THERE is no getting away from the fact that Daniel Dubois is severely up against it when he challenges Oleksandr Usyk for his three heavyweight belts on Saturday in Poland.

The Ukrainian holds the advantage in nearly every department which arguably narrows Dubois’ chances of winning down to the knockout power he possesses.

Every heavyweight has a puncher’s chance but does the 25-year-old have anything more than heavy hands to trouble Usyk. Or will that be enough to cause one of the biggest upsets of the 21st century?

This week Boxing News gathered together four current fighters and asked them: How does Dubois beat Usyk?

Mark Chamberlain (Lightweight contender)

By knocking him out. That’s the only way he’ll beat him. He won’t outbox him so he needs to put it on him, full steam ahead, sitting on his chest – that’s all he can do. If he gives him space to breathe and move and do what he wants he’ll just dance around him like he did with Joshua. It can’t go the distance if Dubois wants to win.

Otto Wallin (Heavyweight contender)

Dubois needs to be aggressive and try to hit him to the body and stay on him. We know that Chisora gave Usyk a pretty good fight, so he’s gotta take a page out of Chisora’s book. Usyk is a terrific boxer – he’s fast on his feet, so Dubois needs to cut the ring off, go to the body and then the head. He’s a big puncher so maybe he can hurt Usyk.

Robbie Davies Jnr (Former EBU & British champ)

He’s got to stop Usyk from using his movement. Daniel needs to use his youth, strength, size and make Usyk work. If he lets Usyk settle into a rhythm and get his range, it could be a hard night. I’ve trained with Daniel and seen close up how hard he hits so he’s always in with a chance but there’s a reason guys are staying away from Usyk. He’s elite.

Martin Harkin (Welterweight contender)

Dubois has a puncher’s chance. He’s very heavy-handed, but he’s got a mountain to climb. Usyk is a masterful boxer. If Dubois is to win, it will be by knockout. Don Charles used to train Derek Chisora, and now he’s working with Dubois. After the way Chisora performed against Usyk, if anyone knows how to beat him, it’s Don Charles.