WHILE Mayweather’s shoulder-roll defence has become one of his trademark attributes, his swift feet are also a major part of his defensive wizardry. Once he finds his range, and it doesn’t take him long, he can move in and out of it as he pleases, utilising his long reach to box from the outside.

Time has inevitably slowed Floyd’s foot movement but he is still able to out-manoeuvre his younger opponents. He also knows when to plant his feet to add power to his shots, while keeping just enough bounce in his back foot to be able to pivot away, or back off should he come under fire.

Berto however has never been known for his adept footwork. Though he claims to have focused on it in his training camp for Floyd, it seems unlikely Berto will be light on his feet and nipping in and out of range come fight night. Instead, he usually prefers to take centre ring and trade with his opponent which, at times, has been his downfall. He produces his best work on the front foot and when backed up, can struggle to get himself out of trouble.

Advantage: Mayweather

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