What does winning the national title mean to you?

You know what, it’s the absolute world. I was on cloud nine. Words can’t describe, it means so much to me. I’ve got the best support, family, friends, in the world, but this is for my dad, this. He’s fanatical with all the support. He does it as much as me.

Did he get you into the sport?

I don’t know. I must have been rubbish at football or something. I started when I was six. I’ve had 98 fights. I want the 100. I’ll travel anywhere, I’ll fight anywhere.

I’m just so happy [with the title]. I came close last year. I lost to Harris [Akbar] in a close fight.

And Harris is very good, isn’t he?

People were saying he should have got gold in the Europeans and it was my first year at 69kgs. It shows where I’m at really.

I want to be on Team GB. That’s the goal. That’s the aim and I didn’t get on the final selection, I didn’t get on the final assessment [earlier this year]. They spoke to my dad for feedback, what he could have done, what he should have done and all this. They said basically you’ve got to win the ABAs. So I’m not saying I should be on, I’m not saying I deserve to be on but I’m doing the right steps to be on.

So there was a lot riding on the national final?

Oh yes, loads. It’s the pinnacle of the sport as well. The scene in boxing, the scene at welterweight as well, it’s a popular weight. Us and middleweight [are the most competitive] I think. I’m just so happy. It means so much to us. First national [title]. I’ve been to five nationals, through schoolboy, junior, youths, last year. I’ve been beat in all four in the finals.

To get this win, I’m so happy.

Elliot Whale was boxing well in the final, were you worried at all in the first round?

I had two fights in the quarters and the semis, I was comfy in them but I had two kids that were strong physical kids, that wanted to put me under it a bit. They couldn’t really stand up to me skillwise. But Elliot beat me three years ago when we were 17, 18. I boxed him in Kent. It was a close fight again. So that was a bit of psychological stuff as well. I’m just so happy. I’m proper over the moon.

And you work as a scaffolder so you’ve got to fit all training in around that?

I do 40 hours a week. Two weeks into being 18 I got the job. I don’t want to be a scaffolder by all means. I want to be a boxer. It’s a career, it’s not a recreation for me. Everything’s based around that really.

It keeps me fit, keeps me active. Man strength and all the rest of it.

You’ll be the next star to come out of Hull?

Luke [Campbell] has planted the seed, and Tommy [Coyle]. We’ve got a big scene in Hull now. When I went to St. Paul’s I was 11 or 12 and the seniors by then were amazing.

Luke’s obviously gone to the next couple of levels. To be around them, St. Paul’s is the best club by far in my opinion. Mike Bromby and the coaches, I’ve got the best people in my corner.

Everything’s great.