MEXICO’S Daniel Estrada was clinically and quite brutally beaten by a razor-sharp Kevin Mitchell on Saturday night in London, and Mitchell earned a shot at reigning WBC lightweight ruler Jorge Linares. One man who predicted, almost exactly, what would happen in the Mitchell-Estrada encounter was Estrada’s former manager, Cuitlahuac Maldanado Rosales.

“Betrayed” by Estrada a while ago, Rosales predicted a commanding stoppage win by Mitchell and, due to the shoddy way he claims his former fighter parted ways with him, Rosales says he is justly pleased with Mitchell’s win. What’s more, Rosales says he feels Mitchell can defeat Linares and become WBC lightweight champion:

Q: You were spot on with the pre-fight prediction you gave Boxing News when speaking on the Mitchell-Estrada fight.

Cuitlahuac Maldanado Rosales: “I have to say, I thought Estrada could do a little more. Not much, but a little more. I think I know quite a little about Estrada, having been 12 years at his side. That is why I predicted his defeat. Not because he betrayed me, but because I know him.”

Q: The great Nacho Beristain was in Estrada’s corner, and Juan Manuel Marquez was also in Estrada’s team. This perhaps made some fans think Estrada would get the win, with such good people around him.

C.M.R: “Nacho Beristain was in Estrada’s corner and he was training him only because his star fighter Juan Manuel Marquez asked him [to train Estrada]. Estrada says Marquez is his current manager. Someone in Mexico told me that Beristain doesn’t like Estrada, but his superstar fighter Marquez asked him to train him. In my opinion, this means two things: 1: good trainers cannot make miracles. 2: the great fighters are not good managers. Good management is down to administration, study and choice of opposition. In this case, I think I can say Marquez is not a real manager. Also, I think Beristain lost some of his good name in boxing, for which I feel sorry for him.”

Q: In your opinion, how far can Mitchell go? Can he beat Linares for the WBC title?

C.M.R: “After watching Mitchell’s skills, I think he is able to beat Linares, by doing the correct things. I saw that Mitchell is smart, strong and effective. And Linares has a soft chin. This will be a good fight but Mitchell can beat him. But Mitchell has to know that Linares is faster and a better boxer than Estrada, so Mitchell must be careful. But, yes, I think Mitchell can get the WBC title, he is ready.”

Q: What will happen to Estrada now?

C.M.R: “At this time, I think he is finished. He is not a star who can sell tickets or has a T.V following. If he is smart, he must leave boxing. But I don’t think he knows anything other than boxing. I think he will keep on fighting, and losing, until maybe he gets hurt in an accident. There are at least 15 Mexican fighters who can beat him. Estrada can only defeat middle or low class fighters. If he faces another good fighter, he will lose.”

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