Even if you don’t have a subscription to Sky Sports – or have paused it for the lockdown period – you can still access their YouTube content. If Carl Froch banging on about Joe Calzaghe isn’t your bag, there’s plenty of classic fights to enjoy.

The guys at KOTV have been making boxing programming longer than most. Sign-up to their website, which is completely free, and explore their archives. Alongside classic content you’ll find some rarely seen gems.

On their YouTube channel you will find 1548 Days: Return of the Gypsy King, which takes us deep into the abyss that Tyson Fury found himself in during his ring hiatus and the subsequent triumphant return.

The paid-subscription platform is worthy of your attention. There are countless fight films – all in high quality (unlike the offerings on YouTube) – and the exceptional 30 for 30 series is are must-sees for any sports fan; the film on Tommy Morrison is a good place to start.

Hatton-Mayweather: The Full Story will take you right back to the memorable build-up and contest from 2007.