IN the latest edition of Boxing News magazine former British heavyweight champion David Price analyses Anthony Joshua’s first heavyweight world title fight: 

Dominic Breazeale needs to do something that no one’s managed to do much and put Joshua on the back foot, instead of just letting him come forward and get his shots off on the front foot, backing people to the ropes. I think he’ll need fast feet and if he can establish his jab early and get Joshua’s respect early and make Joshua think twice about just rushing in, that’d be his best chance I think.

If he starts trading with Joshua – which he has a tendency to do – that’s when he’ll get caught. He needs to be a bit more sensible in this fight, a bit more simple, box a simple fight with high hands, double up the jab and plenty of feinting in centre ring to prevent the attacks. The longer it goes, the better chance Breazeale has because from what I’ve seen he’s done the rounds well.

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