ON stats alone, Berto supposedly has more punching power, with a 70% knockout ratio, compared to Floyd’s 54% and four of his last five wins coming inside the distance, while Mayweather’s last stoppage came in 2011.

However, there’s more to the story than just numbers. Mayweather’s precision and well-timed counters make his punches that much more potent, despite the hand troubles he’s dealt with throughout his career. Though he may not be as strong as his musclebound adversary, Mayweather gets more leverage on his punches, thus making them more punishing.

Earlier in his career, Berto could clean out opponents with single shots, particularly his right hand over the top, but since his shoulder surgery and as time has gone on his clubbing power seems diminished. His stoppage win over Josesito Lopez in March suggests he can clearly still whack, though.

Advantage: Mayweather

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