THE welterweights provided some of the best action when the quarter-finals of the England Boxing Elite Championships happened in the Echo Arena, Liverpool on Friday (April 24).

Supporters of Thomas Beany were unhappy when their man was declared a unanimous points loser to Scott Fitzgerald but the 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist appeared to have done enough in a tight bout. Another winner at 69 kgs was defending champion Conor Loftus, who outscored local southpaw Ryan Mulcahy, again via unanimous decision.

There were unanimous successes for Birtley’s talented McCormack twins. Light-welter Pat was especially impressive as he hammered Luke Fisher (Royal Navy) for a third-round finish, but while Luke McCormack unanimously outpointed Cory O’Regan (Central) at lightweight, he suffered a cut left eye that may hamper his progress in a tournament that continues with semi-finals on Saturday April 25 and concludes with finals on Sunday April 26.

On a day when the seeded boxers generally came though, some were eliminated. Most notably, Dale Youth southpaw Matthew Tinker outworked Tom Whittaker Hart at light-heavyweight and Army find Natty Ngwenya overcame Fayz Abbas at super-heavy.

With standards higher at the lighter weights, the well-named Muhammed Ali looked good in outpointing useful Luke O’Rourke at flyweight. A former outstanding youth, Ali is the No.1 seed at 52 kgs.

Quarter-finals results: Male: 49: Andrew Winter (Shildon) outpd Ben Norman (Shepshed) unan, Sonny Edwards (Steel City/3) outpd Razwan Hussain (Spit & Sawdust) unan, Galal Yafai (Birmingham Police/2) outpd Scott Rankin (Salisbury) unan.

52: Louis Lynn (Lynn AC) outpd Tommy Franks (Sheffield Boxing Centre) split, Muhammad Ali (Bury/1) outpd Luke O’Rourke (East Durham) unan, Shamin Khan (Army/3) outpd Liam Davies (Donnington) unan, Blane Hyland (Salisbury/2) outpd Marcus Hodgson (Launceston) uan.

56: Chris Bourke (Balham) outpd Kyran O’Neill (Welwyn Garden City) unan, Callum French (Birtley/3) stpd Paul Roberts (Chard) 3rd, Marcel Braithwaite (Golden Gloves) outpd Reece Mould (Doncaster Plant/2) unan.

60: Luke McCormack (Birtley/1) outpd Cory O’Regan (Central) unan, Adam Cope (Gus Robinson) outpd Danny Carr (Fisher) unan, Jack Wood (Wednesbury) outpd Archie Sharp (Rumbles/3) split, Ryan Fillingham (Army/2) outpd Tom McGuinness (Kirkdale) unan.

64: Pat McCormack (Birtley/1) stpd Luke Fisher (Royal Navy) 3rd, Darren Richardson (East Durham) ko’d Courtney Chadwick (Phoenix Fire) 3rd, Daniel Wright (Centurions) stpd Jacob Gabriel (Basingstoke/3) 2nd, Alfie Price (Hoddesdon/2) outpd Charlie Driscoll (Lynn) unan.

69: Scott Fitzgerald (Larches & Savick/1) outpd Thomas Beany (Holland Park) unan, Cyrus Pattinson (Birtley) outpd Jack Rafferty (Northside) unan, Kelvin Fawaz (All Stars/3) outpd Joe Louis D’Santos (Woking) unan, Conor Loftus (Burmantofts/2) outpd Ryan Mulcahy (Knowsley Vale) unan.

75: Troy Williamson (Darlington/1) outpd Hamed Sediqy (Dale Youth) unan, Riszard Lewicki (Sheffield City) outpd Noel Smith (Kings Heath) unan, Jack Flatley (Halliwell) outpd Jordan Reynolds (Hoddesdon/3) split, Daniel Woledge (St Mary’s) outpd Louis Cunningham (East Durham/2) unan.

81: Joshua Buatsi (South Norwood & Victory/1) outpd Gary Mayor (Bad Boyz) unan, Bryce Goodridge (Basingstoke) outpd Reece Ellis (Spennymoor) unan, Ashley Vanzie (Platinum/3) outpd Dan Azeez (Essex University), unan, Matthew Tinker (Dale Youth) outpd Tom Whittaker-Hart (Rotunda/2) unan.

91: Michael McKay (Hook & Jab) outpd Ryan Hatton (Tamworth) unan, Adam Smith (Larches & Savick) outpd Chez Nihell (Army) split, Gary Daley (Southend) outpd Conroy Downer (Bedford) split, Ricardo Slue (Fitzroy Lodge) outpd Simon Pendleton (North Road Gym) unan.

91&: Joshua Quailey (Melton Mowbray) stpd Dave Jenvey (Droitwich) 1st, Declan Fusco (South Durham/3) outpd Johnathon Palata (Balham) split, Natty Ngwenya (Army) outpd Abbas Abadi (Northside/2) split.

Female: 60:  Hatty Nylon (Hebden Bridge) outpd Nina Bradley (Newark) unan, Sophie Colebourne (North Mersey) outpd Katie Flynn (No Limits) unan.

64: Megan Reid (Army) outpd Monnie Fard (Gym01) split.