WITH social media being huge now we are seeing more and “fancy” boxing from people who don’t really know the sport; fancy mitt work, flashy shadowboxing with hands down, crazy combos on the heavy bags. What this is doing is telling more people that don’t really know boxing, that this is the correct way to box. But it isn’t!

I think a lot of this stems from the Floyd Mayweather days, where we’ve seen him hit the mitts looking in a different direction. But let’s be real now, the basics is what wins fights. The true fundamentals of boxing is what gets you out of danger, and into positions where you can land clean punches. I think the best person in the world at true fundamentals is world champ Callum Smith. I would advise any up and coming fighter to study his way of boxing, way more than a Floyd Mayweather, Vasiliy Lomachenko or Roy Jones.

Floyd Mayweather boxing
Mayweather was renowned for his flashy training practices Esther Lin/Showtime

Watch the this video, I give you a tutorial on the nine most important punches in boxing: