BN: When and why you started boxing:

LG: I got inspired from watching Carl Frampton fight in Belfast to take up boxing competitively myself. I was a late starter in my early twenties.

BN: Favourite all-time fighter:

LG: Too many to choose from! But I love all the old-school fighters, so I’d say Sugar Ray Robinson.

BN: Best fight you’ve seen:

LG: I remember watching the first Chocolatito vs Rungvisai fight in the early hours, trying not to wake everyone in the house up from roaring at the screen. Epic.

BN: Personal career highlight:

LG: Making my professional debut in June was surreal. But it was just the start of a long journey.

BN: Toughest opponent:

LG: My second opponent Jake Osgood was a tough man with 10 pounds on me. He took body shots which would’ve dropped anyone else smaller!

BN: Best and worst attributes as a boxer:

LG: My versatility is a strong suit, being able to fight at range or in the pocket. A weakness may be that I get too fired up during fights but I’ve learned to relax a lot more since turning pro.

BN: Training tip:

LG: Enjoy every moment, even the tough days. It doesn’t last forever.

BN: Favourite meal/restaurant?

LG: Post-fight pizza. Any Italian will do!

BN: Best friends in boxing:

LG: All my coaches have become great friends, Alex Matvienko, Tom McNeil, Phil Robinson and many others. My teammates Greg McGuinness and Liam Gaynor too.

BN: Which other athlete would you like to be?

LG: I’d happily swap bank accounts with Floyd Mayweather!

BN: What is the one thing you would change about professional boxing?

LG: The number of organisations who run the sport. Too many cooks.

BN: Which actor would play you in a film of your life?

LG: Barry Keoghan. I’m sure he could pull off a decent Lurgan accent!

BN: Have you ever been starstruck?

LG: I’ve been lucky to meet so many legends since starting boxing so I don’t really get starstruck as much anymore. But chatting with Buddy McGirt recently was a bit mad.

BN: Last time you cried:

LG: When my Grandad recently passed away.

BN: Best advice received:

LG: My coach Alex Matvienko said, “Boxing is the shortest career in the world, so enjoy it while you can.”

BN: Worst rumour about yourself:

LG: A fella back home once “heard” I was going to fight Conor McGregor. Don’t know where that one came from but show me the money!

BN: Something not many people know about you:

LG: I actually used to write for Boxing News myself before turning pro!

Fast Facts:

Age: 30

X: @LeeGormley

Nationality: Irish

From: Lurgan, Armagh

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 6ft

From: Lurgan, Armagh

Stance: Orthodox

Record: 3-0

Division: Middleweight

Next Fight: Gormley hopes to be out again in the new year after completing his third fight this past weekend in Wigan, beating Karl Sampson over four rounds.