CHRIS EUBANK JNR has made no secret of his ambition. In the week before his easy win over Tony Jeter he spoke openly of his desire to fight feared Kazakh Gennady Golovkin. It seems a far-fetched match but his eagerness to tackle the biggest middleweight names persists. Saul Alvarez versus WBC champion Miguel Cotto is the major fight in the weight class. Eubank Jnr sees those fighters in his future.

“I want to fight anybody that’s at the top of my division,” he said. “Any fighter worth his salt is a fighter that wants to fight the best and beat the best. Two great fighters in Canelo and Cotto, it’ll be a great fight, again I wouldn’t like to say who would win that but these are all future fights that I’m definitely looking to get involved in and share the ring with these type of fighters.”

He sees himself getting fights with those big names “within the next year or two”.

Nor would he avoid new gym-mate, WBO champion Andy Lee. “We’re not training at the same time, he comes in first I come in after, again Andy Lee, he’s a champion in my weight division so if I was offered that fight I would take it,” Eubank said.

Lee defends his title against Eubank’s rival, Billy Joe Saunders on December 19. “I think it’ll be a good fight. I honestly can’t pick a winner but me personally I’m looking for the rematch with Saunders so if he has a world title attached to his name, that makes the fight all the more special and the rematch will happen at some point,” Chris continued.

Eubank needs to focus on his December 12 opponent, Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan, though he reckons, “From the stuff that I’ve seen so far this guy’s not going to be any trouble.” Then the British middleweight champion Nick Blackwell could be a near-term target. “I’d love to have that accolade to be able to say that I was a British champion, so anything’s possible,” he noted. “There’s quite a few good names out and I’m willing to fight all of them.”