November 26

Tokyo, Japan: Fly: Koki Eto (16-3-1) W KO 10 Cris Paulino (14-2).

Eto retains the OPBF title with late stoppage of Filipino. Paulino boxed well mostly on the defensive showing good southpaw skills as he countered the attacks from Eto. Despite the pressure Paulino had a very good third round when he turned aggressor and had Eto at bay. From the fourth the bout was back to Eto pressing and Paulino countering. The judges were favouring Eto’s offence over Paulino’s defence and eventually the pressure told as the Japanese fighter began to get through more often with his punches. By the tenth a tiring Paulino was unable to hold Eto off and a series of shots rounded off with a body punch put Paulino down. He was still getting to his feet when the ten count was reached. First defence of his OPBF title for the 26-year-old former interim WBA champion and now 12 wins by KO/TKO. He is rated WBC 15. “King” Paulino, 21, the GAB No 2, loses inside the distance for the second time.

Quincy, MA, USA: Super Feather: Ryan Kielczweski (21-0) W TKO 3 Ernesto Guerrero (17-14). Cruiser: Chris Traietti (17-3) W TKO 2 Rafael Valenzuela (8-4). Heavy: Steve Vukosa (10-0) W PTS 6 Solomon Maye (1-4).

Kielczweski vs. Guerrero

“The Polish Prince pleases his hometown fans with stoppage of Mexican Guerrero. The 25-year-old former New England Golden Gloves champion and NGG silver medal winner makes it five wins by KO/TKO. Now 9 losses by KO/TKO for Guerrero and 6 losses in a row.

Traietti vs. Valenzuela

Traietti makes it a double for Quincy boxers as he halts inexperienced Mexican Valenzuela. The 29-year-old former High School wrestling star and Iraq war veteran also promoted the show which brought him his 13th win by KO/TKO including the last 7 on the bounce. Valenzuela, 32, has lost 4 of his last 5 fights.

Vukosa vs. Maye

“The Gentle Giant” Vukosa gets a win and retires. Despite suffering a fractured hand Vukosa boxed his way to a unanimous decision. Now 37 Vukosa was a gold medal winner at the 2000 NGG’s and turned pro in 2001. He was then in active from May 2002 until returning in July this year to outpoint another former NGG winner Jason Estrada for the New England title. Now he is retiring permanently. Maye breaks a streak of 3 losses in a row by KO/TKO.

November 28

Moscow, Russia: Welter: Ruslan Provodnikov (24-3) W TKO 5 Jose Luis Castillo (66-13-1). Light: Eduard Troyanovsky (20-0) W TKO 1 Jose A Feria (16-2-1). Cruiser: Rakhim Chakhkiev (21-1) W TKO 4 Jackson Junior (15-2,1ND). Super Feather: Andrey Klimov (19-1) W PTS 10 Gabino Cota (16-3-1). Cruiser: Dmitry Kudryashov (16-0) W KO 1 Juan Carlos Gomez (55-4). Light Heavy: Egor Mekhontsev (7-0) W PTS 8 Joey Vegas (17-10-1).

Provodnikov vs. Castillo

The first round set the pattern with Provodnikov hunting down Castillo who spent most of the round with his back to the ropes. Provodnikov was digging home hooks to the body and overhand rights with Castillo poking out his jab ineffectively as Provodnikov constantly rumbled forward. In the second Castillo started out trying to stay in the middle of the ring and was throwing and landing more punches but Provodnikov was still working tirelessly with short chopping rights and hooks to the body out-throwing and out-landing the Mexican veteran. Castillo changed tactics in the third standing and trading with Provodnikov and getting in some hard body punches so that for the first time in the fight Castillo was scoring with more power shots and Provodnikov with more jabs but the Russian hurt Castillo with two head punches at the bell. The fourth saw Provodnikov still marching forward and Castillo standing toe-to-toe and exchanging body punches and with Provodnikov also getting through with left hooks to the head. Castillo was continually coming in with his head down and at the end of the round Provodnikov was showing a small cut over his left eye. They were trading again in the fifth when one of those Provodnikov left hooks crashed into the side of Castillo’s jaw He went back to the ropes with Provodnikov throwing shots from both hands. Castillo managed to get off the ropes only to be caught with a left hook/ right cross combo which sent him into a comer where he slumped to the canvas. Curiously the referee counted to eight and then instead of continuing the count stepped back and beckoned for Castillo to get up, which he did. Castillo tried to trade with Provodnikov and was caught by a right followed by a left hook to the side of the head. The Mexican staggered back five or six steps across the ring to a corner where he went down on one knee obviously badly hurt and the fight was stopped. The end was predictable as the sheer strength and relentlessness of Provodnikov’s attacks were eventually going to be too much for the former WBC lightweight champion. As the WBO No 2 there must be another title shot out there for the 30-year-old Russian. Castillo, 40, fought a courageous fight but whether he was smart to change his tactics from defence to trading with the younger man is questionable. He has now declared he is finished and has retired.

Troyanovsky vs. Feria

Too easy for unbeaten Troyanovsky. Both fighters started by just prodding with their jabs with neither landing At the one minute mark Troyanovsky threw his first right and it caught Feria high on the side of his head. The Uruguayan went down sideward’s to the canvas. He was up quickly and took the eight count. When the fight resumed Feria came forward throwing rights of his own until another right cross made him stagger back to the ropes Troyanovsky followed Feria across the ring throwing rights with the Uruguayan again trying to fight back until two more rights sent him into a corner and a stunning right crashed into his chin and put him face down on the canvas with the fight being stopped immediately without a count. The 34-year-old “Eagle” retains his WBA International title and makes it 17 wins by KO/TKO with the last 9 on the bounce. He is WBA No 4 and still hoping for a title shot after a proposed bout with Richar Abril fell through. Feria, 31, had won his last 5 fights but this was his first fight outside Colombia. His only other loss was a stoppage by Breidis Prescott in 2007 after which he was inactive for almost 7 years before returning in April this year.

Chakhkiev vs. Junior

Chakhkiev overcomes some early problems to halt Brazilian. Chakhkiev was coming forward from the outset forcing Junior on to the back foot and throwing right hooks to try to bring down the Brazilian’s high guard. Although mainly on the defensive Junior did score with some good right hand counters. The second saw hardly a punch thrown until mid round as Chakhkiev was stalking Junior looking for an opening and the Brazilian was hiding behind his high guard and going backwards. Junior then had a brief spell of aggression and seemed to hurt Chakhkiev with a right but the Russian banged back with Junior going down but it being ruled a push rather than a punch so no count. Junior finished the round coming forward and scoring with some good rights and forcing Chakhkiev back. The third again saw Junior more willing to trade but for most of the round Chakhkiev was coming forward and landing body punches still trying to bring Junior’s high guard down. In the fourth a right hook to the body and a clumping left to the side of the head sent Junior slumping down sidewards to the canvas. When Junior got up Chakhkiev just kept throwing punches until the referee stopped the fight even though Junior looked capable of continuing. Chakhkiev the 31-year-old southpaw “Machine” , is the European champion and WBC No 1 so is assured of a return shot at Krzys Wlodarczyk . He was stopped in 8 rounds by the Pole in a challenge for the WBC title in June last year. Junior, 28, showed some good skills and quick hands but lacked power and was giving away 14lbs+ to the much bigger Russian.

Klimov vs. Cota 183

Klimov dominates but has to go the distance for victory. Klimov tried hard to end this one early but he lacked the power and the tricky Mexican managed to pick up a round here and there and last the distance. Scores 100-89, 100-91 and 99-92. Second defence of his WBO Inter-Continental title for the 32-year-old Russian. He had good wins in 2013 over Matias Gomez (29-1) and John Molina (25-2) but lost on points to Terrence Crawford in October 2013. This is his third win since then and he is IBF 9(8). “Flash” Cota had a 14 bout winning run halted when he lost on a fourth round kayo against Leonilo Miranda in July

Kudryashov vs. Gomez

This was over in quick time. As they sparred for openings Kudryashov landed three long probing rights to the body. With just 20 seconds gone as they both moved within punching range the bearded Russian “Hammer” landed a left to the side of Gomez’s head and then drove a straight right through the Cuban’s guard. It landed flush on the chin and Gomez crashed to the canvas on his back. He made a couple of attempts to get up but rolled over each time and never looked like beating the count. Now 16 fights and 16 wins by KO/TKO for the 29-year-old Russian and this was his sixth first round win. He is rated IBF 13(11)/WBC 13 but seems to have real power and is a danger man for sure. This was to be a defence of his IBF International title for Gomez but he was 6lbs over the limit so it was a vacant title which Kudryashov wins. Gomez had won 11 of his last 12 fights, reversed the loss, and scored two wins this year including collecting the vacant WBA International title with a stoppage of Goran Delic (24-0) but he looked his age here.

Mekhontsev vs. Vegas

Olympian Mekhontsev taken the distance for the first time by cagey Vegas. The Russian opened quickly using his southpaw right jab to put Vegas on the back foot and trying to get home with long lefts with Vegas mainly focusing on defence. The Ugandan came out of his shell more in the second scoring with rights to the body but again Mekhontsev was working his jab and forcing the action. Mekhontsev took Vegas to the ropes in the third and launched a series of punches with Vegas blocking some and managing to get off the ropes without suffering any real damage. The fourth was a more even round. Mekhontsev again took Vegas to the ropes and teed off only for Vegas to fight his way out and then drive Mekhontsev to the ropes. Mekhontsev took the fifth being busier and more accurate with his punches but still finding Vegas a difficult target. There was too much clinching and wrestling in the sixth with the leaping attacks of Vegas stopping Mekhontsev from launching any big attacks of his own. Mekhontsev started the seventh aggressively letting his hands go but again found Vegas a difficult target. He was winning the rounds but not impressively. Vegas started the eighth on his toes dancing around the ring as if it was the first round but eventually Mekhontsev was again the one doing the scoring as he boxed his way to victory. Scores 80-72 twice and 80-73, This is the first time the 30-year-old Russian has had to go past the third round for a win but he paced the fight well and will have learned more from this fight than any of his other wins. Vegas, 32, is on a seesaw. He had five good wins which saw him collect the ABU and WBC International titles and then it went downhill as he lost three in a row against tough opposition. He gave Mekhontsev a much needed dose of experience.

Quilmes, Argentina: Light Heavy: Isidro Ranoni Prieto (22-0-3) W TKO 2 Mauricio Barragan (11-1).

Ranoni Prieto keeps his WBO Latino title safe by destroying the much taller Uruguayan Barragan in two rounds. It was almost all over in the first as Ranoni Prieto twice used a left hook to the ribs followed by a right to the chin to put Barragan down. The Uruguayan looked reluctant to come out for the second and did not stay around too long. For a third time Ranoni Prieto landed his left to the body right to the chin combination and Barragan’s corner chucked in the towel. Argentinian-based Paraguayan Ranoni Prieto now has 18 wins by KO/TKO. This was his third defence of his WBO Latino title and that organization has him at No 11 in their ratings. Despite his 6’3” height (190cm) Barragan was just not any match for Ranoni Prieto and was not ready to move up to ten rounds.

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Junin, Argentina: Light Middle: Jose C Paz (16-1) W TKO 3 Cristian D Serrano (16-7-2). Middle: Billi F Godoy (31-3) W TKO 3 Francisco M Gonzalez (13-27-2).

Paz vs. Serrano

Paz blows away his challenger Serrano in three rounds and retains the WBC Latino title. Paz put Serrano down in the first with a hook to the body and a right cross to the jaw. Serrano was badly shaken and spit his mouthpiece out to get a few more seconds recovery time. He lasted out the round and survived the second but was floored twice in the third and even his once again spitting out his mouthpiece did not save him and the fight was stopped. Now 15 wins in a row and nine wins inside the distance for the 24-year-old FAB No 6. Serrano is 3-4 in his last 7 fights.

Godoy vs. Gonzalez

Godoy gets second win in a row as he rebuilds after back-to-back losses to Jorge S Heiland and Martin F Rios. After winning his first 26 fights and being rated No 2 by the WBO Godoy hit a bad patch and was 3-3 in his next six fights. Now the 28-year-old has to rebuild from No 5 in the FAB rankings. Gonzalez is 3-10-2 in his last 15 fights.

Olsztyn, Poland: Super Middle: Przemyslaw Opalach (16-2) W TKO 4 Slavisa Simeunovic (15-10). Light Middle: Yavuz Ertuerk (16-1) W TKO 3 Adil Rusidi (6-5). Cruiser: Damir Beljo (19-0) W TKO 2 Alek Kuvac (5-12-0).

Opalach vs. Simeunovic

Opalach takes a couple of rounds to warm-up and then turns up the heat in the third and ends it in the fourth. The 28-year-old local went to town in the third putting Simeunovic down twice with body punches. Simeunovic made it to the bell but was taking heavy punishment in the fourth when the towel came flying in from Simeunovic’s corner. Opalach, 28, wins the vacant WBC Baltic title, the vacant WBFound title and the Polish International title. Only one loss, on points to Geard Ajetovic, in his last 7 fights for Opalach. German-based B&H fighter Simeunovic, 35, is 3-4 in his last 7 fights with the 4 losses all being inside the distance.

Ertuerk vs. Rusidi

A poor fight sees “Johnny England” Ertuerk win the WBC Baltic and WBFound titles with stoppage of German-based B&H fighter Rusidi. Despite having won his last four fights Rusidi who came in as a late sub gave a distinctly unimpressive performance almost looking for the canvas at times. After he had “gone down” twice his corner threw in the towel. No one is the winner in “contests” like this. First fight for Ertuerk in 11 months and only his second in 31 months. All 5 of Rusidi’s losses have been by KO/TKO.

Beljo vs. Kuvac

Meaningless win for 30-year-old B & H fighter Beljo as he halts Kuvac in two rounds. Now 16 wins by KO/TKO for him against very mediocre opposition with oldie Epifanio Mendoza the only recognizable name on his record. Kuvac, also from B&H, has 12 losses by KO/TKO, ten of them coming in the first three rounds.

Barnaul, Russia: Light Middle: Pavel Mamontov (10-1-2) W PTS 12 Oscar R Medina (24-7-2,1ND).

Local fighter Mamontov wins the PABA title with unanimous decision over Argentinian Medina. After losing his first pro fight the light-punching Mamontov has run up 10 wins and 2 draws, but only one win by KO/TKO. Medina, 33, had lost only one of his last 10 fights and was interim South American welterweight champion.

Nonthaburi, Thailand: Super Fly: Srisaket (30-4-1) W TKO 3 Bobby Concepcion (11-6-1). Fly: Kongfah (17-0) W KO 2 Safwan Lombok (1-27-1).

Srisaket vs. Concepcion

Routine win for Srisaket as he waits for a chance to regain his title. Filipino came in as a late sub and was never in the fight. Southpaw Srisaket, 27, retains the WBC ABC title as he makes it 27 wins by KO/TKO. Third win for him since losing his WBC title to Carlos Cuadras on a technical decision in May. Now three inside the distanced losses in a row for GAB No 15 flyweight Concepcion.

Kongfah vs. Lombok

Kongfah remains unbeaten in a bit of disgraceful mismatching. The 22-year-old Thai goes to 10 wins by KO/TKO as he blows away poor Indonesian inside two rounds. The crude but exciting Thai has been matched only with the poorest of opposition with 12 of his opponents never having had a fight and the other 7 victims having combined records of 8-60-2. Now 22 losses in a row for Lombok – disgraceful.

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November 29

Omaha, NE, Light: Terrence Crawford (25-0) W PTS 12 Ray Beltran (29-7-1). Feather: Evgeny Gradovich (19-0-1) DREW 12 Jayson Velez (22-0-1). Light Welter: Mike Reed (12-0) W PTS 8 Oscar Valenzuela (8-1-1). Super Fly: Johnny Determan (9-0) W KO 3 Manuel Galaviz (8-15).Welter: Alex Saucedo (16-0) W PTS 6 Dan Calzada (10-12-2). Bantam: John Franklin (9-0) W PTS 6 Andre Wilson (14-8-1).

Crawford vs. Beltran

Crawford outclasses Beltran to retain his WBO title and then says it is his last defence. Despite Beltran being competitive over the first four rounds the local hero was always in control. He confused Beltran with constant switches of guard and bossed the fight with his jab being the weapon of choice. When Beltran did manage to land it was single shots and Crawford was always able to get home with counters. Inside or outside Crawford was winning the rounds with Mexican Beltran beginning to mark-up around his left eye. Beltran had a good fifth round but that was all. The challenger tried to pressure Crawford but the technical excellence of the champion made it difficult for Beltran to get any kind of rhythm in his work. Crawford turned up the heat in the tenth and eleventh trapping Beltran on the ropes and pounding away trying to deliver a knockout for his home fans but Beltran was still there at the end of twelve painful rounds. Scores 119-109 twice and 120-108. Crawford will now move up to light welter and with his outstanding talents he will be a champion there as well. The 33-year-old Beltran has a chance of winning a title at the third attempt as the lightweight division is in a state of flux but the chance needs to come soon as he is not getting any younger.

Gradovich vs. Velez

Gradovich retains his IBF title with split draw against Velez. The Puerto Rican challenger made a confident start getting his jab working early, scoring with good body punches, outworking the champion and seeming to pocket the first four rounds. After that Gradovich used his usual high pressure tactics to take over the fight forcing Velez to stand and trade and fight Gradovich’s fight. The Russian was now the one throwing and landing more punches with Velez still scoring well to the body but being edged out in the exchanges. The fight grew in heat over the closing rounds as both fighters knew it was close and both put everything into the toe-to-toe trading but with Gradovich looking to have done enough to cancel out the Puerto Rican’s early advantage. The statistics showed Gradovich out landing Velez 310 to 278 but the judges scored the fight 117-111 to Gradovich, 115-113 to Velez and 114-114. The 28-year-old “El Ruso Mexicano” was defending his IBF title for the fourth time. His is yet another name being thrown around with regard to Nichols Walters, the new star of the division, but I feel Walters would just be too good for Gradovich. Velez was rated No 12 by the IBF but with only 2 fights in almost 2 years and no big names on his record he was lucky to get the shot. Having said that the 26-year-old “La Maravilla” came close here and will almost certainly get another title shot in 2015 or 2016.

Reed vs. Valenzuela

Southpaw Reed gets a win but has to fight hard against Mexican Valenzuela. The former top amateur mixed his punches up well to head and body but Valenzuela was able to score enough good shots of his own to keep the fight close and it was only Reed’s higher work rate that swung this one. Scores 77-75 twice and 79-76. The 21-year-old “Yes Indeed” Reed was the 2011 NGG champion and won a silver at the US National Championships. He was moving up to eight rounds for the first time. Texas-based Valenzuela, 24, the State champion, just came up short.

Determan vs. Galaviz

“Wite Boi” Determan makes it eight wins by KO/TKO. The Texan put away Galaviz with a hard combination in the third. The 23-year-old was a good level amateur representing the USA at the World Cadet Championships and getting bronze medals at the US Under-19 and NGG’s. His dad was a pro who boxed out of Nebraska. Now 6 losses in his last 7 fights for Mexican Galaviz with all six losses by KO/TKO.

Saucedo vs. Calzada

Prospect Saucedo dishes out plenty of punishment but a gutsy Calzada whilst losing every round lasted the distance. Saucedo had the much smaller Calzada down in the second and badly cut but the New Mexico fighter has good survival skills and was there at the end. Scores 60-53 from all three judges. The 20-year-old Saucedo had won 5 of his last six by KO/TKO. Calzada has only failed to last the distance once and that was back in 2010.

Franklin vs. Wilson

Franklin remains unbeaten but has to work hard to get by Wilson on a majority decision. Franklin had the skill and seemed to have out boxed the aggressive Wilson. Two judges saw it that way but one judge saw it as a draw so it ended up as a majority decision for Franklin. The 30-year-old Franklin left it late to turn pro. He was US Inter-Services champion, won a silver medal at the World Military Games, a silver at the NGG’s and a gold at the US National Championships but did not make it through the Olympic Trials.

Wilson is 3-7 in his last ten fights but apart from this good effort he also took Teon Kennedy to a split decision in an earlier fight.

London, England: Heavy: Tyson Fury (23-0) W RTD 10 Dereck Chisora (20-5). Middle: Billy Joe Saunders (21-0) W PTS 12 Chris Eubank Jr. (18-1). Welter Frankie Gavin (21-1) W PTS 12 Bradley Skeete (18-1). Super Feather: Liam Walsh (17-0) W PTS 12 Gary Sykes (27-3). Super Bantam: Lewis Pettit (15-1) W PTS 12 Santiago Allione (21-10-1). Super Middle: Frank Buglioni (15-1) W PTS 10 Andrew Robinson (13-1). Super Feather: Mitchell Smith (10-0) W PTS 10 Zoltan Kovacs (11-4). Heavy: Eddie Chambers (41-4) W TKO 3 Dorian Darch (8-3). Welter: Ahmet Patterson (14-0) W PTS 8 Sullivan Mason (10-0).

Chisora vs. Fury

This was supposed to be a potential fight of the year but in the end it was a one-sided disappointing fight. The scorecards say it all with not one of the judges giving Chisora a single round. Fury came out throwing his jab and Chisora was stuck on the end of it for most of the fight and was hurt by a right in the first round. From the second Fury chose to box southpaw and was still able to land jabs with ease and was also getting through with straight lefts. Chisora had brief success with a left hook in the third but was being outpunched and when he did get past the jab he was just not letting his hands go. Fury continued to control the fight banging home the jab and shaking Chisora with a left hook of his own in the fifth and raising a swelling under Chisora’s right eye. The punishment continued in the sixth with Chisora’s team actually asking their man if he wanted to continue. Chisora said he did but was unable to do anything to change the flow of the fight and was just eating jabs and lefts with his right eye almost closed. Fury piled on the pressure as Chisora wilted and at the end of the tenth round Chisora’s corner stopped the fight. At that time all three scorecards read 100-90 and it was a sensible decision to call it a day. Now Fury, who nearly pulled out of the fight due to a viral infection in training, naturally wants a fight with Wlad Klitschko. With Chisora rated WBO No 1 and Fury WBO No 4 this was a final eliminator so Fury will be their mandatory challenger and will fights for the WBO title, but whether he fights Klitschko is in Klitschko’s hands. If Klitschko wants the Fury fight it will happen. He has a fight scheduled for March with no opponent named yet. If after that he decides he wants the winner of the Bermane Stiverne vs. Deontay Wilder WBC title fight then he will relinquish the WBO title if he has to. Either way the 26-year-old Fury who also wins the British and European titles will fight for WBO title fight. It is more difficult to read the tea leaves for Chisora. The 30-year-old “Del Boy” was highly rated by all four sanctioning bodies but is seems likely that he may have to settle for domestic competition and rebuild for another challenge.

Saunders vs. Eubank
Saunders-Eubank ACTION

Saunders builds an early lead and then holds off a strong finish from Eubank to win this one. Southpaw Saunders took the first two rounds boxing an intelligent careful fight stabbing Eubank with his jab and refusing to get involved in too much trading. Eubank had some success with body punches in the third but the quicker and more accurate punches were still coming from Saunders who again made good use of his jab to edge the fourth. At that point the cards read 40-36, 39-37 and 39-38 for Saunders and he was busier in the fight and increased his lead. Eubank finally came awake in the sixth getting inside Saunders jab and scoring with some searing body punches. Saunders upped his own pace but Eubank was on a roll and although wild with some of his punches his were the heavier shots and he was closing the points gap so that at the end of the eighth the scores were 77-76 and 78-74 for Saunders and 77-76 for Eubank. Many observers felt that the gap was wider but nevertheless Saunders needed to fight hard if he was to win this one and it got tighter with Eubank continuing his charge and taking the ninth. Saunders needed to dig deep and he did by outpunching Eubank to collect the points in the tenth which proved vital as Eubank staged a big finish taking the last round as he threw punch after punch looking for the big one he now needed to win. Scores 115-114 and 115-113 for Saunders and 113-116 for Eubank. It was close and naturally Eubank felt he won but no one was yelling robbery and it was good to see both boxers, grudgingly, showing mutual respect. It was those early rounds that gave 25-year-old Saunders the victory. A faster start from Eubank could have made a difference, but more effort early may have caught up with him later as this was the first time he has gone past eight rounds. Saunders experience made a difference. He retains his British, European and CBC titles and now with good wins over Jarrod Fletcher, John Ryder and Emanuele Blandamura on his record he can look towards a world title shot. He is WBO 2/ WBC 3/IBF 8(6)/WBA 12 so a shot at the winner of vacant WBO title fight between Matt Korobov and Andy Lee could be the way forward. Eubank came out of this with his prestige greatly enhanced and at 25 he will only get better and perhaps a world title fight will be in his future-just like his dad.

Gavin vs. Skeete

Gavin wins the battle of two former top amateurs and wins the vacant CBC and British titles. This was an interesting rather than exciting fight as both are good technical boxers but neither really an explosive puncher. The difference was the better use of his jab by Gavin as the southpaw kept popping it in Skeete’s face and blunting Skeete’s attacking efforts. Gavin was marked up with a swelling by his right eye from early in the fight and a small cut on the bridge of his nose but he was the busier fighter with Skeete’s efforts largely one punch at a time. Some of those were solid shots with a right hurting Gavin in the tenth but Skeete failed to follow that up with a strong eleventh and Gavin finished the stronger. Scores 116-113 twice and 116-112. The 29-year-old former World Amateur champion gets his second win since losing a split decision to Leonard Bundu in August. That loss cost him his world rating with only the WBA still recognising him at No 10(9) in their ratings so he has some rebuilding to do. Skeete, 27, disappointed in this one but has some good level wins on his record and can come again.

Walsh vs. Sykes

Walsh remains unbeaten with wide unanimous decision over Sykes to retain his CBC and win the vacant British title. Walsh got the perfect start dropping Sykes with a right in the first but Sykes defied his attempts to end the fight then. Walsh then settled down to box his way to victory. He was just too quick for Sykes and dominated the fight with the exception of a couple of middle rounds where the Norfolk southpaw let his work rate drop. However Walsh picked the pace up again and shook Sykes with a combination in the ninth as he worked towards a convincing points victory. Scores 119-108, 118-109 and 118-111. The 28-year-old Walsh already has wins over Scott Harrison, Joe Murray and Kevin Hooper and is ready to move up. He is WBO No 9. Sykes, 30, was making the first defence of his British title in his second reign as champion and had won his last 5 fights

Pettit vs. Allione

Pettit retains his WBA Inter-Continental title with unanimous decision over Argentinian Allione. First defence of the title for the 24-year-old fighter from Erith and seventh win in a row. That title entitles him to a No 7 rating with the WBA. Allione, 30, was kayoed in three rounds by Scott Quigg in 2010 then took two years out from April 2012 to April 2014 and was 1-2 in three fights since his return.

Buglioni vs. Robinson

Buglioni regains the WBO European title. After absorbing some hard punches from Robinson in the first round Buglioni started to dish out some of his own and was generally the harder and more accurate puncher. His defence remains suspect with Robinson also scoring well in the fifth. Buglioni’s power was evident in the eighth as he floored Robinson with a fierce left hook. The “Wise Guy” tried to end it then but Robinson survived and although Buglioni finished a clear winner Robinson stayed in the fight and was competitive to the end. Scores 97-92 twice and 97-93. This was a smart move as winning the vacant WBO Europe title almost guarantees Buglioni a return to the ratings irrespective of the standard of the opposition so the loss to Sergey Khomitsky becomes irrelevant but should not be overlooked. “DAnimal” Robinson, 30, a Jamaican did well considering all except one of his fights had been over either 4 or 6 rounds with just one eight round fight-which ended in the fifth. He looked dangerous at times and was not overawed.

Smith vs. Kovacs

Just as with Buglioni Smith also puts himself in line for a rating as he outpoints Hungarian Kovacs to win the vacant WBO European title. The 22-year-old “Baby Faced Assassin” had Kovacs down in the second round but the tall, rangy Hungarian got up and Smith was never able to repeat that success. He might have done so in the late rounds but boxed from the sixth with a hand injury and had to settle for a points victory. Scores 97-92 twice and 100-89. Once again winning the WBU European title could get Smith a top 15 rating with that body but that is boxing today. His real dream he says would be a British title and a Lonsdale Belt. Hungarian champion Kovacs has won his last 8 fights but only two of his victims had positive records so low level opposition.

Chambers vs. Darch

Another mark-time fight for Chambers. Since losing back-to-back fights to Tomasz Adamek and Thabiso Mchunu the former world heavyweight title challenger has scored five wins in a row in 6 and 8 round fights down the card and has dropped out of the world ratings. At 32 he needs to get his career moving again and he won’t do that in fights like this. Welshman Darch is now 2-4 in his last 6 fights with three of those losses by KO/TKO.

Patterson vs. Mason

Turkish-born “Punch Picker” Patterson makes it 14 wins with a decision over the taller Mason. Referees score 79-74. The 27-year-old English champion is making steady progress. Second eight round fight for Midlander Mason.

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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Light Middle: Ramon Alvarez (2014-2) W KO 7 Vivian Harris (32-10-2,1ND). Super Bantam: Horacio Garcia (28-0) W TKO 5 Jose Silveira (15-12). Middle: Bruno Sandoval (17-1) W PTS 10 Josue Ovando (13-5-1).

Alvarez vs. Harris

Alvarez floors Harris twice and wins vacant IBF North American title. Alvarez was forcing the fight over the first three rounds with Harris having to work hard to counter the strong attacks from Alvarez. Harris finally got his jab working in the fourth and had a good fifth scoring with hooks as Alvarez seemed to slow. However the sixth saw Alvarez coming on strong and Harris struggling to cope with the younger man’s attacks. The end came in the seventh when a left hook to the chin from Alvarez saw Harris collapse to the canvas. Somehow Harris managed to drag himself up only to be floored again by an overhand right followed by another left hook from the Mexican and this time he could not beat the count. The 28-year-old “Inocente” had brother Saul cheering him on. He makes it 13 wins by KO/TKO and is 14-1-1 in his last 16 fights having won his last 7 fights, 6 by KO/TKO. He was coming off an impressive win over Omar Chavez in September. Brooklyn-based Harris , 36, a former WBA light welter champion, looked on his way down the slope after a run which read 0-6-1-1ND but had bounced back with impressive wins over Danny O’Connor and Jorge Paez Jr.

Garcia vs. Silveira

Garcia pushes Silveira a bit further down the slope with a stoppage victory. “Violento” Garcia , 24, is certainly living up to his nickname as he gets win No 20 by KO/TKO and retains his WBC Continental Americas title. The WBC No 13 has a win over Filipino Fernando Lumacad but needs to step up to stronger opposition. Now 35, Silveira is 3-9 in his last 12 fights but the opposition has been strong.

Sandoval vs. Ovando

“Shark/Jaws” Sandoval gets unanimous decision over inexperienced Ovando. Second victory for 23-year-old Sandoval since having a winning streak of 15 fights broken with a loss on points against Esau Herrera last November. Ovando did well to last the distance as he is just an average ability six round fighter pushed up to ten rounds to give Sandoval a win.

Hamilton, New Zealand: Middle: Gunnar Jackson (20-5-3) W TKO 1 Kurt Bahram (13-5-1).

“Stunna” Jackson gets a quick win but on a cut. The fight had hardly started when Jackson threw a series of punches. None of them were hard enough to stun Bahram but one opened a nasty gash over Bahram’s right eye and the fight was stopped. The 28-year-old New Zealander retains his WBO Oriental title. Second win for Jackson since he stepped in as a very late substitute to fight Anthony Mundine in January when Shane Mosley pulled out and took Mundine the distance. New South Wales State champion Bahram had been 4-2-1 in his last seven fights.

Managua, Nicaragua: Super Fly: Jose Perez (12-0) W TKO 2 Guillermo Ortiz (22-8-2).

Quick win for Perez over late sub Ortiz. Perez floored Ortiz in the first and Ortiz decided not to come out for the second round. Now 10 wins by KO/TKO for the 19-year-old Perez. First loss inside the distance for Ortiz who was parachuted in when Carlos Rueda decided he would not make the weight and pulled out at short notice.

Mijas, Spain: Light Welter: Luca Giacon (26-1,1ND) W TKO 6 Ville Piispanen (19-6-3). Feather: Ruddy Encarnacion (32-23-4) W PTS 8 Angel Lorente (5-7-1). Welter: Jorge Fortea (11-0-1) W TKO 6 Sergio Abad (1-4). Light Welter: Marius Jacheanu (1-2) W PTS 6 Ignacio Mendoza (39-10-2).

Giacon vs. Piispanen

Giacon returns to Andalucía, the land of his birth for the first time for eight years, and retains his WBA Continental title with stoppage of Finn Piispanen. It was the challenger who had the better of the first round scoring well with his jab and already marking up the face of Giacon. From the second the Italian-based Giacon began to find a home for his punches and the variety of his attacks saw him build a good lead. Piispanen started the fourth round well but by the end of the round Giacon was unloading punch after punch and it looked as though the fight might be stopped but Piispanen lasted to the bell. The pace dropped a little in the fifth but Giacon was still in charge. In the sixth body punches accounted for two knockdowns and over the protests of the fighter his corner retired their man at the end of the round. WBA No 13 Giacon,26, has 23 wins by KO/TKO. His only loss was in a thrilling European title encounter with Emiliano Marsili in March 2013 which saw both fighters on the floor with Marsili winning on a second round stoppage. Fifth win in a row for Giacon who won the vacant WBC Continental title with a stoppage of Steve Williams in July. Former European Union champion Piispanen, 30, loses inside the distance for the third time. He is now 4-5-1 in his last 10 fights but there has been some tough jobs lately against Lenny Daws, Michele Di Rocco and Bradley Saunders.

Encarnacion vs. Lorente

The “Black Wolf” gets another win. The 35-year-old Dominica-born Encarnacion took the unanimous decision. He has turned his career around with a run of eight wins and a draw winning both the Spanish super feather title and the European Union featherweight title. However, he is at No 4 in the EBU ratings and negotiations are ongoing for champion Josh Warrington’s mandatory fight against Alex Miskirtchan so it looks like his only chance of a shot at the EBU title will be as a voluntary challenger. It would be a nice reward for an experienced fighter who has taken his “have gloves will travel” campaign to Russia, Germany, Denmark,, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Romania, Belgium, Britain, France, Italy and Holland and often a short notice taking on top local fighters. Former Spanish super bantam champion Lorente is in a bad patch being 1-6 in his last 7 fights.

Fortea vs. Abad

The tall Fortea halts game Abad in six. The promising 24-year-old makes it 4 wins by KO/TKO. The draw was of the technical variety. The 5’10” (178cm) from Sueca has good technical skills and is a switch-hitter with a solid defence so it could be worth seeing how he develops in 2015. Three losses in a row for Abad, all on points.

Jacheanu vs. Mendoza

Spanish-based Romanian Jacheanu wins unanimous decision over Mendoza. Nothing is certain in boxing and this is a case in point. It looked like an easy keep busy fight for Mendoza against a fighter who had lost his only two fights but instead it was Jacheanu who won on a unanimous decision. Mendoza had won the Spanish light welter title in June and had some good performances in the past such as a draw with Petr Petrov and a one round win in Ukraine over Volodymyr Kravets (24-0) but he took his eye of the ball here.

Torrelavega, Spain: Light Middle: Sergio Garcia (16-0) W TKO 3 Jose M Lopez C (5-1-1). Welter: Ceferino Rodriguez (17-0) W PTS 8 Giorgi Ungiadze (28-22).

Garcia vs. Lopez

“El Nino” wins the vacant Spanish title with stoppage of Lopez. Garcia could not miss Lopez in the first round. Nearly every punch he threw landed and for a while it looked as though it would end inside those first three minutes. Lopez survived and did slightly better in the second staying off the ropes and using his jab, but Garcia was still landing with hard punches. In the third a right from Garcia unhinged the legs of Lopez and after Garcia cut loose with a barrage of punches the referee stopped the fight. Ten wins by KO/TKO for the lanky 22-year-old Sergio G Martinez managed fighter. Garcia collapsed and was taken to the hospital by ambulance but returned later to take the post fight tests. He shows plenty of promise. Too big a step up for Lopez

Rodriguez vs. Ungiadze

Former undefeated EU champion “Ferino V” returns to action after a six month rest and outpoints Georgian. Ungiadze made the better start with his busy, aggressive approach and getting home some good shots whilst Rodriguez had trouble getting his act together. Once the Canary Islands fighter warmed up he had too much skill and strength and over the late rounds Ungiadze tired rapidly. Rodriguez ran out a clear winner taking the unanimous decision. The 26-year-old is EBU No 3 so will be hoping for a shot at the EBU title as the only fighters currently in front of him are Leonardo Bundu and Frankie Gavin. Georgian Ungiadze is still trying for his first win outside Georgia in 20 tries.

Mexico City, Mexico: Light: Fermin De los Santos (29-14-2) W PTS 12 Raul Hinojosa (11-4-1,1ND).

De los Santos retains the WBC Mundo Hispano title with majority verdict over Hinojosa. The champion got off to the better start but throughout the fight had problems with the southpaw style of Hinojosa. After four rounds De los Santos was in front 39-37 on two cards with the third having it 38-38. Hinojosa boxed well over the next four rounds having a good eighth but with De los Santos the heavier puncher and the busier of the two holding on to his lead at the end of the eighth by 77-75 twice and the third having Hinojosa ahead 74-78. De los Santos took the ninth but Hinojosa battled back to clearly take the tenth having De los Santos wobbling with a right. De los Santos just did enough over the last two rounds to hold onto his title on scores of 115-113 twice and 114-114 but Hinojosa looked unlucky not to come away with a draw. De los Santos has lost only one of his last 21 fights, a wide points defeat against Ghislain Maduma, and despite having won 5 fights since that loss he has dropped out of the ratings. Hinojosa had a run of ten wins, but is now 1-3,1ND in his last 5.

Wuhan, China: Heavy: Zhang Junlong (8-0) W TKO 3 Jason Gavern (26-18-4).

The 34-year-old “Chinese George Foreman” wins again as he halts experienced Gavern in three rounds. He collects the vacant WBFed Intercontinental title and retains the interim WBU (German Version) title. Gavern is now 5-3 in his last 8 fights and took Deontay Wilder into the fourth round. The Chinese heavyweight’s trainer Brent Bowers reports that many of Junlong’s fights have not been properly reported and the he is really 18-0 with all wins by KO/TKO .

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Super Fly: Luis A Lazarte (51-11-2,1ND) W PTS 10 Elias D Coronel (5-8).

“The Mosquito” moves up a couple of divisions and gets a unanimous decision over Coronel. The former IBF light fly champion won clearly but was not impressive. Scores 97-93, 97-95 and 97-95 ½ . Second win for Lazarte on his comeback. After losing his fight with John Riel Casimero for the interim IBF title in February 2012 he was out until July this year. His name may get him another title shot but at 43 he is not going to have a lot of time to waste. Southpaw Coronel, 24, the interim Argentinian fly title is 3-6 in his last 9 fights.

Frederiksberg, Denmark: Super Middle: Tim-Robin Lihaug (9-1) W PTS 10 George Beroshvili (14-4-2). Heavy: Otto Wallin (8-0) W TKO 2 Vjekoslav Bajic (8-8). Middle: Abdul Khattab (9-0) W PTS 8 Laurent Ferra (16-18-4). Middle: Conrad Cummings (5-0) W PTS 6 Norbert Szekeres (16-37-3).

Lihaug vs. Beroshvili

Norwegian Lihaug wins the vacant WBO Youth title with unanimous decision over Beroshvili. Both fighters started cautiously with the Georgian edging the first round but Lihaug taking the second. After that the fight never really caught fire and the Norwegian was just doing enough to take most rounds. Beroshvili was losing but remained competitive and dangerous with his hooks through the middle rounds with Lihaug finishing the stronger. Scores 97-93 twice and 99-91. Six wins in a row now for the 22-year-old who as an amateur was runner-up at both the Norwegian Juniors and Seniors. Beroshvili, 23, won his first 12 bouts-all inside Georgia-now he is 4-4 with losses in Germany, Ukraine, Finland and Denmark.

Wallin vs. Bajic

Easy night for Swedish southpaw Wallin. He put Bajic down on his knees with a southpaw left. The Croatian made it to his feet but took more punishment and only just made it to the bell-and then retired. The 24-year-old Swede has 5 wins by KO/TKO. This was his first eight round fight but the distance proved academic. He was a runner-up in the Swedish amateur championships but failed to get through the European qualifiers so missed out on the 2012 Olympics. Bajic’s record built on some very low level opposition.

Khattab vs. Ferra

Since Norway and Sweden had a winner it was only fair the Denmark should get one. Palestinian-born Khattab, a former Danish Junior and Youth champion won ever round against Frenchman Ferra, but the fight was closer than that makes it appear. The young Dane needed all of his defensive skills to keep out the aggressive Ferra and was countering well enough to edge each round. However, Ferra had not come just to be an opponent and he made Khattab work hard and had the Dane under pressure as the home fighter tired in the latter stages of his first eight round fight. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. The tall 21-year-old Dane looks a good prospect. Ferra made up in energy what he lacked in technique and despite his poor record he was coming off an upset win over experienced former French champion Julien Marie Sainte.

Cummings vs. Szekeres

Craigavon prospect “Dynamite” Cummings gets clear points win over experienced Hungarian. The Northern Ireland boxer was in charge all the way and had Szekeres broken and busted but just could not put the durable trial horse away. Scores 60-54 from all three judges. The 23-year-old from the Cyclone Promotions team is worth watching as he has real talent. Szekeres, 28, usually goes the distance.

Toulon, France: Super Bantam: Jeremy Parodi (36-2-1) W PTS 8 Cris Sujevic (4-7-3). Cruiser: Faisal Ibnel Arrami (16-5) W PTS 6 Jakov Gospic (15-10).

Parodi vs. Sujevic

Parodi returns with a win in front of his home fans as he outpoints Serb oldie. Referee’s score 80-72. The 27-year-old former EU and French champion was having his first fight since being knocked out by Carl Frampton in a EBU title fight in October last year. Italian-based Sujevic, 43, has now lost 5 of his last 6 fights.

Arrami vs. Gospic

Arrami makes it a home double as he also returns with a win. The 30-year-old French-born “African King” won on the referee’s card by 79-73. He is a former French and WBC ABU champion who suffered consecutive losses to Jeremy Ouanna and Denton Daley with the loss to the Canadian being due to a dislocated shoulder which led to this 17 months of inactivity. Croatian Gospic usually finds himself having to face heavyweights such as Gary Cornish and Carlos Takam so it must have been a change not to be giving away so much weight.

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ABC=Asian Boxing Council an affiliate of the WBC

ABF=Asian Boxing Federation. I assume this is an affiliate of the IBF

ABU=African Boxing Union an affiliate of the WBC

ACC=WBC Asian Council Continental title

ANBF=Australian National Boxing Federation who administer Australian titles

BBB of C=British Boxing Board of Control

BBB of C Southern/Central/Midlands/Scottish Area etc. British Area titles

BDB= Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer one of the German boxing bodies

B & H=Bosnia & Herzegovina

BSA=Boxing South Africa responsible for administering boxing in South Africa

CBC=Commonwealth Boxing Council a sanctioning body for titles competed for by citizens of Commonwealth countries

CISBB-WBC title covering the rump of the USSR and the Slovenian Boxing Board

DRC=Democratic Republic of the Congo

EBU=European Boxing Union

FAB=Argentinian Boxing Federation

FFB=French Boxing Federation

GAB=Philippines Games & Amusement Board responsible for administering boxing in the Philippines

GBC= Global Boxing Council a sanctioning body

IBA=International Boxing Association a sanctioning body

IBF=International Boxing Federation a sanctioning body

IBO=International Boxing Organisation a sanctioning body

JBC =Japanese Boxing Commission

NABA=North American Boxing Association, a WBA affiliate

NABF=North American Boxing Federation a WBC affiliate

NABO= North American Boxing Organisation, a WBO affiliate

NCC=National Championships of Canada

NGG=US National Golden Gloves

NZPBF=New Zealand Professional Boxing Federation a national sanctioning body

OPBF=Orient & Pacific Boxing Federation

PABA=Pacific & Asian Boxing Association, a WBA affiliate

PBF=Philippines Boxing Federation, a sanctioning body in the Philippines

UBF=Universal Boxing Federation a sanctioning body

UBO=Universal Boxing Organisation a sanctioning body

USBA= United States Boxing Association, an IBF affiliate

USBO=United States Boxing Organisation an WBO affiliate

WBA=World Boxing Association a sanctioning body

WBC=World Boxing Council a sanctioning body

WBFed=World Boxing Federation, a sanctioning body

WBFound=World Boxing Foundation, a sanctioning body

WBU=World Boxing Union, a sanctioning body

IBF WBA Rating=Both bodies leave vacancies in their ratings so when showing a IBF or WBA rating for a fighter where there is a vacant position ahead of them in the rankings which affects his rating I will put his numerical rating i.e. No 6 and in brackets and his rating based on the number of fighters ahead of him so IBF 6 (5) shows his numerical position is 6 but there are in fact only 5 fighters listed ahead of him due to one or more of

the higher rating positions being vacant.