CHRIS EUBANK JR will be boxing at super-middleweight on February 4, when he fights Australia’s Renold Quinlan for the lightly regarded IBO belt.

While few in boxing share their view, both Eubanks, father and son, maintain that the IBO belt is a world title. “It’s a golden opportunity to win a world title,” Jr insisted.

But he envisages a return to 160lbs at some point in the future. Speaking to Talksport, he warned, “That doesn’t mean the middleweight division is safe. They’re still not safe. I’ll still be gunning for Golovkin, for the Canelo Alvarezes and for the Billy Joe Saunderses, they’re still on my list. Whatever I can get after I become IBO champion I will take.

“I’m not looking to only stay at super-middleweight.”

He explained once again why he’d beat Golovkin, even though the fight is further away than it ever was. “These knockout artists that everybody rates and says are the best. But in my opinion he’s slow. For every one punch that he would throw at me, I’m going to throw five, six, seven punches. I know I have a chin, I know I can take a shot. So if he’s not going to knock me out, he’s not going to beat me,” Jr maintained.

His father Chris Eubank Sr maintained, “Golovkin gets wrecked. But the world I live in is crazy. People say I’m crazy. Well of course I am, I have to be. You can’t make world champion if you’re not crazy.”