ALDERSHOT’S Chez Nihell topped an Atlantic-promoted card at the South Parade Pier and took a clear 60-55 six-threes verdict over Pole Tomasz Borowiec on referee Chas Coakley’s card.

The accomplished former Elite ABAE champion used his switch-hitting skills to dominate the apprehensive visitor, who was in survival mode throughout. Nihell scored with sharp lefts in the opener before targeting the body as it seemed Borowiec’s chances of hearing the final bell looked slim.

Tomasz managed to navigate consistent pressure, as well as a cut on the forehead and bruising under the left eye to frustrate the prospect at times by holding and spoiling. Chezerae stalked the import in every round and set up some classy and dangerous left hooks and sweeping rights to round off the decisive win.

Also on Coakley’s tally, Farnborough’s George Lamport bested Czech Jan Balog by 60-55 over the same duration. George was excellent both in defence and attack. He demonstrated impressive offensive hand speed and educated evasive headwork against an opponent who was solid but one-dimensional.

Eastleigh’s Harry Limburn scored a good four-threes shutout against Nicaraguan Barman Sanchez on Kieran McCann’s Card. Limburn was organised and busy against an experienced foe who has shared the ring against world titlists Jorge Linares and Miguel Berchelt.

Harry throw his shots in threes and fours and was punching first on the front foot, yet wasn’t able to land cleanly or consistently enough to start breaking down Sanchez.

McCann also refereed Portsmouth debutant Conor Edney as he took every session against another Nicaraguan in Pablo Narvaez over four-threes.

Conor settled down well after the first two minutes in which he let his heart rule his head in a case of first-fight nerves. Despite being cut on the left eye by an accidental clash of heads in the second, Conor showed good head movement and fast feet throughout. He registered frequent success with a Naz-style coiled lead left hook and looked to follow up with right uppercuts.

Fleet’s Derek Renfrew opened the show in taking a 60-54 six-threes decision against Rochdale’s Andy Bishop. Derek showed sound pacing and control over the first half, but there were moments later in the contest when he lost focus and fell foul of some heavy hooks.

The Verdict Nihell has the ability and pedigree to rise to title contention.

Chezerae Nihell (202lbs), 3-0 (1), w pts 6 Tomasz Borowiec (202lbs), 1-1-1; George Lamport (160lbs), 8-0-1 (1), w pts 6 Jan Balog (159lbs), 15-48-1 (8); Derek Renfrew (175lbs), 8-1-1 (2), w pts 6 Andy Bishop (177lbs), 0-6; Conor Edney (119lbs), 1-0, w pts 4 Pablo Narvaez (118lbs), 9-18-7 (1);  Harry Limburn (148lbs), 5-0, w pts 4 Barman Sanchez (153lbs), 29-10-3 (21).