ruben Acosta (30-11-5) W PTS 12 Rolando W Mansilla (10-1-1).

Acosta holds on to the South American title with unanimous verdict over fellow Argentinian Mansilla. The fight was competitive over the first four rounds as the challenger made a good start taking the fight to Acosta and scoring well with his right cross. The more experienced Acosta was fighting on the back foot using good footwork to blunt Mansilla’s attacks and countering with his left jab and hooks. Acosta got into his stride in the fifth adding some crisp uppercuts to his jabs and hooks although Mansilla banged back with two hard rights at the end of the round. The sixth went to Acosta as he shook Mansilla with a right cross and another uppercut. Again Mansilla responded with a right hook but Acosta was busier and more accurate and was now working the body consistently. Mansilla had never gone beyond the sixth round before and as he tired Acosta was able to utilise his superior skills to keep up a steady scoring rate and build an unassailable lead. Mansilla tried hard but over the closing rounds Acosta was well within his comfort zone staggering Mansilla briefly with a right in the eleventh and forced Mansilla to fight with his back to the ropes in the last to wrap up the decision. Scores 118-111 twice and 116-112. Second defence of the South American title for the 36-year-old “Siru”. The FAB No 3 lost to Robert Stieglitz in a challenge for the WBO title in 2010. He has slipped since then being 5-7 in his last 12 fights going into this one but the opposition has been good quality including Ezequiel Maderna, Alex Brand, Callum Smith , Max Vlasov and Isidro Prieto (30-0-3). The 29-year-old Mansilla, the FAB No 4, just found the jump in quality and distance too much.

Junin, Argentina: Super light: Martin A Coggi (33-6-3,1ND) W PTS 10 Nelson F Pilotti (14-8-1). Welter: Gumersindo L Carrasco (20-2) W PTS 6 Jorge S Fredes (14-12). Feather: Sergio E Gonzalez (27-17-4) W PTS 6 Mauricio Munoz (29-6).

Coggi vs. Pilotti

Coggi overcomes bad cut to win unanimous decision. For the first six rounds this was a fight that Coggi was winning comfortable. “The Prince” used his talented southpaw jab to set Pilotti up for a succession of left hooks to head and body whilst building a substantial lead. The fight altered in the seventh when a right from Pilotti opened a severe cut on the left eyelid of Coggi. That success galvanised Pilotti who was fighting with more confidence and looking to worsen the injury. It took all of Coggi’s experience to keep his boxing together but he did just that and then produced a big finish to dominate the last round and emerge a clear winner. Scores 99-93, 99-93 ½ and 98 ½-95. Now only one loss in his last 11 fights for the 31-year-old son of the former three-time WBA super light champion Juan Martin Coggi. He is rated No 6 by the FAB. Pilotti has lost 5 of his last 6 fights.

Carrasco vs. Fredes

Carrasco makes it three wins in his rebuilding process as he takes unanimous decision over Fredes. “Gumer” had Fredes in deep trouble in the fifth but Fredes survived with the help of a standing count. The 28-year-old from the Andes won his first 17 fights before being halted in four rounds by Brit Lee Purdy in 2012. A majority decision loss to Elias Vallejos in 2013 saw him dropped from the FAB ratings so he is on a rebuilding project. “El Mexicanito” Fredes is 3-6 in his last 9 fights and in his last bout before this was halted in six rounds by Mauro M Godoy in an Argentinian title fight.

Gonzalez vs. Munoz

Routine six round non-title fights sometimes don’t work out to be routine as South American champion and FAB No 2 Munoz found out. He was outboxed by experienced southpaw Gonzalez who took the unanimous decision. The 29-year-old Munoz had been mixing in good company having lost on points to Evgeny Gradovich in an IBF title challenge in 2013 and to Brit Stephen Smith for the WBC Silver title in May last year. Winning the vacant South American title with a win over Bruno H Godoy in December was supposed to be the fikrst step on the read back but Gonzalez tore up the script. Former Argentinian light champion Gonzalez, 36, had lost 3 of his last 4 and was unrated.

Blagnac, France: Super Feather: Samir Ziani (18-2-1) W PTS 10 Alex Bone (10-20-3). Super Welter: Michel Soro (24-1-1) W KO 1 Sandor Micsko (25-8-2). Light Heavy: Doudou Ngumbu (34-6) W PTS 6 Andrejs Pokumeiko (7-7).

Ziani vs. Bone

Ziani takes unanimous decision over late substitute Bone. As is his usual style Ziani pressed the fight all the way with Ecuadorian Bone mainly on the defensive but countering well at times. Despite the fight being one-sided Bone again showed his well honed survival instincts and with Ziani not being a power puncher it went the distance. Southpaw Ziani, 24, was to have defended his French title against Sebastian Cornu but when Cornu was injured the Spanish-based Bone stepped in. Local Ziani, a municipal policemen, had an unbeaten streak of 16 fights broken by losses to Samir Kasmi for the EU title and in December on a close decision and against unbeaten Richard Commey in Denmark. He is rated No 6 by the EBU. Bone, 29, has won only one of his last 9 fights but had a creditable draw in France in October against Karim Chakim and went the distance with world rated Dejan Zlaticanin in the same month. He has only one loss by KO/TKO.

Soro vs. Micsko

This was supposed to give Soro a few rounds of work as he awaits the outcome of the purse offers for his challenge against European champion Billy Joe Saunders (purse offers due 2 February). In the end the fight lasted just under 40 seconds. Micsko was going forward stabbing out his jab but Soro got through with a right. Micsko continued to press pushing out his right jab and as they closed at the 33 seconds mark Soro landed a left hook to the temple which sent Micsko down on his back. The referee started to count but only got to three before waiving the fight off. Soro, 27, born in the Ivory Coast but a French citizen, now has 14 wins by KO/TKO. The loss on his record was to Zaurbek Baysangurov for the WBO and IBO super welter titles in 2012 in a fight in which he had Baysangurov on the floor. The draw was against unbeaten Antoine Douglas in Verona in July. Hungarian Micsko, 27, goes to 6 losses by KO/TKO including a second round stoppage against Chris Eubank Jr in April.

Ngumbu vs. Pokumeiko

Routine keep busy win for DRC’s Ngumbu as he decisions Latvian prelim fighter.

The 32-year-old Ngumbu, a former WBC International, ABU and WBFed champion is 8-4 in his last 12 fights with the 4 losses being to Pawel Glazewski, Nadjib Mohammedi, Igor Mikhalkin and Andrzej Fonfara but in the same run he has also scored wins over Aleksey Kuziemski, Vyacheslav Uzelkov and South African Jonny Muller so a high level. Pokumeiko just a 4 round fighter who did well to last the distance.

Managua, Nicaragua: Fly: Cristofer Rosales Gonzalez (10-1) W KO 10 Herald Molina (17-10-3). Super Light: Junior Ramirez (11-0) W PTS 10 David Rangel (10-1). Welter: Roberto Arriaza (11-0) W KO 5 David Bency (2-5-1,1ND).

Gonzalez vs. Molina

“The Whip” Gonzalez wins the national title with stoppage of more experienced Molina. This one was almost all over in a torrid first round as the young Gonzalez had Molina on the floor three times. Molina survived but strong rights from Gonzalez had his face a mask of blood and despite his experience and courage he finally had to rescued in the last round to save him further pain. The 20-year-old new champion fights under his mother’s name of Gonzalez rather than the father’s Rosales. He has won 8 fights on the bounce and 7 of his victories have come by KO/TKO. This was also his first time in a fight scheduled for more than six rounds. Molina, 33, was making the second defence of his title. He was coming off a second round kayo loss to top British prospect Khalid Yafai in September.

Ramirez vs. Rangel

Ramirez makes it a good night for 20-year-olds as he wins the vacant WBC Youth Silver title with unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Mexican Rangel. Both were considered hard punchers but this one lacked the fire and excitement of the Gonzalez vs. Molina fight with southpaw Ramirez generally in control and Rangel only having sporadic success. Scores 97-92 twice and 98-92. Southpaw Ramirez has 5 first round wins but Rangel showed a good chin. The 21-year-old Rangel’s record does not stand up well as only one of his 10 victims had ever won a fight

Arriaza vs. Bency

In a non-title fight Nicaraguan champion “Dinamita” Arriaza lives up to his nickname with a fifth round kayo of Bency. Arriaza is a rapidly improving fighter showing more mobility and a better technique to go with his existing power. He had Bency badly shaken in the first round but Bency showed guts and a good chin. Arriaza was putting together combinations of hooks and uppercuts and slowly breaking Bency down. The end came in the fifth with a series of hard punches putting Bency down on his knees and he failed to beat the count. The 24-year-old Arriaza had only squeezed past Bency on a majority decision when these two met in August breaking Arriaza’s run of inside the distance wins at 7. Arriaza won the Nicaraguan title in September with a first round stoppage of Edwin Palacios so with this win over Bency he has won 9 of his 10 fights by KO/TKO, 6 in the first round. First loss inside the distance for Bency who also took Junior Ramirez the distance.

Bangkok, Thailand: Bantam: Petch Sor Chitpattana (29-0) W TKO 4 Hou Tin Long (1-1). Light Fly: Kongfah (10-0) W TKO 3 Fahpickard (2-8). Fly: Palangopol (7-1) W PTS 8 Donny Mabao (21-24-1).

Chitpattana vs. Long

Chitpattana retains the WBC Youth Silver title with stoppage of Chinese novice. The tall Thai had big edges in height, reach and power over his much smaller opponent and spent the whole fight walking Tin Long down. The Chinese fighter was on the back foot but kept leaping in with short flurries of hooks many of which got through but all of which lacked power. Chitpattana was not putting his punches together sticking mainly with a long right jab and a straight left then plod forward a couple of paces and the same again and he was loading up on every punch. Finally late in the third he closed the distance and began to throw a few combinations. In the fourth he drove Tim Long to the ropes and launched a sustained attack scoring with shots to head and body and with little coming back from Tim Long the referee stopped the fight. Tim Long protested and it looked a premature stoppage but with the pressure from Chitpattana he would probably not have lasted out the round anyway. The 21-year-old WBC No 7 was defending the WBC title for the fifth time but you have to ask why the WBC allowed this as a title fight with Tin Long having had only one traceable fight. It does not matter what title it is it still has the WBC name on it. In fact Tin Long fought well for one with so little experience. “Mr

Kongfah vs. Fahpickard

Teenager Kongfah gets routine win as he hunts down poor Fahpickard before ending the fight with a body punch in the third round of a non-title fight. The 19-year-old WBC Youth champion has 5 wins by KO/TKO but 6 of his opponents had never won a fight so still untested. Now 7 losses in a row for Fahpickard, six of those by KO/TKO.

Palangopol vs. Mabao

Palangopol shows good skills to outbox game Filipino Mabao. The taller Thai was able to use his sharp jab to keep the fight open and showed good defensive skills that had Mabao swinging wildly at times. The Thai was able to pot shot the smaller Filipino and score with double and triple jabs and straight rights. Mabao was on the floor five times but they were all slips and although taking punishment in each round Mabao was never in any real trouble. Palangopol took the unanimous decision. The 29-year-old turned pro in Japan and lost his first fight but has won 7 in a row since then including victories over experienced Indonesians Tommy Seran and Heri Amol. Shallow” Mabao has lost 4 in a row but has a win over former IBF Minimumweight champion Florante Condes.

January 31

London, England: Light: Kevin Mitchell (39-2) W TKO 8 Daniel Estrada (32-4-1). Middle: John Ryder (20-1) W TKO 10 Billi F Godoy (31-4). Super Light: Tommy Martin (11-0) W PTS 10 Ricky Boylan (12-2). Super Light: John Wayne Hibbert (15-2) W TKO 8 Tyler Goodjohn (11-4). Fly: Charlie Edwards (1-0) W TKO 4 Craig Derbyshire (0-3).

Mitchell vs. Estrada

Mitchell produces a career-best performance to stop Estrada and win the WBC Silver title putting himself in line for a shot at Jorge Linares. Despite giving away height and reach Mitchell out jabbed the Mexican and was able to get inside where he continually scored with left hooks and uppercuts. Mitchell was punch perfect in the first round picking his punches well and slotting home lefts and rights. Estrada kept coming forward in the second and third but a lot of the fight went out of him when a Mitchell left hook put him down. The Brit made a determined effort to end it then shaking Estrada with heavy punches from both hands but Estrada survived. In typical Mexican fashion Estrada battled back into the fight but was still shipping punishment. Mitchell increased the pressure in the sixth and seventh with the Mitchell left again the punch which was dominating the exchanges with Estrada shaken time and again and with a swelling by his right eye, a damaged nose and other facial bruising. In the eighth Mitchell trapped Estrada in a corner and unloaded a series of punches which saw the referee stop the fight. Not just a career best performance but also a career saving one after losses to Mike Katsidis for the interim WBO light title and Ricky Burns for the full WBO title. The 30-year-old Mitchell had with wins over Marco Antonio Lopez and unbeaten Ghislain Maduma and was rated No 7 by the WBC but a loss to Estrada would have been hard to bounce back from. Estrada, 29, the WBC No 6 had been knocked out in nine rounds by Omar Figueroa in a challenge for the WBC title in August his only other loss by KO/TKO.

Ryder vs. Godoy

Ryder saves a disappointing performance with a huge left hook. The British southpaw did not sparkle against the Argentinian who proved a strong, awkward opponent and the fight lacked sparkle with Ryder winning but not managing to impress. It could be that Australian Les Sherrington pulling out with an injury just a week before the fight left the Londoner disappointed and the change of opponent left him no chance to adjust to Godoy’s style. For whatever reason Ryder was on his way to an unimpressive points victory until the tenth round when he stepped inside Godoy’s jab and landed a thunderbolt of a left hook that put Godoy down heavily. Somehow Godoy made it to his feet at nine but the referee decided the fight was over. Ryder, 26, retains his WBO Inter-Continental title and makes it 12 wins by KO/TKO. His only loss is a wafer thin unanimous decision against WBO No 1 Billy Joe Saunders for the CBC and British titles in 2013. He has collected 5 wins since then and is a much better fighter than he showed in this contest. Godoy, 28, a former Argentinian and WBC International champion won his first 26 fights but is 5-4 in his last 9 and currently rated FAB No 5.

Martin vs. Boylan

Martin wins the vacant English title with unanimous decision over Boylan. Martin made a confident start boxing with his hands low and stabbing out a stiff jab and quick combinations. Martin was in control when he could fight at range but Boylan was pressurising in every round. The middle rounds saw Boylan having more success forcing Martin back and scoring with punches to the body. Despite suffering from a chest infection prior to the fight Martin found the strength to stage a strong finish once again using good movement and an educated jab to box his way to victory. Scores 97-93 twice and 99-92. Martin, 20, also suffered a hand injury so a brave as well as a deserved victory. Boylan 26 had lost in October to Tyler Goodjohn for the same title and although this was not his night he can still come again.

Hibbert vs. Goodjohn

Hibbert retains the WBC International title with stoppage of Goodjohn. The fight saw Hibbert hand out plenty of punishment but the brave Goodjohn ignored a severe cut and an early knockdown to make a fight of it. The cut above Goodjohn’s left eye came in the second round after a series of hard punches from Hibbert. In the fourth a heavy right from Hibbert put Goodjohn down and it seemed that the end was close. Hibbert was slamming home hard accurate punches .However Goodjohn just kept pressurising and making Hibbert fight hard in every round. The cut continued to worsen and was obviously hampering Goodjohn’s vision. By the eighth his face was covered in blood and he was catching punch after punch without ever looking like going down and finally the referee stepped in and halted the fight. The 30-year-old Hibbert makes it 5 wins in a row by KO/TKO. “Tornado” Goodjohn the English champion had won 5 of his last 6 fights. He had lost on points to Tyrone Nurse for the vacant English title in April but came back in October with a win over Boylan in a second shot at the English title.

Edwards vs. Derbyshire

Former top amateur Edwards turns pro with stoppage of novice Derbyshire. Edwards had Derbyshire on the floor in the fourth before the stoppage. The 21-year-old is a useful addition to the growing ranks of young British fighters in the lighter weights. He was outstanding at all levels as an amateur winning a gold medal at the European Schoolboys championships, competing at the World Junior and World Youth Championships winning a bronze medal at the European Senior Championships, winning the ABA Championships and competing at the 2011 World Championships. First loss by KO/TKO for Derbyshire.


Sydney, Australia: Heavy: Sonny Bill Williams (7-0) W PTS 8 Chauncy Welliver (55-11-5). Heavy: Willis Meehan (3-0) W TKO 2 Freddie Miller (3-10-1). Super Feather: Billel Dib (16-1) W KO 1 Erick Diaz Siregar (16-21-4).

Williams vs. Welliver

Williams gets a win but over an obese Welliver. The All-Blacks world champions’ team star found the fat and slow Welliver and easy target. Welliver just plodded forward behind crossed arms allowing Williams to score with straight punches and shots to the New Zealand-based American’s more than ample gut throwing short punches with Welliver throwing short arm punches occasionally but ineffectively. Williams has the basics of style but is not quick and is still learning how to get leverage into his punches. In the middle rounds Welliver dropped his guard completely a couple of time inviting Williams to take a free shot which he did. However Welliver has a very strong chin so the fight became one-sided with the action repetitive and the crowd getting restless. At the end of eight rounds Williams won on scores of 80-72 twice and 79-73. He got eight rounds of boxing under his belt which will be useful if the professional rugby player decides to get serious about boxing. In his last fight, a win over Frans Botha in February 2013, Williams was lucky to win. He had nothing at all left in the tenth round and the fight could and probable should have been stopped in Botha’s favour. This in addition to the fight being shortened from 12 to 10 rounds without explanation. The 29-year-old Williams is a big draw so they will want him to continue but right now he will have to be very carefully matched. The 31-year-old Welliver has fallen a long way from the fighter who once won 18 fights in a row. For this fight he weighed almost 302lbs (137kgs) which was 66lbs (30kgs) more than Williams and most of it was around his waist. A pity as he was a good fighter at one time.

Meehan vs. Miller

Meehan thankfully ended this one early. The son of Kali Meehan is still very much a novice but he had too much for elderly Miller. Southpaw Meehan was able to use his height and reach to score in the first round. He busted open Miller’s nose but was also caught by a few wild swings. Miller’s best punch came after the bell and an angry Meehan promptly retaliated by flooring Miller. When that was sorted out Meehan handed out some punishment before flooring Miller late in the round and the fight was stopped. The 6’5” (195cm) 19-year-old, another professional rugby player, makes it two wins by KO/TKO but naturally is still at the novice stage. Now 7 losses in a row for the 35-year-old Miller from Spokane.

Dib vs. Siregar

“Baby Face” Dib stops Indonesian Siregar in the first. Early in the round the former undefeated Australia champion put Siregar down with a body punch. Siregar made it to his feet but another body punch, which looked suspiciously low, left the Indonesian writhing in agony and the fight was stopped. Tall for a super feather the 25-year-old younger brother of former IBF champion Billy has won his last 7 fights including reversing his only loss. Siregar, 36, has lost 10 of his last 11 and this is his second first round loss in a row.

Sint Truiden, Belgium: Welter: Cedric Tita (8-7-1) W TKO 8 Karlo Tabaghua (18-6,1ND). Hometown fighter Tita comes off the floor and wins the vacant Belgian title with a victory over Tabaghua. Tita had the southpaw skills and was the quicker boxer. Tabaghua had mixed in better company and was the harder puncher. It was the skills of Tita that dominated the fight most of the way with Tabaghua looking to find a big punch to swing the fight. He almost found it in the fifth when he put Tita down but Tita recovered and by the eighth a tiring Tabaghua was an easy target and despite the temporary relief of two standing counts he was in no position to defend himself and the fight was stopped. The 34-year-olod new champion is on a good run and this was his third win in a row by KO/TKO. Tabaghua, 30, was born in Georgia, was Swedish amateur champion and is licensed in Belgium. The no decision in his record came in a fight with Anton Novikov for the vacant WBC Silver title. Novikov won but tested positive for a banned substance. This is Tabaghua’s third loss in a row.

Montegnee, Belgium: Super Bantam: Stephane Jamoye (28-6) W PTS 8 Rey Cajina (13-25-4). “Survivor” Jamoye outpoints travelling loser Cajina. Comfortable unanimous decision for the former WBC bantam title challenger. Scores 79-72 twice and 80-71. Jamoye is rebuilding after a spell of 3 high level losses in 4 fights. The 25-year-old former EBU champion lost his title to Karim Guerfi on a majority decision in September 2013 and as too often happens in boxing went from there into an April 2014 fight with Shinsuke Yamagata for the WBC title losing on a ninth round stoppage. That loss somehow qualified him to challenge Scott Quigg for the secondary WBA title in September and he was halted in three rounds. This is his second win on the road back. Spanish-based Nicaraguan Cajina, 32, has 8 losses and a draw in his last 9 fights.

Kauhava, Finland: Cruiser: Serhiy Demchenko (15-7) W TKO 2 Juho Haapoja (24-6-1,1ND). Demchenko beats Haapoja with controversial stoppage. Both fighters landed good punches in the first but it is not unusual for Haapoja to get hit as his defence is not the best but he was also scoring himself so the fight looked even. In the second Demchenko landed a three-punch combination a right/left/right with the last punch putting Haapoja down. He did not seem too badly hurt but when he got to his feet at the count of seven the referee took a look at him and stopped the fight. Demchenko, a 35-year-old Italian-based Ukrainian has 11 wins by KO/TKO but had lost 5 of his last 6 fights so did not seem too dangerous. Haapoja, 34, a former EU cruiser and Finnish heavyweight champion suffered back-to-back losses to Silvio Branco in July 2013 and to Rakhim Chakhkiev in March last year both fights for the vacant WBC Silver title. He had started immediate rebuilding with four wins in four months so this is a big setback.

Massy, France: Super Welter: Frank Haroche Horta (37-14-5) W PTS 10 Anderson Prestot (15-1). Cruiser: Engin Karakaplan (13-5-1) W TKO 2 Samba Dabo (6-1).

Horta vs. Prestot

Southpaw Horta retains the French title with unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Prestot. With all of his extensive experience fighting in Prestot’s home town did not faze Horta who from the beginning was coming forward and exerting pressure on Prestot who was in his first ten round fight and his first main event. Horta was throwing and connecting with hard punches over the first three minutes with Prestot either sliding along the ropes or trapped in a corner and unable to use his height and reach advantages as Horta just kept throwing punches. It slowed a little in the second and third although Horta was still hunting down the young challenger. Prestot looked in real trouble in the fourth and showed his inexperience in trying to punch his way out of trouble making the brawl Horta wanted. It was a similar situation in the early part of the fifth but at the end of the round Prestot scored with a series of good punches which seemed to boost his confidence. From the sixth Prestot was moving more, staying off the ropes and scoring with quick jabs and straight rights from a hands down stance. Those tactics made the seventh and eighth rounds close but Horta had a tiring Prestot hurt and in trouble in the ninth as they stood and traded for the whole three minutes. In the last Horta was stronger and Prestot was totally exhausted almost going down twice, but he was there at the final bell of an exciting contest. Scores 97-92, 97-93 and 95-94. The 34-year-old Horta known as “F2H” was making the first defence of his title in his third reign as champion. A natural welter he took Andy Lee to a majority verdict in their eight roiund fight in April and is a tough competitor. He is rated No 17 by the EBU. Prestot, 24, the FFB No 5 had never been past six rounds before and will improve with more experience.

Karakaplan vs. Dabo

“Engo” Karakaplan retained the French title with second round stoppage of another previously unbeaten fighter in Dabo. The challenger had a good first round using his height advantage to work on the outside and showing some nice moves. In the second Karakaplan closed the distance and had Dabo in deep trouble with two hard rights with the referee stopping the fight. The 27-year-old Turkish-born fighter won the national title with an upset victory over Jean Marc Monrose in June and was making his first defence. He lost inside a round to Russian prospect Murat Gassiev in October but that is his only loss in his last 13 fights. Dabo, 32 was inactive from June 2010 until March last year and this was his first fight since then.

Libreville, Gabon: Cruiser: Taylor Mabika (12-2) W TKO 3 Tyler Seever (14-14-1).

Mabika wins the vacant IBU world title with stoppage of Seever. After a quiet first round Mabika went to town in the second scoring with some stiff jabs and rights to the head. Seever already looked in trouble and he was. In the third Mabika scored two knockdowns and the fight was stopped. The 36-yeaer-old French-based Gabonese fighter makes it 6 wins by KO/TKO. He suffered consecutive losses to Arsen Goulamirian and Krzys Glowacki in 2013 but has won his last four fights collecting the Luxembourg and ABU titles in the process. He represented Gabon at the 2004 Olympics before turning pro. Seever should not be fighting for any title. The 30-year-old from Missouri had never gone past six round prelim fights, has 11 losses by KO/TKO and has lost 4 of his last 5 fights. A world title challenger! Only in boxing.

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico: Light Fly: Francisco Rodriguez (17-2-1) W PTS 10 Jomar Fajardo (14-6-2). Super Light: Aaron Herrera (28-3-1) W PTS 8 Wilfrido Buelvas (15-4). Welter: Ramses Agaton (15-1-3) W PTS 8 Isidro Toala (1-2).

Rodriguez vs. Fajardo

Rodriguez outpoints Filipino who gave him a tough fight in a split draw in November. The former unbeaten IBF/WBO minimumweight champion had struggled with the swarming aggression of Fajardo when they met in Cebu but this time he knew what to expect and how to combat it. Rodriguez had known nothing about Fajardo who came in as a late substitute in Cebu but he had learned from that first fight and despite giving away height and reach he was able to work inside scoring with hooks and uppercuts to douse the fighting spirit of the Filipino which played such a big part of their Cebu fight. Rodriguez had Fajardo down from a left hook in the second round and although Fajardo fought hard in every round making it an exciting fight Rodriguez was busier and stronger and won the decision. Scores 100-92, 99-90 and 97-92. The 21-year-old from Monterrey is No 1 contender to WBO light fly champion Donnie Nietes and that should be a great little fight. “Wallopman” Fajardo, 22, had shown nothing prior to his substitute performance against Rodriguez in November but will be able to trade on that draw for quite a while.

Herrera vs. Buelvas

“The Jewell” Herrera outpoints Colombian Buelvas. After a competitive first round the Yucatan fighter was making the fight using his physical advantages to outbox the Colombian. Buelvas was just not busy enough to be competitive and the fight never really caught fire so Herrera ran out a clear winner. Scores 79-73, 79-74 and 79-77. The 24-year-old Herrera won his first 24 fights but is 4-3-1 since then with losses in 2012/2013 to Fernando Garcia, Jason Pagara and Selcuk Aydin. He recovered well last year with wins over Misael Castillo and Jose David Mosquera and a technical draw with Jorge Paez Jr.

Agaton vs. Toala

Southpaw Agaton was given a tougher than expected fight by very late substitute Toala. The first couple of rounds were close and then the superior ability and experience allowed Agaton to sweep the rest of the rounds as the local novice tired. Scores 78-74 twice and 79-71. The 24-year-old “Pharaoh “is unbeaten in his last 10 fights with 7 wins and 3 draws. Not sure if Toala’s record is complete.

Mexico City, Mexico: Light: Dante Jardon (24-5) W PTS 10 Patricio Moreno 15-1). Light: Jairo Lopez (17-3) W PTS 10 Juan Carlos Salgado (26-5-1,1ND).

Jardon vs. Moreno

“Crazy” Jardon moves up to light and wins the WBC Fecombox title with unanimous decision over unbeaten Moreno. Jardon had the ideal start flooring Moreno with a right uppercut in the first round. That early knockdown unsettled the young southpaw and allowed Jardon to build a good lead. Moreno eventually began to use his better skills to counter the aggression of the more experienced fighter but Jardon’s swarming attacks were winning the rounds and the former world title challenger ran out a clear winner. Scores 99-92, 98-92 and 97-92. The 27-year-old local Jardon had lost two in a row being stopped in nine rounds by Takashi Miura in a challenge for the WBC feather title and losing a wide decision to unbeaten Adrian Estrella in July last year. He is not the most consistent fighter but he perennially rebounds and there will be some interesting matches ahead of him at lightweight. Nineteen-year-old Moreno had held the interim Fecombox title and was coming off a twelve round points win over Marco Villasana Jr but Jardon was too big a step up for the teenager but he will be heard from again.

Lopez vs. Salgado

“Doberman” Lopez savages a fading Salgado to get an upset split decision. Salgado wanted to box but Lopez forced the former two time world champion into the trenches where his youth and strength nullified the skill and experience of Salgado. Many rounds were close but Lopez was worthy of the split decision. Now 12 wins in his last 13 fights for Lopez with the loss being a split decision against WBC No 9 Nery Saguilan in May. The 30-year-old Salgado, a former WBC and IBF super feather champion was 26-1-1 and 1 no decision in his first 29 fights but has now lost 4 in a row.

Torun, Poland: Cruiser: Krzys Glowacki (24-0) W PTS 12 Nuri Seferi (36-7). Light Heavy: Marek Matyja (8-0) W TKO 3 Stejpan Bozic (29-9).

Glowacki vs. Surferi

Glowacki wins WBO title eliminator with wide unanimous decision over Surferi. The Polish southpaw was the quicker, more accurate and more mobile fighter. He outboxed the Albanian-born Seferi over the early rounds scoring with quick combinations and severely testing the Albanian’s chin and body. Seferi kept rolling forward but had no real answer to the Poles domination until the sixth round when he had some success with rights as Glowacki allowed his work rate to drop a little. That was short lived as Glowacki got back into control in the next round and Seferi had to soak up some hard head shots as he continually tried to shorten the distance but too often missed with his punches. Glowacki came near to ending it with a thunderous left hook in the last round but Seferi showed a good chin and lasted to the bell. Scores 118-110 twice and 120-108. The 28-year-old Glowacki takes Seferi’s WBO European title. He was already rated No 1 by the WBO so is now right in line for a shot at Marco Huck’s title. Whether he is ready is a different matter as there are no really big names on his record. The 38-year-old Seferi, “the Albanian Tyson” had won his last 16 fights but there was a conspicuous absence of any quality opponents on his record too.

Matyja vs. Bozic

Prospect Matyja gets by his biggest test with ease. After a first round of feeling out Matyja began to work the jab well in the second and was getting through with some sharp punches with Bozic showing nothing. The young Pole finished matters in the third as he floored Bozic with a hard right. The Croatian got up but a barrage of shots had him helpless on the ropes and the fight was stopped. The 24-year-old Matyja was moving up to eight rounds for the first time and impressed. Bozic, 40, now has 7 losses by KO/TKO. He was halted in four rounds by James DeGale for the WBC Silver title in 2013 and was stopped last year by unbeaten fighters Fedor Chudinov and Tyron Zeuge.

Philadelphia, PA, USA: Super Welter: Prichard Colon (13-0) W PTS 6 Hector Munoz (23-14-1). Light: Raynell Williams (6-0) W PTS 6 Ryan Picou (2-5).

Colon vs. Munoz

“Digget” Colon moves to 13 wins as he pounds on veteran Munoz for six rounds. Colon was too young too quick too classy and at 6’0” (183cm) too tall for the smaller and more than game Munoz. He floored Munoz with a right in the first and was catching Munoz with hard shots in every round but Munoz took his licks and stayed in the fight. It was a one-sided beating and by the last round Munoz’s left eye was almost closed and his face was badly swollen, but he was still there at the bell. Scores 60-53 twice and 60-51. The 22-year-old Florida-born Puerto Rican won his first 10 fights by KO/TKO but it is now three decision wins in a row. Munoz, 36, has been matched very tough and is 3-6 in his last 9 fights

Williams vs. Picou

Olympian Williams outpoints Picou but has to climb off the floor for the win. There was a wide gap in class as Williams took the early rounds by outboxing the aggressive but inexperienced Picou. Perhaps it was too easy as Williams got careless and was nailed with a good right and knocked down in the fourth round. He recovered and used fast accurate combinations to sweep the fifth and sixth rounds. Scores 59-55 twice and 58-55. The Cleveland 25-year-old was having his first six round contest. As an amateur he was US champion and scored a victory over Carl Frampton but he lost to the eventual silver medalist in the 2008 Olympics and was beaten by Jose Ramirez at the final stage of the US 2012 Olympic Trials. Picou has yet to lose inside the distance.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Super Middle: Ibrahim Tamba (14-3) W KO 1 Ali Yusuf (2-4). Super Light: Aziz Abdallah (13-1) W PTS 10 Said Magimba (2-6-1).

Tamba vs. Yusuf

Tamba wasted no time in getting rid of late substitute Yusuf. After a bit of sparring Tamba landed a hard left/right combination that put Yusuf down and out. Tamba was to have defended his TPBO version of the Tanzanian title but his opponent Baraka Mwakansope pulled out shortly before the fight. Tamba has lost only one of his last 14 fights and has 11 wins by KO/TKO. Three losses by KO/TKO in his last four fights for Tanzanian Yusuf.

Abdallah vs. Magimba

Abdallah wins the vacant TPBO title with unanimous decision over Magimba. Abdallah was the boss in this one out jabbing Magimba and keeping on the back foot for round after round. Magimba had his best spell in the sixth when he had his own jab working and he tried to rally in the last but Abdallah’s superior hand speed made him an easy winner. Scores 100-90 from all three judges. Now 7 wins in a row for Abdallah. Again Magimba was a late substitute after original opponent Selemani Zugo pulled out with an injury. Magimba has 5 losses and a draw in his last 6 fights.

Davao City, Philippines: Super Light: Adones Cabalquinto (19-0) W TKO 3 Denkamon (12-4). Super Fly: Aston Palcite (16-1) W KO 1 Jomyuthlek (12-3). Super Bantam: Drian Francisco (27-2-1) W TKO 8 Jason Egera (21-12). Super Bantam: Marlon Tapales (27-2) W KO 2 Jecker Buhawe (16-11-1).

Cabalquinto vs. Denkamon

Cabalquinto floors and halts Thai to win the vacant IBF Asian title. The hard punching Filipino scored heavily in each of the two opening rounds before flooring Denkamon with a left in the third and forcing the stoppage. The 26-year-old southpaw has 12 wins by KO/TKO and already holds the Philippines title and the WBC ABC title. First fight for Denkamon since February 2011.

Palcite vs. Jomyuthlek

Palcite disposes of Thai Jomyuthlek inside a round. The “Mighty” Palcite did the damage with a left to the body with Jomyuthlek in agony and unable to continue. The 24-year-old wins the vacant IBF Youth title and makes it 5 first round wins in a row and 14 wins by KO/TKO in total. Only the second loss by KO/TKO for Jomyuthlek

Francisco vs. Egera

Former interim WBA super fly champion Francisco continues his run of low level wins with stoppage of unrated Egera. Francisco, 32, is getting back in the groove with three wins since losing a biggie to Chris Avalos in July 2013. Four losses in a row for Egera.

Tapales vs. Buhawe

WBO No 4 Tapales gets this one over quickly as he kayos fellow Filipino Buhawe in the second with a vicious left uppercut. Now six wins for Tapales since losing a majority decision to David Sanchez in Mexico in 2013 for the interim WBC Silver title. That’s the only loss in his last 20 fights for Tapales.