BERNARD HOPKINS is still hoping to secure a showdown with Carl Froch despite the WBA super-middleweight boss’ lack of interest in the match-up. The 50-year-old lost a wide, punishing, decision to Russia’s Sergey Kovalev in November but has since turned his attention to Froch. But the Briton is calling the fight a “lose-lose situation.”

“Because he is 50 and a legend I don’t want want to fight him because it is almost a lose-lose situation,” Froch told the BBC.

“I am expected to beat him. If I win people will say ‘he beat a 50-year-old man’. If I lose people would say ‘what’s going on? You’ve ruined your legacy. You finished your career on a loss against an old man’ – so that would be traumatic.

“I don’t think for one minute I would lose against Hopkins. It would be a great fight and a fight I would win in style.

“He is coming off the back of a loss, but he is still a fighting force to be reckoned with and a dangerous opponent.

“But it is not particularly a fight I get too excited about.”

Froch – nursing an elbow injury – last week relinquished his IBF title to allow mandatory contender James DeGale to fight for the vacant belt – probably against Andre Dirrell on April 25 in London. There has long been talk that Froch would take on Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr in Las Vegas but the path to that fight is littered with stumbling blocks.

Hopkins, meanwhile, is looking to prove there is still some life in his gloves. Not long after he lost to Kovalev, he spoke of a desire to move down in weight and challenge an established champion. But Froch’s apparent indifference over fighting Hopkins has angered the veteran.

“Fight fans in England @Carl_Froch is scared of me!!!” Hopkins tweeted. “He’s a phony @EddieHearn.

“@Carl_Froch u r a fraud!! U don’t have confidence to fight me? Chavez is easy picking.”

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