WITH Halloween upon us, some of boxing’s top talents have answered questions about their favourite costumes, scary movies and what spooks them the most.

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume you’ve worn in the past?
Chris Arreola – “I just like dressing up as something super creepy. I’m dressing up as a mime this year, but giving it my own little spin.”
Andre Dirrell  – “I’m a festive guy to begin with and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I went all out on this one costume. It’s a ghoul that makes me approximately 10 feet tall when I wear it. I actually got an offer to work at a haunted house because the costume is so great, and I did it for about an hour and a half before I got too cold and had to quit to go inside. Michigan winters are no joke.”
Anthony Dirrell – “I didn’t really wear them when I was growing up. We really couldn’t afford them. I’d usually just draw something on my face.”
Ahmed Elbiali – “I was Zorro for Halloween and got a lot of compliments since I made the costume myself.”
Miguel Flores  – “Never really wore costumes because of my parents, who were old school.”
Danny Garcia -“The Scream mask because that was one of my favorite scary movies when it first came out.”
Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. – “My favorite costume was the killer from the Scream movies. I wore the mask and everything when I was 12.”
Tony Harrison – “I always like to be somebody scary. When I was little, my mom used to make our costumes. She’s really creative and would make us great costumes without having to spend a lot.”
Daniel Jacobs – “I was a gorilla boxer. I had a full gorilla suit on with boxing gloves. I had an amateur belt on. No one knew that it was me in the costume and I was going into stores and scaring people and boxing on them. It was fun.”
Erislandy Lara – “No, it all depends on what my wife and kids decide that year (laughs).”
Abner Mares  – “We never had enough money for Halloween costumes but one year my mother painted my face for a costume and took me out trick-or-treating.”
John Molina Jr. – “I like getting wrapped in aluminum foil and going as leftovers.This year my daughter will be Tinker Bell and I will be Peter Pan.”
Edwin Rodriguez – “When I dressed up as Rocky about three years ago. It was an easy costume to make – obviously.”
Leo Santa Cruz – “I’ve never worn a Halloween costume, but I always go trick or treating. I like to take my daughter trick or treating and this year she’s dressing up as My Little Pony.”
Sammy Vasquez Jr. – “The best was a bloody zombie with guts hanging out and a broken leg.”
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