THE country’s future stars were crowned at the final stages of the England Boxing Youth championships were from February 20-22 at the Ferryhill Community hub in County Durham.

 Female: Finals: 48: Molly Perkins (2nd City) beat Adrianne Finch (Boston) split. 51: Ebonie Jones (HoP) outpd Billie Jean Franks (Larches & Savick) unan. 57: India Wilkinson (St Paul’s) outpd Shelby Brazell (Elite) split. 60: Elli Scotney (Lynn) outpd Bria Fielding (Larches and Savick) unan.

Semi-Finals: 48: Molly Perkins (2nd City) outpd Chloe Litwin (Turners BA) unan, Adrianna Finch (Boston) outpd Chloe Goringe (Berinsfield) unan. 51: Ebonie Jones (Heart of Portsmouth) outpd Jade Ashmore (Chesterfield) unan, Billie Jean Franks (Larches & Savick) beat Serena Wybrow (Hornchurch EP) w/o. 57: Shelby Brazell (Hartlepool Elite) outpd Tysie Gallagher (Academy Luton) 2:1. 60: Bria Fielding (Larches & Savick) outpd Shona Whitwell (St Ives) split, Ellie Scotney (Lynn) outpd Chloe Hessin (Braunstone GG) unan.

Male: Finals: 49: Kieran MacDonald (Sunderland) outpd Nial Farrell (2nd City) split. 52: Brandon Daord (Everton Red Triangle) outpd Akash Taquir (Merridale) split. 56: Bradley Strand (Kirkby) outpd Jacob Croot (Downend) split. 60: Dalton Smith (Steel City) outpd Tony Vincent (Woking) unan. 64: Carl Fail (Far Cotton) outpd Ben Rees (Birtley) unan. 69 Mohammed Akbar (Bradford Police) stpd D Barratt (Hooks) 3rd. 75: Ben Whittaker (Wodensborough) outpd Zak Chelli  (Times) split. 81: Chris Luteke (Steel City) outpd William McCann (Kettering SOB) split. 91: Robert Squires (Barnstable) outpd Corey Clarke (Warley) unan. 91&: Daniel Dubois (Dale Youth) stpd Naylor Ball (Guildford) 3rd.

Semi-finals: 49: Nial Farrell (2nd City) outpd Nathan Brown (Hooks) split, Kieran Macdonald (Sunderland) outpd Connor Butler (Kirkby) unan. 52: Brandon Daord (Everton Red Triangle) stpd Luke Waites (HEP) 3rd, Akash Taquir (Merridale) outpd Morgan Murray (Hartlepool Catholic) unan. 56: Jacob Croot (Downend) outpd Jeffrey Neesham (High Fell) unan, Bradley Strand (Kirkby) outpd Jack Hillier (Southampton) unan. 60: Dalton Smith (Steel City) outpd Kane Corby (Earlsfield) unan, Tony Vincent (Woking) outpd Zak Miller (Ashton Albion) split. 64: Ben Rees (Birtley) outpd Bradley Rea (St John’s) unan, Carl Fail (Far Cotton) outpd Taylor Ayling (Earlsfield) unan. 69: Mohammed Akbar (Bradford Police) outpd Ben Fail (Far Cotton) unan, D. Barrett (Hooks) outpd Riley Smith (Haddenham) unan. 75: Ben Whittaker (Wodensborough) outpd Shakiel Thompson (Manor) unan, Zak Chelli  (Times) outpd Lewis Richardson (Centurion) unan. 81: William McCann (Kettering SOB) bt Viddal Rilley (West Ham) w/o, Chris Luteke (Steel City) bt Ben Thornley (Bury) w/o. 91: Corey Clarke (Warley) outpd Andrew Grover (Spennymoor) unan, Robert Squires (Barnstable) outpd T. Ohia (Romford) split. 91&: Daniel Dubois (Dale Youth) stpd Christie Bamber (Preston and Fullwood) 1st, Naylor Ball (Guildford) bt Keeron Williams (Parsons Cross) w/o.

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