WHAT would it take to get Carl Froch out of retirement. He told Boxing News magazine: “The fights that make me think about getting in are ones like James Degale against Badou Jack. Genuinely, I look at that and think ‘imagine if I was still fighting.’ After six rounds, James DeGale is a sitting duck and I eat sitting duck’s ribs for breakfast. DeGale, against me, is a mismatch. Badou Jack is decent but he’s average, he struggled to beat George Groves.”

Froch however insists he isn’t tempted. “But I’m building a house, taking my kids to nice schools, going on lovely holidays. I’m in a really good place. I’m loving retirement. Nothing would get me back in that ring at all,” he said. “I don’t get annoyed when people say I ducked Golovkin. People who say I retired rather than fight Golovkin, they’re obviously thick. Look at when I retired and why I retired, and look at when the Golovkin fight was talked about – it was never really an option. It was Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr for a while, then he lost and by that point I’d been out of the ring for a year.

“The Golovkin thing came up and I said ‘fight me at 172lbs and I’ll think about it’ and he wanted me to go down to 166, he wouldn’t even come up to super-middle and I was already retired by that point.

“These people who sit there thinking they’re experts and say I retired rather than fight Golovkin, it’s like saying Bruce Lee died before he could beat Mike Tyson. It’s completely irrelevant.

“Golovkin is a small middleweight, I’m a big super-middleweight. The fight was maybe talked about a year after I retired and it was never going to happen. Golovkin cannot win a fight against me, he’s not big enough. You can’t talk about Golovkin in the same breath as me.”