BERND BOENTE, vastly experienced manager of Wladimir Klitschko, was expecting the question. Even though we talk just days before his charge’s world heavyweight title defence against Tyson Fury this Saturday, the discussion inevitably turns to David Haye and his comeback. Klitschko clearly outscored Haye in 2011, but can Boente envisage a route for Haye to a rematch with his only heavyweight conqueror.

“I think Haye definitely has the ability to do that,” Boente responded. “Wladimir has always said he’s definitely one of the best opponents he has faced, but it depends who he fights and his health was very often a problem, he had to postpone many fights. At this moment there is no interest from UK or German TV. If you ask me, then names like the winner of Deontay Wilder against Alexander Povetkin is a way more interesting opponent at this stage. But there are no negotiations at all with any other parties at the moment.

“We always do it step by step, as we have done over the years. This is not an easy fight. Fury is a really dangerous opponent but, knock on wood, we will sit down after the match and try to do our next steps.”

Wilder appears to be Klitschko’s principle target but Boente is keen to emphasise he and Wladimir will not look past Fury.

“It is no secret that Wladimir has very often tried to make an arrangement with the WBC champion but so far Deontay Wilder and his team are not interested,” Boente said. “That was last year or the beginning of this year. We have not talked to anyone again because this fight is way too dangerous to think past it.”