ROY JONES JNR scored his second thrashing of March when he obliterated Paul Vasquez, another grossly over-matched opponent, in his Pensacola, Florida hometown via first round knockout.

The 46-year-old – now 61-8 (44) – is hoping to snare a shot at cruiserweight leader Marco Huck, but outings like this will do nothing to help his chances. Jones has won seven since losing to Denis Lebedev in 2011, but he has not beaten a worthwhile opponent since he dominated Jeff Lacy in 2009. Even then, it would be stretch to call Lacy threatening. In fact, to find a victory over a legitimate contender one has to go back nine years to 2006 (over Prince Badi-Ajamu) or perhaps even his 2003 triumph over Antonio Tarver.

Jones, fleshier than his pomp, did as he pleased against Vasquez. Wayward haymakers were hurled by Jones before he stepped into range and forced a stoppage with his opponent trapped in a corner. It was wholly predictable but even this short-lived affair exhibited a fighter who is fading fast. Before the conclusion he was off target and too content to shield punishment on the ropes.

Jones was once a great fighter who insists he is still in love with the game. Seemingly fit and well, it’s hard to argue with his right to box. But should his competition levels rise so too will the concern about his safety.

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