FORMER world champion Colin McMillan has devised a new invention to help boxers hone their defensive skills while practising bagwork. Box Weave is an accessory that attaches to an existing bag, is adjustable to different heights and allows you to roll under its bars as you train and hit the bag.

It was McMillan’s brainchild from initial idea through to manufacture. “I’ve got a boxing academy (we go into schools and we’re based in Redbridge sports centre) and I’m always trying to think about ways for people to work on their defence. Throughout my career I’ve always thought boxing’s about hitting and not getting hit. The people who really inspired me were Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and people like that. I was always thinking of something that would enhance that and while doing a training session,” McMillan said.

Colin McMillan

“I was looking at various different things. I know in martial arts they’ve got sticks that come out [of a wooden dummy]. I saw that somewhere and thought let’s see how this can work. That was the original idea. Something for young kids in particular to try and change their level. You see a lot of people, they go on the bag and all they do is bam, bam, bam hit the bag, with no thought about defence because nothing’s coming back at you. So it got me thinking why don’t we work on something where you can hit the bag but at the same time you’ve got to change your level, you’ve got to move. It came into my head. I sat down and started working on different ideas.”

He had different prototypes made until he was satisfied with the design. Box Weave is now available on Amazon and from Sugar Ray’s and BoxFit. The arms are also detachable and can be used as punch paddles.

Colin McMillan

“We got a lot of positive response, a lot of people have tried it and they enjoyed using it. The main benefit of it is to try and work on your defence. You can change your level, you can use your footwork,” McMillan said.

“It’s designed where it’s got three arms, where you keep moving, underneath it and you’ve got the back end where you can go for a little punch out. You can adjust it to a particular height.

“Hopefully people can get enjoyment from it and it becomes a useful tool.”