I know Sakio [Bika] is going to try to take my title, but I’m prepared for that.
I know he was a champion. I made the move from 168 to 175 pounds and it worked well for me. I expect him to bring his best at 175 pounds. He’s a former champ so I’m preparing to face a champion.
I’m looking for the KO because I’m from the Kronk Gym. Knockouts sell. But I can go 12 rounds, that’s not a problem. I train for 12 rounds.
My trainer [Javan Hill] has given me a great plan. He knows Sakio Bika very well and we’ll see what happens in the ring.
Bika is still going to have the same power moving up in weight. He should actually be stronger.
I’m very focused because I know Bika is very dangerous. I know he’s going to come into the ring and try to give me trouble. I’m a knockout artist. I can do a lot in the ring, but first and foremost I’m a knockout artist.
I’d love to unify the belts eventually, but I’ll let my manager Al Haymon take care of that.