When and why you started boxing:

When I was 10, I saw Mike Tyson when he visited Brixton before he fought Julius Francis. I started training after that and had my first amateur bout when I was 16.

Favourite all-time fighter:

Gerald McClellan or James Toney. I’d say that Ricky Hatton and Ryan Rhodes are my favourite British fighters.

Best fight you’ve seen:

I’ve got three – David Haye-Jean Marc Mormeck, Arturo Gatti-Micky Ward I and James Toney-Michael Nunn.

Personal career highlight:

Winning my professional debut [on points over four rounds against Ivan Godor in September last year], but the best is yet to come.

Toughest opponent:

Ivan Godor. Fighting him was an eye-opener because he was a hard person to nail clean. It was a big learning fight.

Best and worst attributes as a boxer:

My strengths are that I’m always learning and I don’t tie myself down to just one style – I can adapt. Weakness? I don’t know what that means!

Training tip:

Study the sport and listen to your trainer.

Favourite meal/restaurant:

After I’ve boxed, I always like to have a cookies and cream milkshake. It’s the first thing I crave.

Best friends in boxing:

My brother Nana, my trainer Archie Dublin and my friend Dennis Oshijo.

Other sportsman you would like to be:

It’d have to be an MMA fighter. I’d say Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

Last film/TV show you saw:

The last film I watched was Braveheart.

Who would play you in a film of your life:

People tell me I look like Conor Benn. Well I’m older than him, so he looks like me!

Have you ever been starstruck:

Nah, not really. I’ve never met anyone that famous.

Last time you cried:

Probably when I was a kid. I’d get upset when I lost amateur fights, but I never cried.

Best advice received:

In my second year of amateur boxing, one of my friends said to me, “Whatever you do, don’t ever stop.” He meant that the guys I was fighting had more experience than me and that I could catch them up one day if I kept going. It came true.

Worst rumour about yourself:

I haven’t heard one yet.

Something not many people know about you:

I fought in a cage once and almost chose MMA over boxing.