GERMANY-based Christian Hammer of Romania will face David Price on the February 4 Olympia bill topped by Chris Eubank Junior, and the 29-year-old with the 20-4 (11) record says he anticipates a “war” in London.

Hammer, who lost inside the distance to Tyson Fury back in February of 2015, when he was retired by his corner after eight rounds, says he has to make amends for that loss against Price.

Here, as translated by his manager Erol Ceylan, Hammer talks exclusively with Boxing News:

Q: First of all, how highly do you rate David Price today, after the quite recent KO losses he has suffered?

Christian Hammer: “I see David Price as one of the very best heavyweights in the world today. He has good potential, still, despite his losses. Of course he has punching power, but he also has good technique. In every heavyweight fight, punching power is important and it can only take one punch [to end a fight]. But I have punching power too.”

Q: In your last fight in October you outpointed Erkan Teper, who of course KO’d Price. Is this a big advantage for you?

C.H: “No, no way. I do not look at that fight as being at all relevant to this one. I try to make my own name, not just from having beaten someone who defeated him. It really doesn’t matter who beat who. I am only focusing on this fight. This is a very dangerous fight, for both of us. This fight, I can only say it will be a war!”

Q: What do you feel a win over Price would do for your career?

C.H: “I feel a win over Price will be a big step for me towards a world championship fight. It is my goal of course to become world heavyweight champion. I feel great right now, in fact I have never felt this good before. I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to get ready for the fight with Price, not really, but I am in great shape. I have had excellent sparring with Adrian Granat, who is a great spar-mate of mine.”

Q: You lost of course to Tyson Fury in early 2015. Do you think Fury is still the best heavyweight out there and will he fight again?

C.H: “Yes, I still believe Tyson Fury is one of the best heavyweights in the world, of course, and I hope he fights again, yes. But for myself, with this fight, I have to show the world something good, so as to make up for the Fury fight and the loss I suffered. I will do this. Against Price I will show the British fans that I am one of the best heavyweights in the world.”