So do you think you would beat Deontay Wilder?

I fancied my chances against him even before his fight with Eric Molina, I always have. I think I’d be able to land on him and I could knock him out. That said, he would probably be able to knock me out as well, that’s heavyweight boxing. He’s also vulnerable, he was buzzed by Molina but he shouldn’t have ever laid a glove on a world champion. I’d be ready to fight him at any time, but they won’t come looking for me.

Do you feel as confident about having the beating of Anthony Joshua, too?

I feel exactly the same about Joshua, he’s a human being who can be knocked out. He looks great, but when people are standing there in front of him, standing on the ropes not throwing shots, it alters the way you fight, so Joshua is just walking forward and trying to press without thinking about anything coming back. I’m not taking anything away from him, but I believe I can beat him.

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