CHANTELLE CAMERON is more than happy to fight Katie Taylor once again in Ireland, but says there will have to be some changes on her terms next time around.

The 32-year-old proved to the watching world on Saturday that she is the best female super-lightweight in the world and too much of a challenge for the 36-year-old.

Cameron’s win on points broke Irish hearts in Dublin but she may have to do it again if, as expected, Taylor takes up the rematch clause that was already on offer.

“If there’s going to be a rematch, I’m definitely going to make sure a few things are in my favour this time around,” Cameron told the media afterwards.

“But walking first? That would have to change. I was standing there for so long and it felt like I was standing there for longer than the actual fight.

“It could have got a bit frustrating. I could have got angry. But it was Katie Taylor’s homecoming. It was Katie Taylor’s show, and I was defending my belts and it was all about Katie Taylor, but it makes it even better for me.”

Saturday’s bout was dressed up as a party for Taylor and her fans with a fight somewhere in the middle. Cameron, who held all four belts, was the visitor working away quietly amongst the celebrations for the home superstar.

“What champion signs for a fight of that magnitude and just accepts everything, didn’t question anything, didn’t ask for any changes, nothing. I just agreed to everything. I wasn’t treated like the champion that week. I was just treated like I was there to turn up and be part of the occasion, but I knew, and my team knew that I was there to ruin the homecoming.”