AS it has for so many, the pandemic has placed Cyrus Pattinson’s boxing career in limbo. While he waits to find out when his next chance to compete will be, the GB boxer has been busy. He’s been inventing the washbag. Obviously the concept of washbag predates Cyrus’s innovation but his solves a problem unique to boxers. Tired of having to unwrap your wraps before each training session? Fed up with the Velcro straps attaching themselves to the rest of your laundry? With Wash Warrior, you put each wrap in its own washbag, throw them in the washing machine, then the dryer and you’re good to go.

“You spend 10 minutes before your session undoing your wraps,” Cyrus explained cheerfully. “I thought how can you get around it. Then I thought of the two separate wash bags and I looked at the market for it. I think there was only one company that had something similar in some part of Europe but it was really badly designed and it had no platform.

“So I just thought I’ll commit for it and I’ll go for it.”

He did his research, found designs, materials and a manufacturer. “It was a long process because I had to find out different materials and different polymers and stuff for water resistance, heat resistance,” he said. “Then I started contacting a few different people in China, on different materials and stuff that they would use and would they be able to do it. Then I got a few different prototypes in a few different sizes. Just to make sure it wouldn’t be too tight if you did have five metre wraps. Because if they were too tight they probably wouldn’t wash and they wouldn’t dry. We had to think about that, then the person that I did find, the manufacturer managed to cover all bases. He ended up sending a batch out and we went from there.”

He’s brought them to market, supplying them himself and the project is ready to go. Now he adds, “I need to get on the Dragon’s Den!”

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